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poo051200322 June 2005
I'm 15 and since were out of school i have to watch toddler shows. The backyardigans is a kid show, but i like it. I thinks the songs and dance are the best. I love the theme song!

For anyone out there trying to get their kids to learn something. Watch this show. They use the imagination to go places and that is great!

I never used mine growing up, and that i regret. I always took everything seriously. But the Backyardigans are enough to pay back 15 yrs old seriousness!

I'd recommend this show to anyone growing up. A relief from Dora & Blues Clues. YOu know, the "typicals"
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Fantastic mini musicals for children
Phil15 January 2005
5 computer animated animal characters go on musical adventures in their backyards. Each episode has a theme, such as the kids being pirates, vikings, jungle explorers, and arctic adventurers. Usually it is 4 of the 5 main characters, and each episode ends with the imaginary setting morphing back into the backyard with the kids retiring to one's home for juice and a snack.

What sets this show above most is the remarkable musical and singing component. These kids can sing (especially tasha). Each episode varies in creativity, but the music and singing are consistently first rate. The shows are essentially 25 minute mini -musicals and the musical themes are fun, like the 50's, swing, jazz, and pop.

Parents with preschoolers who have had their fill of the same old purple stuff will find this dramatically refreshing. It is always a plus when a children's program is equally enjoyable by adults.

I hope they keep producing these for a long while.
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A must-watch for anyone interested on what preschool TV should be
Tubular_Bell13 December 2005
And here's more proof that you don't need to make shows dumb, repetitive and grating just because they are for young kids. The Backyardigans is one of the biggest landmarks in terms of entertainment for children, and not for just a few reasons. Basically every aspect of the show is well thought-out and well executed to the point that you can think of it just as a sum of its parts: music, characters, writing, animation and everything else form a much bigger whole that's bound to captivate you and entertain you and your kids without trying to hypnotise you with repetition.

What gets my attention right away in the series is the characters. And not because they're cute, have fun voices or anything: unlike in many shows, the characters are neither designed according to stereotypes, nor designed to be "loved". The characters are like most normal kids, with their flaws and strengths. Each character reveals a world of complexity when you look closer at him, but yet, you're able to sit back and just enjoy the roles he takes in the many stories the five friends make up. But it's that mixture of simplicity and complexity that makes the whole thing work: the characters are just kids, and nothing more. Some more impatient watchers might get annoyed at Tasha's attitude and temper, at times, but who never had a friend who acted like her, at times? If Pablo, Uniqua, Austin and Tyrone are able to be her friends even when she acts moody and bossy, the watchers certainly should be able to forgive her occasional misbehaviour.

The very basic premise of the show isn't innovative: it stimulates imagination. But it does so by showing the five friends' wonderful adventures (they've got the whole wide world in their yard to explore!) as what they are: child's play. The writing in the series is fantastic, revealing intelligent stories with unique twists, like the "Snow Fort" episode and the misunderstanding at the end, or the clever set-up of "Riding The Range". Sometimes the stories are simple, but still rich, warm and deliciously entertaining, and it invites children (and adults!) into the kids' fertile minds and shows that, when you're a kid, everything is possible. What's also noteworthy is the subtle jokes and lines the writers drop, like recurring comments like "You can say that again!" (which is, sometimes, interpreted literally) or Tyrone's strategic, hilarious "That certainly is convenient" when something looks slightly contrived. That's only helped by the actors' fantastic job, and also because they are all actual children. Those brilliant child actors can give a special flavour to the show that adult actors just can't give, no matter how good they are. And a show like The Backyardigans greatly benefits from that.

Last, but not least, the show features some of the most stunningly brilliant music ever seen on children's shows. As you might have seen already, The Backyardigans is a musical, but the musical acts are so spontaneous, colourful and brilliant, you'll hardly notice it. There are four new songs per episode, one of them always being a parody of a well-known song. But the biggest feature, in my opinion, is that each episode features a different musical genre, such as Argentinean Tango, Reggae, Big Band, Hip Hop, Disco, Gilbert & Sullivan, Bossa Nova and Rock 'n' Roll. And we're talking about professional, catchy and gorgeous music here - and even the most demanding musical geeks shall be surprised by the music presented here.

The animation is superb, easy-on-the-eyes and captivating, keeping that "cartoony" spirit to it, and still presenting gorgeous and palpable landscapes to the viewers. But if I start talking to deep into aspects like animation, I'd go on and on about a huge number of other things. Suffice to say, this is absolutely safe, but still clever, stimulating, humane and unforgettable stuff for everyone. If you're feeling particularly tired of malicious, dumbed-down entertainment that takes you for granted, The Backyardigans is bound to be the ideal alternative. And be sure to grab the songs, too: they've got a CD released, with some of their best tunes. They're going to grow on you before you realise it.
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A Delight
Roedy Green8 November 2006
This show is an absolute delight. I wish they had TV like this when I was a pre-schooler.

