The Flash Midseason Premiere Gets Title Familiar To Comic Book Readers

Of all the Arrowverse midseason finales to have aired last week, it was probably the cliffhanger The Flash left us on that amazed me most. As you may recall, Clifford DeVoe Aka the Thinker pulled the old switcheroo by inserting his consciousness into the mind of the newly introduced Brainstorm. Not only that, but his freshly discarded body was planted in the apartment of Barry Allen – complete with a stab wound – effectively framing the Scarlet Speedster for murder.

Upon the conclusion to that very episode, we were treated to a trailer (seen above) for the midseason premiere, which, at the time, remained untitled. But now that the network doesn’t have to worry about spoilers, they’ve revealed said title: “The Trial of The Flash.” It’s pretty obvious, sure, but you have to admit that if it’d gotten out before the fall finale had aired, the cliffhanger just
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Flashpoint fan art imagines Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as Batman and The Joker

While the box office underperformance of Justice League has raised some questions about the future of the DC Extended Universe, recent reports have suggested that Warner Bros. remains keen on moving forward with its Flashpoint movie.

For those unfamiliar with Flashpoint, the original comic book storyline sees a powerless Barry Allen waking in a vastly different DC universe – one where Wonder Woman and the Amazons are at war with Aquaman and the Atlanteans, Kal-El never became Superman, and Thomas Wayne has taken on the mantle of the Batman following the death of Bruce Wayne as a child (an event which also results in Martha Wayne becoming The Joker).

We have of course already seen Thomas and Martha Wayne in the Dceu, with The Walking Dead co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan portraying the characters in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Morgan in particular has already expressed his interest in returning for Flashpoint.
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Shazam! adds Ian Chen and Jovan Armand to the cast

Casting on DC’s next film Shazam! continues to ramp up as the film has added two young actors as Bill Batson’s friends. Ian Chen (Fresh Off The Boat) and Jovan Armand (Bella and the Bulldogs) will portray Eugene and Pedro respectively.

The new additions join Asher Angel as Billy, Zachary Levi as his magical alter ego Shazam, Mark Strong as Sivana, Jack Dylan Grazer (It) as Freddy and Grace Fulton (Annabelle: Creation) in a yet-to-be revealed role, which is said to be another of Billy’s friends.

Eugene and Pedro were first introduced in the DC story Flashpoint, which showed an alternate history of the DC world. When the company rebooted their comics line after Flashpoint with The New 52, Geoff Johns brought them over to the main continuity and gave them the ability to turn into their own versions of Shazam as Billy shared his powers with his new foster family.
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Flashpoint Fan Art Renders Walking Dead Duo As Batman And The Joker

Forget the Waynes you knew and mourned; with Flashpoint, Warner Bros. is poised to flip the DC Extended Universe on its head and have Thomas and Martha assume the roles of Batman and the Joker, respectively.

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, thanks to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan are still attached to give the Waynes a new lease of life in the not-so-distant future, and in honor of that retcon, BossLogic has produced two stunning pieces of concept art that imagine the Walking Dead duo as Gotham’s Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime.

In comic book lore, the “Flashpoint” arc sees Barry Allen zip back in time to save his mother, but he inadvertently triggers a domino effect that spreads throughout the DC Universe. And so, Thomas and Martha wind up surviving that infamous mugging, but the
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More Evidence Suggests That Iris West Will Be Recast For Flashpoint

At the very least, Justice League proved to be an entertaining action movie featuring DC’s A-list superheroes. But while there were some great moments shared between the characters, those of us who vehemently followed its production are well aware of how much was left on the cutting room floor. Heck, one person even assembled a trailer featuring footage shot by Zack Snyder that didn’t make the final cut.

