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The best action thriller of the year.
Unstoppable fun.
A spectacular windup toy of a thriller -- a contraption made by an artist.
The Hollywood Reporter
Audiences will eat it up: This is a postmillennial spy-action movie pitched to a large international audience. You hardly need subtitles.
You sit there, and the action assaults you, and using words to re-create it would be futile. What actually happens to Jason Bourne is essentially immaterial. What matters is that SOMETHING must happen, so he can run away from it or toward it.
The movie is thunderously exciting, but what makes it resonate is the wrenching story we read on Damon's face. We've waited all summer for a wild ride to grab us with more than jolts. Now it's here. Hang on.
Bursting with so much amped-up energy, you may need to rest once it's finally done.
Chicago Tribune
This is the most satisfying thriller of the year, capping the Bourne trilogy.
Miami Herald
It's an action picture that's been distilled and compressed to its tightest, barest, almost abstract essence, and it's absolutely thrilling.
Director Paul Greengrass - who directed the superb "United 93" between the second and third "Bourne" installments - knows how to stage and edit bravura action sequences, generating almost unbearable suspense while deploying a superb cast.
A thoughtful, satisfying action thriller.

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