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mistersupersammy-14 April 2005
this movie has some funny and ironic stuff in it. it's about 6 men; 4 of them are connected because they know each other quite well, 1 of them is connected to one of the 4. the problem with the title "6 strong guys" is that one of the 6 men (the one i didn't mention above) plays a very small role compared to the other 5, so his presence feels contrived. otherwise, the subplots of the other 5 are interesting to watch, because each of them faces a problem that many men are familiar with. examples are a stressful job, a pregnant ex-girlfriend, and an unhappy marriage. however, their situations are exaggerated for comedic effect, which in some cases works well and in other cases doesn't. i liken some of its appeal to the movie "office space," because it talks about average guys with average lives, but exaggerates their situations which makes the movie funny.

i'd recommend it. 7/10
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please help!!!
jtkaff26 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I just rented this DVD from blockbuster and we were happily watching when the DVD just stopped! It was toward the end of the movie,*potential spoiler*, The good girlfriend had just voiced her doubts over her marriage and he was going to get beer. And it just stopped. There was nothing we could figure out to find out what happened to everyone at the end. The most that I've gleamed from other online postings is that one of the six dies at the end. (I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the video game guy, since you barely see him throughout the whole movie.) I've also read online that others have had problems with this DVD skipping and stopping, which may be from being bootlegged. Could someone please fill me in as to what happens at the end? We're both dying to know. Thanks in advance.
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