Vantage Point (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

president shooting
explosion secret service
american camera
bomb mayor
time plaza
video camera salamanca spain
tourist spain
secret service agent agent
little girl girl
police sniper
terrorism u.s. president
assassination directorial debut
dead woman with eyes open nonlinear timeline
mujah hadeem bombing victim
flag 8 perspectives
8 points of view replaying action
rewinding action u.s. presidential flag
sharpshooter mask
train promenade
spanish saving a life
video footage slow motion scene
hotel doorman stairway
maid computer
suicide bomber chloroform
kidnapping car accident
double agent disguise
chaos panic
tears crying
dressing room pills
underground parking garage parking garage
elevator tv van
motorcycle convoy
photographer censorship
security guard guard
reporter counter terrorism
voice over narration balcony
pedestrian bridge church
tv camera murder
stabbing bound and gagged
dying time clock
father son relationship husband wife relationship
brother brother relationship visit
running pursuit
surveillance camera tv control truck
tv control room car phone
witness street life
gurney walkie talkie
mobile phone cell phone
telephone call microphone
subjective camera police car
policewoman police badge
policeman look alike
double arab
flashback within a flashback reverse footage
love subtitled scene
politician protest
demonstration bombing
blood wound
taking a bullet for the president tackle
stretcher speech
spanish flag running through traffic
rescue red carpet
protestor pointing with one's middle finger
motorcade moroccan
marine 1 kidnapping the president
japanese flag israeli flag
intravenous integration of diverse storylines
infiltrator helicopter
hand off foot chase
flashing light fire engine
earphones driving on the sidewalk
driving a car down steps double for president
diversion dirty bomb
cliffhanger car crash
blackmail assassination attempt
american flag turncoat
summit meeting sniper rifle
rifle remote control
pistol machine gun
limousine hotel
handgun body double
assassination plot ambulance
stabbed in the side stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back shot in the side
man on fire knife
impersonating a police officer suicide
silencer shot to death
shot in the shoulder rogue agent
revelation murder of a police officer
hostage hit by a car
held at gunpoint flashback
exploding body double cross
deception death
child in peril shot in the stomach
shot in the chest shot in the back
betrayal contradictory accounts
assassination of president terrorist
suspect one day time span
tv monitor tv producer
tv director presidential assassination
presidential aide politics
police officer podium
tv newscaster news reporter
impersonator ice cream cone
gun government agent
electric fan conspiracy
chase car chase
tv cameraman multiple perspectives
surprise ending

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