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A horror movie that doesn't let go from the moment it begins
K_Todorov6 April 2007
It's no big news that the horror industry has been in decline for the last 10 or so years. Western horror movies have all been dry-ed up and Hollywood is desperately remaking any Asian horror that has a 5 plus rating on IMDb. Because there people are still making good horror and of course Hollywood has to cash in on that. One such movie that will probably be remade in the next two years is "Shutter". Coming straight from Thailand this is not just good, it's fantastic, probably the most terrifying ride I had since I saw "In The Mouth Of Madness" a few years back. Grabs you by the hand from the first minute and never let's go until the end. The way horror is supposed to be.

"Shutter" follows a pretty standard formula in terms of plot. A photographer is haunted by the ghost of a woman and as the story unfolds we understand the reason why. Not the most original work, but it's solid in terms of writing and dialogue. The final conclusion is a very ironic yet satisfying experience, in touch with the atmosphere and tension build up to this point. Characters are likable enough so it get's very nerve-wrecking when they find themselves in danger. In fact it's safe to say that the entire movie is nerve-wrecking, psychologically painful and outright scary. This is all done with no small thanks to directors Pisanthanakun and Wongpoom through great camera-work, intimidating make-up effects and careful use of digital effects to enhance the horror elements. It is this careful balance that makes "Shutter" brilliant, it didn't allow itself to be dominated by CGI instead it used a combination of classic horror effects with modern computer generated ones. The atmosphere created is so wonderfully scary and that is no small feat to accomplish considering what is spewed from the U.S. these. Stuff like "Hostel" or "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (remake) that just pour down gore and think it creates horror. It does not, "Shutter" shows that you must have a certain amount of skill, understanding of the human psyche, what makes us tick, what makes us afraid and then exploit that. Bombarding us with only gore won't do the trick. Hopefully someone will learn that lesson once and for all. Another aspect that is worth noting is the score, once again brilliant stuff composed with a low key piano piece that greatly boosts the atmosphere.

Somewhere out there in Hollywood the cash-filled minds of screenwriters are "preparing" "Shutter" for remaking . They will try to make it "better" by casting some A-list overrated pop-idol celebrity. They will dumb it down to a PG-13 rating so that kids would go and see it. They will butcher the story entirely and in the end it will be turned into a shallow, tasteless film devoid of any sort of merit. Hopefully through that remake somewhere, someone will be able to discover the true "Shutter" a horror movie made with more love and devotion than all of those remakes combined.
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This one WILL scare you
laser_center_21 March 2005
First of all, if you're a horror fan, see it. You will enjoy this film. Period.

Know this - I've seen a billion horror flicks from all around the world... This one gave me the creeps. First 20-30 minutes you still have time to relax from scare to scare, but from then on it's just plain scary shiyet.

This movie gets you in the right atmosphere right from the start, and it has almost every type of scene a horror fan can ask for (You'll know what I mean when you see it). I don't really care much about originality, but the story is original and interesting. The best thing about it, though, is the girl who portrays the ghost. I don't know where they found this freaky girl, but she's PERFECT for this role, and by far the scariest character I've seen in Asian horror films.

I hope the 2 fellows who made this film, make another horror flick, because, although they're young, it's obvious they know what they're doing. NICE ONE.
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Truly a horror masterpiece!
bonnie9122 April 2006
This Asian horror film starts off with a young couple (Tun and Jane) driving back from a get-together late one night and hitting a girl that suddenly appears on the road. This may sound very cliché to seasoned horror fans, but what ensues in the film is anything but. Tun (Ananda Everingham) is a professional photographer. He starts noticing some strange flaws in his pictures. This is the beginning of the best ghost story I've ever seen, with truly amazing special effects (so good they make you feel that they're really happening and not just concocted for the movie), excellent acting, lavish production, a creative plot with some great surprises, and just enough blood to justify an R rating (oh, and. Ananda is not only a great actor; he's eye candy!)

If you're not put off by having to read subtitles, you'll absolutely love this movie. If you are, I recommend that you try to muddle through them because, believe me, it'll be worth your while.

