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Plot Keywords

king demon
warrior reward
castle monster
death sin
battle hero
danish creature
promise denmark
revenge armor
fight lair
weakness thane
kingdom christianity
chase troll
celebration candlestick
loyalty spear
queen human fallibility
kiss burnt face
stabbed in the shoulder memory
throat slitting falling from height
actor plays multiple roles sadness
custom brawl
good versus evil stabbed in chest
crushed head tragic hero
shot with an arrow burning city
corpse feast
forest sailing ship
dismemberment illegitimate son
origin of hero slaughter
death by fire nudity
combat falling off a cliff
severed arm 6th century
deformity female nudity
mermaid beaten to death
reenactment expressionism
death of hero cave
swimming competition redemption
rite cult film
decapitation battle axe
courage impalement
heart ripped out nude fight
arm ripped off adultery
coronation fight to the death
brutality sea
leadership trampled to death
wench disfigurement
husband wife relationship noble man
hospitality loincloth
singing burning building
stabbed in the back bare breasts
beating treasure chest
rafter inheritance
army shield
archery burning church
sword honor
claw fire breathing dragon
severed leg female frontal nudity
slow motion scene obsession
sliced in two bridge
necrophilia storm
stabbed in the throat vengeance
treasure cgi animation
test of character death by sword
ship animal attack
bow and arrow crown
funeral dream
rat sword fight
person on fire drinking
giant blood splatter
conquest burial
horn drunkenness
motion capture stabbing
stabbed in the arm based on poem
quest eaten alive
beach stabbed in the eye
sex hate
fortress stabbed in the side
soldier mother son relationship
martyr monster's den
axe in the head fire
monster child raider
dagger seacoast
suicide broken arm
ancient sword dragon rider
one word title saga
funeral rite burned body
old english burned alive
desecration golden horn
computer animation bare back
father son relationship childlessness
retelling ritual
beast's heart drinking house
swamp singer
cannibalism heir
dragon gore
avarice fleet
dwarf tavern
infidelity grave
split in two apology
violence frisian history
shame ocean
severed head loss of husband
spear through chest loss of son
epic told in flashback
servant heart
seduction male nudity
priest disembowelment
massacre power
funeral pyre ragnarok
hero worship bleeding to death
archer church
mistress sword throwing
norse fame
no opening credits buttocks
reflection friendship
fake blood curse
tragedy meadhall
dark ages 500s
breasts mutilation
viking murder
stabbed in the leg seductress
mythology bare chested male
duel prophecy
stabbed in the head legend
torn in half gold
stabbed to death corruption
magic death of friend
title spoken by character character name in title
surprise ending

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