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Am I bovvered....??

Author: jstallick from United Kingdom
26 August 2005

I totally disagree with the previous reviewer's comments, although obviously it all comes down to taste in the end.

Catherine Tate is a brilliant comedian. Some of the characters are so spot on it's spooky. Who can believe that the elderly character Nan is being portrayed by the same actress who portrays the sullen schoolgirl Lauren? OK, not all the sketches are as funny but it is worth watching for the absolutely hysterical moments that punctuate this show. Timing is brilliant and some of the characters will I am sure become classics. In the new series the hit rate is even better!

I think Catherine Tate deserves to be called the new Queen of Comedy!

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This woman is a comic genius!

Author: Greg Couture from Portland, Oregon
18 March 2005

I beg to differ with the other IMDb-er who finds this show, and Catherine Tate, unfunny, trite, and so forth.

Her show comes through on BBC America on my TV cable service and I only recently discovered it. It might help if I had a slightly sharper ear for British accents, especially those of the "lower classes" (no offense intended), but I have no doubt that this lady is an extremely gifted comic actress, a virtual chameleon (assisted by some extraordinarily talented makeup artists), who has provided some of the most solid laughs I've enjoyed in some time.

In my book she's right up there with her fellow Brits, Mollie Sugden, Paricia Routledge, et al. and her Canadian counterparts, Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara. And let's not forget an American, the inimitable Joan Cusack, who deserves her place right alongside her peers from outside our borders. My enthusiastic compliments to you all, ladies!

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No! This was hilarious!

Author: Sunah from Berkeley, California
23 February 2005

I laughed all the way through the one show I saw. Catherine Tate sets up several this case a housewife who jumps at the slightest noise, a new mother who will do anything to keep from waking the baby while people try to give her a birthday party, a hateful grandmother being visited by her grandson, and several others, and revisits their scenes in turn throughout the show. The premises are skimpy, it is true, but I didn't notice that until this other reviewer pointed it out because her characterizations were hilarious. I'm a Californian so I really had to focus to make out what some of the characters were saying as she uses various accents from all over England. I would be very pleased to see more of Catherine Tate.

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The Catherine Tate Show and Little Britain are in different Leagues

Author: aidious from United Kingdom
2 October 2005

Little Britain is a very funny sketch show but it is nowhere near as well observed as Catherine's masterpiece. Compare Vicky Pollard and Lauren. Many assume that Lauren is Catherine's attempt to imitate and cash in on Lucas's Pollard. But the character of Lauren was invented long before that of Pollard and is a far richer observation of today's inarticulate, low-aspiring youth. Pollard is a much more surreal character, someone who wouldn't be of place in Royston Vasey. Lauren however is scarily real.

Also the 'Nan' is possibly the second funniest 'Nan' creation in recent times, second only to the slightly more sublimity that is 'Nanna' in The Royle Family.

In fact, the majority of sketches on the Catherine Tate Show are very strong. It is just that people assume that a show that has so many different sketches with such a limited number of performers will be stale, but it's not. In fact, it's fantastic.

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I'm glad it's not just me

Author: Enoch Sneed from United Kingdom
20 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having heard about this "prize-winning comedy" (a description the BBC seems unable to separate from the show's title) I tuned to see what it was all about.

I'm no curmudgeon. I love to laugh as much as anyone. I just found myself asking why I was being asked to find this funny. An old lady who swears like a truck driver, a snob who tells everyone off for their lack of manners then breaks wind at a funeral, a couple who are disgusted at finding "dried shitache(sic) mushrooms" in the soup at a restaurant. Just to take the last example, what am I supposed to laugh at here: the couple's ignorance of new food fads, the mispronunciation of 'shitake', or am I just supposed to feel smug because I know what is really meant by 'shitache'?

My wife (a teacher) tells me Lauren the bored teenager is all too typical of her students, but she was truly offended by sketches showing a woman with red hair having to enter a 'ginger refuge' where she could be with similarly afflicted people and kept safe from the prejudices of the outside world. Our son has red hair and throughout his school life was a convenient scapegoat because he stood out in a crowd. If he was bullied on account of his colouring and stood up for himself it was always his fault because we 'know' redheads have bad tempers. This 'comic' scenario left a very nasty impression.

I think the trouble today is that humour has to be seen to be terribly 'clever' and 'ironic' - you have to be able to get the joke behind the joke. I prefer the days when comedians were funny just because they were funny: Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson and - if you wanted character comedy sketches - Dick Emery, whose characters were broad without being spiteful.

I won't be watching Ms Tate again.

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Face? Bovverd? Look! Face? Bovverd?! Well, yes......

Author: newwavenewcraze from United Kingdom
31 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

.....however, mostly in my case, "bovvered" = "although slightly bewildered, rather impressed."

