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Rome 1943. ANGELA is an attractive, unwed mother who lives in a working class neighborhood of Rome. We are in the middle of the Second World War. Alone and considered a "disgrace," Angela is an easy target for gossip and backbiting. Hardened by life, she has learned to fend for herself and for her young "illegitimate" boy. Forced by necessity to ignore certain scruples and seek profit from the tragic events around her, she works on the black market for quick cash. But History, the one with a capital "H" throws her for a loop. It is October 16, 1943, the fateful day of the German purge upon Rome's Jewish Ghetto. Angela is informed of the round-up by Signor Brescia, an old jeweler who asks her to hide his son Davide in her home in exchange for a kilo of gold. Though full of misgivings, Angela accepts the trade-off and hosts the young Jew in the secret storeroom where she keeps her black market supplies. The beginning of their relationship is turbulent to say the least. Davide despises ...

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