A true gem and a DVD that I am proud to have in my horror collection. Perfection!
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A Great Movie.
lindsayprazak5 February 2005
I saw this movie for the first time 2 weeks ago at the Bangkok International Film Fest and it is amazing!! Not only is it scary as hell ( I've never screamed so much in a movie before and I'm an avid horror movie fan), it has a wonderful and original plot line. Throughout the entire movie, i thought i was going to have a heart attack i was so scared. I give a lot of credit to the 2 young directors of this movie. They are only in their early 20's and concocted a unique and entertaining film. Yesterday I just bought it on DVD and I cannot wait to watch it with my friends at home; they'll love it! This is a definite must see for all horror/thriller fans!
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Very creepy Thai horror film.
HumanoidOfFlesh24 July 2005
"Shutter" begins when Thun,a young photographer and his girlfriend Jane accidentally run down a young woman on their drive home.They decide to leave the dead victim and drive away.Later Thun discovers something strange when he finds a mysterious shadow that appears on his photo.He thinks that's just a bad picture,but then he realizes that there is something much more sinister behind the shadow-both Tun and Jane are plagued with extremely unsettling dreams.Unable to cope,they start investigating the phenomenon of ghost/spirit photography,which leads to a discovery about Tun's past,and a possible clue to the identity of their ghostly nemesis."Shutter" was a horror hit in Thailand and it's easy to notice why.It certainly offers some truly eerie moments and it has its share of 'boo' scares too.The final image will make you scream.The acting is surprisingly good and the film is fascinating to watch.9 out of 10.Give it a look.
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Oh wow, oh jeez, this is the scariest freakin' movie since The Eye!
Potty-Man1 July 2005
Shutter is a new horror film from Thailand, in the tradition of recent Asian horror films like Ringu and The Eye, and it scared the bejeevery-jeezes out of me! The directors are called Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom (it rhymes!) and this is their first feature, and looking at the movie, it's hard to believe so. It looks very professional and slick, and it excels in every aspect: from shot design to sound use to pacing. The atmosphere is bowl-clenchingly tight, the tension is almost never relieved, and the movie contains quite a lot of scares; they come in all shapes and sizes in this one, folks. This film has its share of boo moments, slow build-ups, genuine horror, and psychological scares following some very creepy and disturbing revelations. I won't spoil anything, but if you like horror do yourself a favor and watch it. I give this gem a 10 on my horrormeter. And I think I'll leave the light on tonight.
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Big Treat for Adrenalin Junkie . .
Lee (RedSharkz)16 March 2005
Shutter starts with using the ghost appearance phenomena on photograph as the main theme, but as far as the movie goes, it reveals the plot regarding to long-lost love and bitter past life of the main character. i didn't expect too much from Shutter cause i thought it'd be another regular horror movie. (and it's from Thailand, which has produced some bad quality movie of this genre) At the end, i liked it. OK, it contains Asian-horror cliché, but the plot, the story and the puzzle are well-connected. not to mentioned the shocking sound effects and the superb conclusion. it's a big treat for Asian horror fans. very recommended (8/10)
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if you want a scary ride, you won't be disappointed
dan ashton13 March 2005
Being a fan of Asian films, I must purchase up to ten films a week. The majority are foreign. I don't want to go into too much detail about the film, but say that this film is buy far one the best horror films I have seen. And I have seen a lot.....and it is Thai! The Ring has paved the way for films like this. there is no doubt in that, but unlike the Ring, and Dark Water, the etc, this film is consistent. It's pace is fantastic.You never get bored, and the scares themselves, while maybe not as disturbing as something like A Tale Of Two sisters, they literally make you jump out of your seat. It's only "fault" (if you want to call it that) is that the score gives you a clue something is coming, but I personally thought they had done excellent job which overall adds to the aura of the film.

great stuff!
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You Cannot Escape Your Past
Mappyman2 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
with a slew of Japanese horror films being released its a surprise to see one as good as Shutter comes not from Japan but Thailand.

Shutter focuses on Tun. A recent high school graduate who has a keen interest in photography. While driving late one night with his girlfriend Jane something or someone in the dark causes them to swerve off-road. whoever they hit, if they lived through it, if they didn't they're unsure. They flee the scene but nothing is the same anymore. Nightmares happen for both Tun and Jane as well as strange occurrences in Tuns photographs. Some of Tuns close friends are told to have mysteriously killed themselves. As they go to find out what could have caused this haunting spirit, they find out a lot more about their forgotten past. The car accident wasn't the only mistake that could have caused the series of events, the truth is much worse.

In comparison to other recent horror movies like JuOn and Ringu its easy to say the film was highly influenced. Its also notable to point out certain scenes (hair effects seen in JuOn, crawling ghouls as in Ringu) borrow from them as well. Had Shutter been released before them it would be visa versa of course but giving credit to Shutter, it could be said it can stand on its own as a really good horror movie. Most of the scare effect are things not seen in any movies and will really get a jump reaction. The storyline also has some really good twists that just make the movie even more creepier.

Acting is also done really well in this movie. Admittingly there aren't many Thaiwanese films that have got a lot of attention but its as good if not better than any other horror movie. It actually stays as a serious horror and doesn't go into the cornball "scary movie" genre (save for a single scene) which is rare. Special effects are kept low in this but there really isn't a need for overdone scariness anyway.

Sound by far was one of the best things in Shutter. The extremely loud -Shriek!- or a bang and clatter here and there really adds to the shock effect. Lighting and overall pacing of the film is also constant. There's not a moment to rest, it kept coming with small unexpected moments. There can't be much said for music as there isn't much but it has its few melodic moods to set the tone.

Shutter deserves more attention. Perhaps a US re-release such as Grudge and The Ring with a few more scare moments. It really does well as its own horror movie in Thailand and should definitely not be missed by fans of Japanese Horror and horror in general. It will scare you and leave you scared of the dark nights after. Shutter should not be missed by anyone wanting a really good scare.
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probably the best Asian horror after the ring
rapidperambulator9 March 2005
Not that i've seen every Asian horror movie out there of course. i've seen most of the biggies though - ring, ring 2, ju-on, dark water, cure, plus some others i can't remember the names of, and this is up there with the best.

Style-wise its not very original and borrows heavily from the Ring in its presentation, but whats wrong with that? Especially when its done as well as this. It's also scarier than the ring in terms of jump-out- of-the-seat moments, though it doesn't have any scenes quite on a par with the ring's freaky crawl out the telly scene, but then that's probably the best horror scene ever so I can forgive it for that! As well as the scares you've got good acting, good well structured plot and a really great ending - I didn't see it coming at all.

In conclusion, if you liked the ring you will love this. 9/10
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