Things such as this, among others, have led to a public outcry, with a sizable chunk of the fanbase wishing for Snyder’s cut of the film to be released on home video. Actually, reports have surfaced saying that an extended version will be included on the Blu-ray, although it may not necessarily be the “Snyder Cut” – it’ll just be beefed up with additional scenes. And while we can’t be too sure of what’ll happen until Warner Bros.
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DC Movie Lineup Announced: Justice League 2, Cyborg and More Go Missing

DC Movie Lineup Announced: Justice League 2, Cyborg and More Go Missing
Before Justice League hit theaters in November, there had been reports that if the movie had tanked, it could very well alter the course of the Dceu as a whole, with one report from October claiming the Flashpoint movie won't happen if Justice League bombs. Justice League debuted with the lowest opening weekend in the Dceu's short history, and with $212 million domestic and $613.3 million worldwide, it likely won't surpass any of the three Dceu movies before in in either box office category. During Warner Bros. presentation at Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil this weekend, though, it seems that the studio's slate is largely the same, with a few possible exceptions.

The Warner Bros. presentation at Comic Con Experience began with a presentation of the studio's upcoming Dceu slate kicked off with a title card for the Wonder Woman sequel that showed the Wonder Woman logo "flanked by Roman columns.
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Flashpoint Batman Teased Again by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has once again expressed his desire to portray Batman in the Flashpoint movie and many fans believe that this has to happen. It seems that everybody wants to hop in and play the Caped Crusader these days with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm bidding to take over Ben Affleck in Matt Reeves' The Batman and Morgan publicly teasing about his role in Flashpoint. There have been rumors that Affleck will stay on for Flashpoint, but that doesn't really make any sense since Bruce Wayne is killed off in the storyline unless he stays on for flashbacks or the very beginning of the movie.

Comic Book reports that during a recent panel at Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan spoke up about his hopes of returning to the Dceu, saying, "There's a role in the DC Universe I've got my eye on". It quite
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Ezra Miller Says He’s Starting Work On Flashpoint “Pretty Soon”

Justice League didn’t do a whole lot right, but it did convince audiences that Ezra Miller is awesome as Barry Allen Aka the Flash. The Fantastic Beasts actor’s unique, highly comic take on the Scarlet Speedster was an instant hit and has made fans even more keen to see Flashpoint.

Ever since the film was announced at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, though, we haven’t heard any official word on it, meaning we have no idea when it’s going to arrive. However, a hint that Miller himself gave to a fan recently suggests that production on the project is about to get underway – meaning it could be with us sooner than we originally thought.

Twitter user Daniel Eliesen was lucky enough to meet some of the Justice League cast at this weekend’s Ace Comic-Con Long Island, where he asked Miller about Flashpoint. Though the
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Batman Role In Flashpoint

With Justice League now in cinemas, DC fans are wondering what’s up next for the franchise. One of the most intriguing projects in the works is Flashpoint, the alt-universe movie starring Ezra Miller, and though we know very little about it at the moment, there’s been a lot of talk about Jeffrey Dean Morgan turning up as an alternate version of Batman in the film, mostly due to his appearance as Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Let’s bring you all up to speed, though, before going any further. In 2011, Geoff Johns penned a five-issue miniseries titled Flashpoint that saw the Scarlet Speedster go back in time to save his mother. In doing so, he royally screwed up the timeline, creating a world filled with darker heroes, including the alternate Batman who’s actually Thomas Wayne, and not Bruce. Eventually, the Flash (kind of) set things right,
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Justice League performance leads to huge DC restructure at Warner Bros.

Justice League might be edging towards $600m at the global box-office, but with Wonder Woman making much more than that on her own, the largely derided Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice nearing $900 million for its entire run, and Marvel’s equivalent superhero mashup, The Avengers topping out at $1.5 billion, there is no other way to view the film than a huge failure. It appears Warner Bros. share the same opinion, and the studio has begun a huge shake-up a mere twenty days after the film hit cinema screens.

Variety is reporting that the first casualty will be Jon Berg, who was ushered in along with Geoff Johns to oversee the the Dceu in the wake of the perceived failure of Suicide Squad and BvS. Variety states that he will leave his advisory role, but remain as a producer. Johns will stay as a chief creative officer with DC Entertainment,
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Ben Affleck All But Finished With Batman As Matt Reeves Casts The Net For “Fresh Talent”

Wonder Woman notwithstanding, the fledgling DC Extended Universe hasn’t really got off to the best of starts, has it?

