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On the eve of his marriage to Alice Osborn, Philip Morton realizes that he cannot marry her; he loves her sister, Marguerite, more than he does his bride-elect. Marguerite breaks down momentarily, but upon hearing her sister's voice, commands Philip to go where his honor calls him. She then goes to a lounge at the head of a stairway and writes a letter to Philip, telling him that while she loves him her little sister's happiness must have first consideration. Hearing the approach of someone, she hides the letters in the lounge. Into the drawing room, where the guests have been assembled ready for the commencement of the ceremony, a maid rushes with the terrible news that Alice has been found dead upon the stairs with a stab wound in her back. The chief of police is given the case, and with a number of officers and Kate Kirby, the famous woman detective, he arrives at the Osborn mansion, where a rigid search is instituted. Kate finds the hidden letter, and this, together with the knife...

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