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Points for originality

Author: fregert-1 from Sweden
24 August 2006

I love good horror movies. Even if I don't always get scared, I usually get entertained. This is important to know regarding this review. As long as clichés, stupidity and exaggerations are kept to a minimum, chances are I'll enjoy the horror movie in question. In the case of "Stay Alive", I didn't get particularly scared, but quite entertained. And it scored points for originality. The angle with a deadly video-/computer game felt fairly fresh to me. Also, clichés/stupidity/exaggerations WERE kept to a minimum, which was great. "Stay Alive" isn't even very bloody, the violence isn't jacked up to the max, and there's no nudity or sex scenes. People who expect/demand lots of blood, sex and violence in horror movies should probably avoid this one. This does not make "Stay Alive" a boring, Disney-version of a horror movie, it's just not a typical slash/sex-flick. The acting is surprisingly good, especially for such young actors in this type of movie, there are elements of truth in the plot (regarding The Countess) and efforts seem to have been made to keep "Stay Alive" from being another stereotypical horror movie that leaves few lasting impressions. If you want to see a horror movie with less blood, nudity and sex than usual, featuring good acting, a fresh angle and without the standard mindless script/plot, then "Stay Alive" might appeal to you. If not, choose another movie.

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An entertaining and exciting horror flick!

Author: richardfxd from United States
2 July 2006

I saw this movie a while back ago but, I just now joined and decided to review it.

I really left the movie with mixed feelings, I knew it wasn't the best film ever but, I actually enjoyed it very much! It was very entertaining and satisfying. I'm a huge fan of horror films and also a collector of Screen-Used horror film props and wardrobe items, so you can see I really love horror flicks! This film was very interesting and at times creepy. It really draws you into it's plot and grabs your attention. The Countess was a great new horror icon. The only problems I had with this movie is its very dull at points and lacks a great script, also the fact that its PG-13 meaning they can't show a drop of blood hardly and it leaves plenty of great opportunities for a great scene lifeless. Overall I'd recommend renting this one when it hits the shelves.

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Scariest Part

Author: RubberDuckyYourTheOne from United States
12 June 2006

The scariest part of the whole movie is the fact that Countess Elizabeth Bathory actually existed. She actually tortured and killed girls. She was really locked in the tower and really said that one day she would come back. That was the part that creeped me out. Even though the movie is based around the video game, the women they are trying to defeat really existed. I didn't believe my friend when she told me this, so I did some research and she is true. Don;t believe me click here: That's what gave me the creeps. People laugh but isn't kind of weird and creepy in it's own sick way.

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The movie was OK

Author: jka7303045 from Ohio
19 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie was okay. I was not really scared because it was a pretty predictable movie to watch. There were some moments that made me jump, but other than that, I was kinda bored. The music and the set had their freaky moments. Especially how the house and game matched towards the end. I really don't like to be scared and I really was not. For the gamers out there this may be a little more interesting. To me it was too fake and unrealistic...not the psychological thriller I was expecting. Luckily we didn't pay to see the movie..we had free passes. I would not pay to see it for sure! Wait for the DVD and then not even sure it's worth that! I think they left it open for a sequel and I will for sure skip seeing that in both the theater and DVD.

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Pretty good Movie.....needed more plot.

Author: mstsage from United States
18 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK a few of my friends and I heard about this movie and decided to go see it. I mean come on we are gamers and we wanted to know more about it. Well I was upset to see it was PG-13 which meant not as much gore or anything. Well the movie started of good....showing off the Stay Alive game.

When the Main characters best friend died it started to become predictable... I mean come on it is kind of obvious when the cop's partner was gonna play the game....he was being cocky. Though they should have showed that seen more on the gore would have been great.

Another thing I didn't like about the movie was when they found out about the game being deadly...and found where it was made. They didn't try and find out the actual game designers...who made the game and find out why they did. It would really help in the understanding of the movie a little more. Also at the end it looked kinda pointless of them burning the countess and destroying her. For in the end the game gets released and more people will end up dying. Well thats what I say about this movie...I liked it but it could have been better.

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Not as bad as it looks...