Sure, the combined box office total of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and the recently-released (and critically panned) Justice League may be just shy of $3 billion, but those reviews and lowly audience scores haven’t been kind to Warner’s output thus far. And it shows.

Prompted by Justice League‘s recent failure, Variety brings word that Warner Bros. is now in the process of a major shake-up that will see a change of personnel at the top-end of its DC Films division. But it seems that overhaul isn’t exclusive to the back-end, as Ben Affleck is “highly unlikely” to reprise as Gotham’s Dark Knight for The Batman.

Justice League: Concept Art For Batman's Tactical Suit Emerges From The Shadows 1 of
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Rumour: Warner Bros. planning a Legion of Doom story arc across multiple DC films

The post-credits scene of last month’s Justice League appeared to set up the Injustice League as potential villains for the DC superhero team, as Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor proposed an alliance with Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke.

While the Injustice League is well known to comic book fans as the villainous counterpart to the Justice League, older DC fans may be more familiar with the Legion of Doom – the group of supervillains who originated in the 70s animated series Challenge of the Super Friends. And, if a rumour from El Fanboy is to be believed, Warner’s new focus for the Dceu is to build the Legion of Doom throughout its slate of upcoming releases.

The outlet claims that Warner Bros. is looking to tease the formation of the Legion of Doom over several movies, with a source suggesting that: “They’re working on something cool for Sdcc [San Diego Comic Con] 18, related to Lod.
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More rumours of troubles in the Dceu, Avengers: Infinity War trailer makes Kevin Smith cry and more – Daily News Roundup

Issues In Warner Bros Affected Justice League

With all of the production issues Justice League clearly had, many fans have wondered why Warner Bros. didn’t just delay the movie and wait until it was right. Well according to a new report from The Wrap – so do take this with a pinch of salt – Warner Bros. executives needed to get the film out in order to get their bonuses for the year. WB president Toby Emmerich and CEO Kevin Tsujihara “wanted to preserve their bonuses they would be paid before the merger [with At&T],” and were concerned that “if they pushed the movie, then their bonuses would have been pushed to the following year and they might not still be at the studio.” Hmm. Read more here.

Iris West Recast

Someone missing from Justice League was Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons, who was set to reprise that role in Flashpoint. While
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Rumour: Warner Bros. was reportedly going to recast Iris West for Flashpoint

Last summer, back when Rick Famuyiwa remained attached to direct, it was announced that Dope actress Kiersey Clemons had been cast as Iris West alongside Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in Warner Bros.’ The Flash movie, with Clemons subsequently confirmed to cameo as the character in Justice League.

Well, Clemons’ role was ultimately cut from the DC blockbuster, although it did leak online a few weeks back – and according to a VFX artist who worked on the film – the fact the clip leaked may have saved the actresses job as Warner Bros. was reportedly looking to recast the role for Flashpoint.

“We were replacing Clemons with a digital woman in the shot – Clemons was brought on because of Famuyiwa, when he bailed, it meant WB could recast her,” said the unnamed source on Reddit. “That’s around the time the shot was cut. Now it’s been leaked online with her in it,
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Justice League Name-Dropped Another Major DC Character And You Probably Missed It

Say what you will about Zack Snyder’s directing style – or Joss Whedon’s, for that matter – but he sure knows a thing or two about lining the fabric of each feature film, be it Watchmen or Man of Steel or the recently-released Justice League, with scores of cute Easter eggs to uncover.

And that’s exactly what we here at Wgtc did soon after Justice League‘s arrival on November 17th, when our own Christian Bone compiled a list of subtle references that you may have missed. But it turns out that there’s another DC-related Easter egg hidden away in one of the videos pulled from S.T.A.R. Labs. First spotted by the eagle eyes of Reddit, this moment of fan service comes right around the time when Bruce Wayne and Alfred are combing through the archives in their search for Silas Stone, the estranged father
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Warner Bros. Wants To Recast Iris West For Flashpoint, But Can They?

