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"Like Father Like Son" by Huw Nathan

Author: Huw Nathan from United Kingdom
25 January 2005

This is a gripping psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns.There a number of impressive performances from Tara Fitzgerald (as the Detective Inspector),Jemma Redgrave(as the harassed mother), Robson Green (as the kindly school teacher, who finds himself fighting for both his career and reputation,due to the actions of others), Phil Davis (as the boy's imprisoned father) and the young boy who when faced by constant bullying and prejudice, feels compelled to make a stand. The screenplay and direction has been well handled. A young boy has been brought up in total ignorance of his origins with devastating consequences. It transpires that several people have been carrying long harboured secrets, which begin to unravel following the unexpected sequence of events. There are some powerful scenes such as the classroom debate by the provocative schoolgirl with her espousal of William Shakespeare's play "Othello" and when she corners her teacher following the end of the lesson by making an unexpected pass at him. There some vivid scenes as the girl is followed into the woods.

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Fascinating look at the human condition

Author: haydon-john from United States
3 November 2009

I thought this was quite an amazing production with many insights into the human condition. It was a very fair and brave attempt to show the importance of the family and how in the end true love wins the day. It is also a gripping thriller. While it was a little edgy at times this film had many deep insights. The son looks for an ideal father but his real father is a killer. The teacher is falsely accused, but makes a stand. The desire of the children is for that ideal family we all want. The mother battles to save her son - it's the classic struggle between the forces of evil and good. This is a brave movie because it doesn't fall prey to political correctness. It could also be used as an educational tool to show that the desire of us all is for a stable family, the very building block of a healthy society.

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Secrets and Lies.

Author: ianlouisiana from United Kingdom
8 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Everybody lies.That's a fact.Lies are the oil that keeps society running smoothly."How are you? "I'm fine"Even when your life is going down the pan....that's part of the human condition. But big lies are something else.Miss J.Redgrave and Mr R.Green,a teacher, are lovers with pasts they'd rather others didn't know about.Nothing particularly unusual in that perhaps,but these are Big Lies,life - threatening lies and when their secrets are revealed they are overtaken by events they have indirectly and unwittingly caused. Miss Redgrave has told her son that his father was an RAF hero killed in the Gulf War.He wasn't,he was a serial killer.And is still alive. Mr Robson has neglected to mention that his late wife hanged herself when he was discovered to have been having an affair with a former pupil. When these deceptions are uncovered it is not surprising that their relationship is put under somewhat of a strain. A teenage girl obsessed with Mr Green is found murdered. Both he and Miss Redgrave's son become suspects. Miss T.Fitzgerald is the detective with the task of untangling the web of deceit surrounding the killing. What separates "Like father,like son" from the run - of - the - mill TV psych - thriller is the performances. Miss J.Redgrave in particular is outstanding as the mother whose one nightmare is that her son should find out who his father is. "Am I like him?" he asks innocently."yes",she says;and then he finds out the truth.Her ordered life spirals out of control. Mr Green is more restrained than usual and all the better for it. You can see him struggling with the fact that his past is about to become common knowledge and that it will hardly help him in his predicament. Shown now in two episodes on "True Entertainment","Like father like son" is proof that there is TV gold to be found in the most unlikely places.

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Contrived but interesting

Author: sergepesic from Minneapolis, USA
6 December 2009

British television programs are way more interesting than average American fare. They tackle much more believable topics and have much better actors. British actors have superior acting skills, and look like real people. American actors look like actors, it is impossible to relate to plastic people. This patticural movie doesn't belong to the top of British TV production. The script tries very hard to outsmart itself, so in return becomes completely contrived. The people are real, but the situation they are supposed to convey is not, hence the problem. If you are able to get over the imperfections and occasional messiness of the script, you will be entertained, but not much more.

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The secret cause of society's ills...

Author: steven-222 from Berkeley, CA, USA
16 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When an ITV murder thriller is this rife with heterosexual dysfunction, you know who the killer must be: The Homosexual.

Who murdered the sexy blonde teenager (who's also a pathological liar) on her way home from school? Let's see, could it be the mother who (against all common sense) is letting her teenaged son make unchaperoned visits to his serial-killer father behind bars? Could it be the moody son, who's impressed by his dad's no-nonsense attitude about women? Could it be the serial killer himself, who seems able to manipulate events from behind bars, a la Hannibal Lecter? Could it be mom's boyfriend, a teacher at the school whose affair with an ex-student led to his wife's suicide? Or could it be boyfriend's daughter, who goes blabbing everyone's secrets at school, causing untold misery? No, it's none of these likely suspects. It's...The Homosexual!

The only mystery for the viewer is guessing who The Homosexual is. Of course, it could be anybody, since the only characteristics of The Homosexual are shameful secrecy and a propensity to murder and otherwise make life complicated for the "normal" folks. The Homosexual is the invisible root cause of society's ills; only when this person is exposed and eliminated can the fractured family come back together, and things can return to normal...whatever that is.

As for the cast, both Jemma Redgrave and Robson Green are now officially past their sell-by dates. The world could get by marvelously without ever seeing either on screen again, but as long as ITV has roles for The Aggrieved Woman and The Misunderstood Man, I suppose they'll keep coming back in movies like this one.

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Nick Laughland

Author: thislittlepixie from United Kingdom
6 February 2006

I think that the one true star of Like Father Like son was the director Nick Laughland.

He is an inspiring man and this drama really shows how much his talent should be recognised and awarded. His ability to bring the best out of all the actors involved and create a magical environment where all the stories came together is truly a remarkable achievement. This alone shows a man of true talent and although jam packed with stars he shone the brightest.

With his ideas and knowledge and commendable vision he alone created a masterpiece!

I am very much looking forward to another.

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Where's the darn ending?

Author: Del from Hawaii
9 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I hate a movie that doesn't have an ending. I don't care how good or bad the rest might be, I don't like to be left without a conclusion. Such shows should insist upon a disclaimer ... something like: The movie you are about to watch has either no ending or is so ambiguous as to not be conclusive.

In the movie the last scene we are left with is Dee and Dominic having a bit of a row and he says, almost regretfully I thought, that it couldn't be him because the fingers were either that of a girl or a child. THEN IT ENDS! Well sure, the smoking gun, so to say, is in the hands of the Dee's son, but what about Dominic's daughter? I actually thought we might discover it was her! Anyway, unless you like inconclusive movies, then I'd avoid this one. Otherwise, I thought the movie generally good.

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