Author: poodle-11 from United States
12 April 2006

I'll admit, I really wasn't expecting a whole lot from this movie, based on the ads and reviews for it, but really, it's not nearly as bad as it looks. In fact, it's really not that bad at all. The premise, while hokey, is enough to keep your interest, (particularily if you're familiar with this type of horror/survival game). The graphics for the game are really very accurate in most ways, and it actually looks like it would be a fun game. The gamer kids are portrayed like most of my fellow gamers I know, I could relate each character either to myself, or to someone I know, so there was no problem with their performances. The script could have used a bit more work, (particularily with regards to the back-story... I need to watch it again when it's on HBO or what-have-you, but seems to me they specifically mention Elizabeth Bathory, and, well, she just wasn't from the New Orleans area... or the United States... or North America, for that matter, but anyway, I digress,) and it's not the prettiest film ever made, but really, if you like horror, like computer games, or just want something that's a little bit of junk food for your brain, 'Stay Alive' might be for you. There's even a few genuinely creepy moments in it!

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Game over

Author: kosmasp
8 March 2013

This tries to mix the Final Destination formula into the gamer community. It doesn't really succeed. Apart from aging faster than a dayfly (that's especially accurate for the "special game effects"), the story does not give you that much. Plus it is cheating and you can ask any gamer about that. It is an absolute no go!

Story is also predictable, where you can see the characters fate a mile off. While it tries to stay on the logical side of things (as much as possible), even that cannot be achieved entirely. The movie did not have a large budget (obviously), so you might be willing to cut it some slack. Especially because it did achieve to cast Mr. Muniz (who's better known for his TV character) here. But that is up to you, how low you want to put the bar.

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at least get your game references right

Author: Ocrisia from New York
17 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. As a gamer, a HUGE fan of survival horror games (Silent Hill especially), and someone who absolutely loves supernatural horror, I thought this movie had the potential to be like a dream, or nightmare, come true. Unfortunately, the writers of the movie must not really be into gaming, and even that would be okay if the movie creators actually did a little research. Stay Alive is a beta version of a computer game, Frankie Muniz uses an alienware laptop, but it's played with playstation controllers (I think-at least its a PS controller on the movie cover). The tester plays the game with a couple of friends, and if you die in the game, you die for real. (I even found the tag line of the movie annoying.."you die in the game, you die for real" sounds too much like a nightmare on elm st's +you die in your dreams, you die for real.")

I was disappointed in this movie in the first ten minutes. The main character, Hutch, works as some kind of clerk in an office. His boss calls him in to ask advice on the game he's playing, Silent Hill 4. He needs to know how to beat the last boss. Hutch tells him to "dop the hyperblaster-it has unlimited ammo but drop it anyway-then go down the stairs to the boss, and she'll just die. First of all, no last boss just dies when you do nothing. Second of all, there is no hyperblaster in SH4. Finally, the last boss in SH4 is a man, not a woman. I realize I may sound like a nerd, but I honestly think if you're going to make a movie about a survival horror game and you want to reference a game, at the very least wikipedia it first.

So anyway Hutch ends up with Stay Alive, and he gets together with some gamer friends and one girl who has never played anything before, and they all play. These are supposed to be serious gamers. So at one point Hutch's character is standing in a room with a fireplace and a closet, and there's a GLOWING LIGHT coming out of the closet and the door is ajar. Pretty obvious you'd think.. but he doesn't see it. The girl who had never played a game before goes "wait! wait! the wardrobe!' to which Hutch responds "NICE eye!!!!" The friends then praise her for noticing the completely obvious hidden room. If he's a serious gamer and he didn't know to check the door with the glowing light coming out of it..he should find a new hobby.