Right now the Dceu is in a state of flux. If everything had gone to plan, Justice League would have been the critical and commercial equal to Marvel’s Avengers and kicked off a hotly anticipated phase of DC characters solo movies. With the film a bit of a disaster, however, things are up in the air for Warner Bros. And their problems couldn’t be better illustrated than the current fix they’re in regarding who will play Iris West in Flashpoint.

Previously cast was Kiersey Clemons by director Rick Famuyiwa, and West was set to make her debut in Justice League before a full appearance in the Flash solo film. Unfortunately, the character ended up a victim of the editing scissors and never made it to the final cut of Justice League. Not only that, but Famuyiwa is off the project due to creative differences. So, given that
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Justice League's growing fallout: moustaches, edits and more

Ryan Lambie Nov 28, 2017

It’s been a bumpy few days for Justice League, as its release is joined by news of hurried VFX and more...

Nb: The following contains spoilers for Justice League and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

See related Lobotomising Schwarzenegger: Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall

If the opening shot of Justice League wrong-footed you, then rest assured: it wasn’t only regular audiences who were left startled by Superman’s uncanny valley face. A brief scene designed to reintroduce a gentler, kinder First Son of Krypton, the superhero epic’s opening instead sparked widespread discussions about Henry Cavill’s top lip.

As was commonly reported before Justice League’s release, the cast of DC-Warner’s movie were recalled for extensive reshoots during post-production, during which time Cavill had already signed up for a role in Mission: Impossible 6 - a part that required him to grow a moustache.
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Where does Warner Bros. go next with its DC properties after Justice League?

Gary Collinson on Warner Bros. and its handling of its DC properties…

Before we get into this article, I want to point out that I am a fan of the DC Extended Universe, and I have always wanted to see it succeed. In my opinion, the Dceu has given us one very good movie (Man of Steel), three decent movies (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and Justice League), and one god awful movie (Suicide Squad). I’ve been very impressed with the portrayals of the heroes so far (even Cyborg managed to win me over!), and while Justice League was far from perfect, it left me wanting to see more of all of these characters. So please, hardcore DC fans, don’t bash me as a hater. I’ve been a DC fan all of my life. Moreso than I have been Marvel. But you cannot ignore
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Shazam! Director Hasn't Been Fired, Jokingly Shuts Down Reddit Rumors

Shazam! Director Hasn't Been Fired, Jokingly Shuts Down Reddit Rumors
Warner Bros.' Shazam! director David F. Sandberg took to social media over the weekend to respond to the wild rumors that Warner Bros. and DC have decided to fire him. In all fairness, nobody really seems to know what's going on within the Dceu, including the actors, so the rumor really isn't all that far-fetched, but the way that it is presented is pretty hilarious and Sandberg definitely saw the humor in the Reddit post that announced that he had been sacked. David F. Sandberg took to Twitter to highlight the latest bit of Dceu news from Reddit and share it to his followers.

Reddit is a place where anybody can pretty much anonymously say whatever they please without much consequence, a far cry from 4chan, but it can still get pretty silly and toxic at times. On the opposite side of the coin, many good leaks have come from Reddit,
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The Week in Spandex – Justice League, Flashpoint, Batgirl, Arrowverse Crossover, Avengers: Infinity War, The Punisher, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and more

In this edition of The Week in Spandex, we look at Justice League, Aquaman, Flashpoint, Shazam, The Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Gotham, Watchmen, Harley Quinn, Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Punisher, Luke Cage, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Runaways, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Gambit, Doctor Doom, The Gifted, Venom and more…

Apologies folks. Due to the Vuelio Blog Awards (we didn’t win), copious amounts of alcohol and a lack of sleep, it’s an abridged version of The Week in Spandex this week. Normal service will be resumed next weekend…

DC Extended Universe

Justice League

Movie ReviewJustice League

Justice League suffers lowest opening weekend box office of the DC Extended Universe

Coco takes down Justice League with $70 million box office opening

Warner Bros. could lose up to $100 million
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