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yougottrumpedshow4 February 2018
The show had a lot of problems. I think some of the reviews are a bit too harsh though. I give this show a 9 because I think the rating is too low and I like the actress in it. She's actually very funny and seems like a nice person, I have seen her in other things and live on stage. For whatever reason this channel seems to be unable to make a successful comedy show.
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Alecia Gaunt27 November 2010
This was a very bad show, it is very disappointing because all of the actors on it seem like they are probably nice people in real life but the show was just really bad.

I think the problem was more the bad writing with terrible situations, jokes, dialogue, none of it was believable and everything was so predictable that of course none of it was funny.

The actors weren't bad but when the show was so awful there obviously is no way it can be saved just by good acting anyway. I thought the show just looked and seemed cheap, and like they did not actually try to make a good show.

Bad show.
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Steve Adams18 September 2009
This show is stupid.

The acting is putrid and so over the top it makes me want to puke in my mouth.

The writing is about as funny as you would expect from a group of school children who watched a real TV show then were told to do a project on it.

I see no point at all to this show and don't see why in the world they would have actually thought anyone would want to see it, what is supposed to be the draw? The characters weren't just totally unfunny they weren't even interesting to me.

A huge swing-and-a-miss.
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One Of The Few Female Comedies I Can Watch
verbusen3 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm watching this on the Star World network overseas which buys American and Canadian series that last one or two seasons like The Jane Show. I thought of how many female lead comedy shows Im actually able to watch on my own, There's Lucy, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeanie (the one with Barbara Feldman), and then my mind goes kind of blank I cannot think of any others, the women are all supporting roles not the lead. So for me, The Jane Show is in pretty good company. One thing I just thought of though. I've watched several things made in Canada, and I never recall any thing being filmed in a regular TV series that shows SNOW! It's all made at the height of summer, LOL! Granted it's a great place to live climate wise in the summer but you would THINK, they would show a little bit of Canada in the winter since that's part of the lifestyle there also. I mean SCTV, Just For Laughs come to mind as two comedy shows that lasted a long time filmed in Canada and very little or none is shot with snow present even though they both do a lot of outdoor shots. I digress but I kind of chuckle at Jane and her obviously liberal ways being accused of racism to her neighbor, and I like the bald guy and his craziness, I found it on par with a UK series called The IT Crowd (I Think) another office comedy with a female lead. Not by any means the best comedy ever but for a guy to say he can watch it alone, thats saying something. If I was with my wife she might really enjoy it since it addresses sex in the office and stuff like that so might be a good light comedy for couples to watch. 7 of 10.
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Great Show.....refreshing change from the same old same old
ibaa196322 March 2008
Excellent show. Instead of watching the same old sitcom type shows where it's the same old thing, just different "stars", this refreshing show provided an incredibly entertaining view of office situations. We have been away from watching any television for 2 years and after coming back, of all the shows available we look forward to watching this show on W. Shame on Global for pulling the plug on this one. I thought this one would be a winner. Let's be realistic about things, FEW Canadian SHOWS make it. Everyone I talk to enjoys this show and I believe it was foolish of Global to walk away. I guess they want to stick it out with the typical mind numbing shows from the States instead of pulling behind a Canadian made show that had a lot of promise. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a lot of shows on TV, but, come on people, let's keep the variety. This unique show provided a very comedic view of a slightly exaggerated realistic side of office life and relationships, with unique characters that you don't see on any sitcoms today or in the past. Too bad that global had to say no to this one, foolish mistake.
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A Bad Show
samglin25 August 2007
The main actress isn't bad but the character isn't that good and the show is not very funny. Even though I have now watched several episodes I just can't get into the characters or the stories but the worst thing about the show is the complete lack of laughs which is a big problem for a 'comedy' which this show claims to be. I hope this show gets canceled soon because there are no laughs and nothing special about it. I am always a fan of a new show that has a main character that is a female but please next time come up with something better, with more depth and especially (if it is a comedy) something that has at least one laugh in it.
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Unfunny and Unnecessary
James Ghent11 August 2007
The Jane Show is not funny at all.

It's a shame that so many Canadian comedies are horrible, and there are worse shows than The Jane Show, but unfortunately it is just another one of those awful shows that really should never have been made.

Most of it comes down to the show just not being funny. Not just no laughs, but not even a smile. We tried to watch it a few times but it is just disappointing in the laughs department.

Even just for the sake of the characters and story this show is just uninteresting, predictable and stupid. Even with some of the most ridiculous story lines the show fails to be any good.

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Once again another stupid Canadian sitcom
zigg173 August 2006
Here's why the Jane Show won't work. Once again Canadian bonehead producers and writers can't create a sitcom without putting some kind of different spin on it. I guess these people don't watch a lot of T.V. from the U.S. which has the sitcom model down pat. No, here we have to do something different, we have to make the A story absolutely absurd and then have a meaningful B story to try to make up for it. The characters are two dimensional and the story lines are way over the top: Forklift races??? give me freaking break. Here's a little advice for the writers of the show, Don't write funny situations, find the funny in situations. And remember, you have to be born with a sense of humor to write truly funny stuff, not just be an improv monkey.
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Decent show
GUMBLOID8 June 2006
Teresa Pavlinek was a popular member of the Toronto Second City cast. She has done numerous guest spots and commercials up here in Canada. Finally someone has the sense to create a show for her. The supporting case seems quite good too. I have now watched the pilot several times and I still find it refreshing. Though, I am not sure why the show is listed as The Jane Show 2004. (I might be wrong) But as far as I am aware, the show was conceptualized in 2005 and appeared on Global TV in Canada in early 2006. It is a fresh idea and hopefully it does well. Too bad this couldn't be paired up with Corner Gas. Now I know Corner gas is on CTV, but the two shows would be great companion pieces.
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