Besides silly things like that though, the movie isn't all bad. I wouldn't call it scary, but it was a cool idea. The story wasn't explained as well as I would have liked, and there were some things left unanswered (I noticed people saying they never said who made the game, but they did) for example, the cops were looking to arrest Hutch bc he knew all the murder victims. When the cops show up at the house his friends are hanging out in, they run (Nevermind that Hutch had an alibi for all the murders, apparently knowing people is all it takes to be thrown in jail.) and at the end of the movie, I guess the cops just give up? There were a few loose ends that were kind of annoying. Altogether though it's worth a watch. The idea was solid, the game scenes weren't bad, and if this actually comes out as a game, I would definitely play it. As a gamer it offended me a little, but as a horror movie fan I liked it, because it was a unique idea and hasn't been done to death. Overall I'm glad I watched it, but I don't think I would sit through it again.

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Teen horror based around video games rather than on one.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
8 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stay Alive is set in Louisiana & starts late one night as Loomis Crowley (Milo Ventimiglia) plays a demo version of a new horror survival computer game called Stay Alive based around the legend of killer Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Loomis becomes engrossed in the game but his character soon dies by being hanged. Back in reality Loomis is shocked to find two of his friends murdered & he also ends up dead, hanging from a light cable from the ceiling just like in the game. A close friend of Loomis named Hutch (Jon Foster) is devastated by the death of his friend & meets Abigail (Samaire Armstrong) at the funeral & the two comfort each other, while at the funeral Hutch is given some games belonging to Loomis including Stay Alive. Hutch & some of his friends decide to pay homage to Loomis & have a marathon session on Stay Alive but it soon becomes clear that the game is haunted & that if your character dies in the game you die exactly the same way in reality...

Co-written & directed by William Brent Bell this is available in two distinct & different versions, the first is the PG rated theatrical cut & an Unrated director's cut on DVD which runs fifteen minutes longer & includes more gore, more profanity, more nudity & more story. Unfortunately I saw this on telly & they played the shorter PG version so that's the one I will be basing my comment on, I am sure the Unrated cut is better but what can I do? Anyway, a lot of recent horror films have been based upon video games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil & House of the Dead but Stay Alive takes a slightly different approach & bases it's story around a spooky video game called Stay Alive. The premise is rather silly when you sit down & think about it, the ghost of a centuries old murderer is resurrected by a video game & kills anyone who plays it. It sounds silly & to be honest it is but the script takes itself extremely seriously, the dialogue is quite stiff & as a whole the film is rather drab & hard to relate to. The character's are all clichéd Hollywood teens, the death's in the PG version are tame & mostly off screen while the Stay Alive game itself doesn't even look that good. Also what about the ending? The ending in which Hutch & Abigail were meant to have stopped the ghost only for it turn up just before the end credits, that makes everything Hutch & Abigail did during the last thirty minutes totally pointless & for nothing. Also the subplot with the police is completely dropped by the hour mark too, I suppose it moves along at a decent pace & the almost comical premise could have had potential but the tameness of it doesn't help neither does serious tone.

There are various cutaway scenes of the game in action, as I said I don't thin it even looks like a particularly good game but then again what do I know. While Countess Elizabeth Bathory was indeed a real person who bathed in human blood to stop herself ageing during the 17 Century in Hungary but the script here says she lived in the 19th Century in a Louisiana plantation & therefore totally ignoring any historic fact. Why keep the Bathory name but change just about every other know fact her?

Apparently shot in 25 days just before hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans this had a supposed budget of about $9,000,000 & has decent enough production values & is well made if a little overblown at times, a bit more subtlety might have helped some of the scarier moments. The acting is alright, nothing amazing but the teen cast do OK.

Stay Alive isn't a great film, this PG version has no gore & the whole concept is rather silly & outlandish with no explanation behind who made the game & not much more about why Bathory is haunting a video game. Silly & dumb but at least it's short & I would think that the UNrated version is much, much better.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:


Author: Neil Welch from United Kingdom
29 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A group of youngsters playing a video game start being killed in the same way they die in the game. It is a race against time to find out how to save themselves.

This movie is dressed up as a horror film in the Final Destination tradition, but it isn't. This is mainly because the deaths are pretty innocuous: yes, there is some blood, but nothing is especially graphic. Also, there is a reliance on "made you jump" noise rather than any actual horror.

I didn't really mind this - the story powered along nicely, kept me interested, and the characters were fairly well drawn and sympathetic.

A decent "entry level" horror-styled movie.

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