I saw my first proper episode of The Catherine Tate Show fairly recently and I too beg to differ with accusations of Ms Tate's comic writings being sloppy or unfunny. From the punchy satire on Middle England's housewives who consider nannies with a regional accent as their worst nightmare, to the downright bizarre (the food van woman's ruminations on Archbishop Desmond Tutu) via gags that are genuinely disarmingly coarse (lazy nurse Bernie's revelations on the medicinal properties of yoghurt). I had plenty to laugh about.

However, I also have my reservations, mainly to do with Lauren...although the character herself is extremely funny, I do worry about that joke being recycled again and again in every episode, a la Little Britain. Granted, that kind of thing is probably testament to a character's popularity, but this may well be a double-edged sword both to Tate and to Lucas/Walliams; while it creates favourites with an audience, I can understand why it could fuel some criticism of being a one-joke-pony. Nonetheless, Tate manages to give her audience a slice of life in exaggeration; a classic device, but no less relevant or entertaining.

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Despite the bad feedback....

Author: ellieloves from Australia
11 March 2009

Catherine Tate is a comedy genius!

You may think that a girl, at the ripe old age of 15, may have no taste in comedy or movies ... or well... anything. But Catherine Tate has a sparkle in her that is different to all the other comediennes out there. I mean: COME ON! SHE HAS RED HAIR! :D

Sure, her dialogue is repetitive and sometimes predictable, but remember: this is just comedy. I could say the same about: Black Books (which is the greatest show on earth) I mean what, man owns a bookshop, gets drunk - whats more to the story?

You must remember that everyone has different tastes, just because it doesn't suit your taste doesn't mean you need to "shoot miss Tate" (as one charming IMDb user so kindly put it), she's a human being and she's doing what she loves, making people laugh. And most of this is Catherine's own humour. so DUDE. SRSLY. I'm 15 years old and I'm talking like a friggin' adult here all mature and stuff!

But seriously, I'm not saying "WATCH IT! OMG YOU'LL LUV IT SUUU MUCH YOU'LL CUM!!!" because most likely, you wont. I'm saying "Try it out - you might like it. You might not."


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realistically funny!!

Author: lee_sybil from Hong Kong
26 October 2006

Catherine had made some really memorable characters... The Gran and the teenager!! Classic!!! The foul month granny is my favorite...With her short temperament and all the nasty comments regarding to her neighbors... Wish i can have such quick wit when i get to that age!! The teenager, if you are a parent of teenagers, you can really related to how she's trying to portrait one... Her characters work well because they always remind you someone you know. Those people you find really annoying in real life, but translate perfectly funny to the show...I only started watching the show couple months ago when i was on the plane and am already hooked...Make sure you tune in next time you see it on telly...For sure it will make you laugh out loud!!!

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''What a f**king liberty!''

Author: RaspberryLucozade from Wallyford, East Lothian, Scotland
26 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like 'Little Britain', 'The Catherine Tate Show' was a favourite of mine when I was a teenager. Yet watching it again now, I struggled to raise even so much as a titter. Truth to tell, nowadays I actually find it more annoying than anything else.

The gorgeous Catherine first started in comedy with appearances on shows such as 'The Harry Hill Show' and 'Big Train'. In 2004, she was awarded her own weekly comedy series which saw the birth of some of her most famous creations such as ill-mannered schoolgirl Lauren who whenever being put in her place by someone bellows at them ''Am I bovvered?'', foul mouthed pensioner Nan Taylor, uncouth Irish nurse Bernadette and Homosexual in denial Derek ( which was Tate in drag ).

Tate's regular supporting cast were Niky Wardley, Ella Kenion, Angela McHale, Bruce MacKinnon and Matthew Horne. Paul Whitehouse, Peter Kay, Geraldine McNulty, Paul O'Grady, Bonnie Langford and Siobhan Redmond all appeared as guests.

'The Catherine Tate Show' ended in 2007 after three series plus a couple of specials. There has been no attempt to make any further series, though Tate someone utilises her characters for 'Comic Relief'. I don't hate 'The Catherine Tate Show' but I just cant really be bovvered with it anymore.

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Largely Catchprasey, Largely Brilliant

Author: oracledelphi from Frederick, Maryland
22 February 2011

From some of the one star reviews on this site it appears that Catherine Tate's comedy perhaps comes a bit too close to the knuckle for some. I suspect most of the bad reviews have been written by folks that see themselves in her characters.

Anchored on catchphrases (as is much of British comedy), this show gets a bit samey after a while, but the sheer brilliance of the characters, even the auxiliary ones, is mesmerizing. It is also simply dead clever much of the time.

I believe the average rating of 7 is about right for this one. I gave it a nine to counterbalance those who seem to have it in for the actress.

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