The format is simple. Five young animals playing in their backyard start to imagine some adventure. The landscape morphs to match their fantasy world. The characters alternately explore and take time out for a little song and dance. The music is quite unlike typical shrill children's music. It is can range from baroque to doo wap. The child actors do an exceptionally good, but clearly child-like job, of the harmonies and counterpoint. They do a simple little dance. It invites participation. The lyrics are great fun, with strained rhymes. The original, clever, simple and upbeat music is what makes the show.

The 3D computer animation is smooth, sharp and clear with rich juicy colours. Real children play the characters, with plausible pleasant voices, not the silly squeaking usually used to entertain children.

The characters are invariably polite and kind to each other. Each adventure has a subtle morality tale. The story does not beat the kids over the head with moralising.

I confess. I am 58 years old, and I love this show. I feel silly watching a show for preschoolers, but it puts such a smile on my face, I tell myself "What the heck."
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Great show for preschoolers.
Adriana Lewis18 January 2005
My daughter (3 years old) absolutely loves this show. It immediately replaced the old standbys (-dora, blues clues ex) as her favorite show. She loves to get up and try to copy the kids dancing during the songs. It really gets her up and moving. After watching the 'pirate treasure' episode she spent a week pretending she was a pirate! This show knows how to get a child's imagination working!

This is a fun, educational, creative and very entertaining show. It really knows how to captivate an audience.

The show is entertaining for me too. The songs are great, real musical quality. As a parent, I appreciate a show like this. One that my daughter can enjoy and doesn't drive me crazy!
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The greatest of the new cartoons...
raindropdaisy10 July 2005
My three-year-old niece absolutely LOVES The Backyardigans... and so do I!! It stars 5 adorable animal friends: Uniqua, a spunky bug of some sort; Austin, a shy kangaroo; Tyrone, a laid-back moose; Pablo, a nervous penguin; and Tasha, a feisty hippopotamus. Their adventures take them anywhere from a haunted house to the heart of the jungle.

Children learn the value of imagination, creativity, and music throughout each episode, which has a different theme, both musically and plot-based. From reggae to jazz, children sample music from all genres, and let me just say that the tunes are REALLY catchy.

If you've got a child in your life, be it yours or someone else's, introduce them to this show. Chances are, you'll like it too. :o)
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Really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh1 August 2006
Wow! This is a really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show. I said that because I watch this on Nickelodeon and Noggin with my 1½-year-old nephew from time to time. It's hard to say which show on Nickelodeon and Noggin is the best. If I had to pick, this would definitely be one of the cutest. Still it's really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that the people at Nickelodeon and Noggin really know how to reach a toddler's developing mind. Now, in conclusion, if you have children, nieces, or nephews, I strongly recommend this really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show. I guarantee you that they will enjoy it.
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Great show
smudgecat7317 May 2005
This is a great show for preschoolers and young children. My daughter (4) loves it. She gets up and dances along with the characters every day! There is music, imagination and action in every episode. The animation is pretty neat; very colorful and the adventures the characters have are just like any that my daughter (or I at her age) would have. There is one in a jungle and another on a pirate ship. I love how the characters are all different but share similar characteristics. It shows children how other children can be very different but you are all the same inside. The dancing is fun too. The characters show different dance moves and how to build on them until you are doing a disco move or a shag move, etc. All around a very good show!
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We love singing Tasha!!!
ginababy040320 May 2005
WE love the Backyardigans! It is such a cute show with all the singing and dancing and education all in one, what a great idea. And the animation is the best, the colors are so bold and really keep your child's attention. My child's favorite in the show is Tasha! I have a 2 year old and my friend has a 2 year old as well and we were watching the show together and every time Tasha sang our two toddlers got up and danced like no one was watching! I think that is such a wonderful thing! Keep it coming and whoever sings for Tasha, keep her coming! What a great voice!!! Sincerely, Gina Carmen---We love you singing Tasha!! Your the best!!! Oh, the kids that had me send this are Brandon, Nicholas, Jackson, Mason and Jake
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Don't know why CBS took this off Saturdays
S.R. Dipaling13 June 2008
I caught this as a part of CBS' Saturday morning line-up while staying with a client where I am a staff member. I watched this for about a year and it,along with "Kenny the Shark",were two of my favorite shows on the slate. A simple show about five friends who gather at any of their backyards(hence the title)to embark on an adventure of their imaginations(Pirate ship on the high seas,space exploration,jungle safari,deep sea diving come to mind),it was replete with simple but curious and bright dialog and musical numbers that was astutely child-like and yet fun.

A neat little show that could probably appeal to kids over the age of five(unlike,say,the repetitively educational "Dora the Explorer"),I'm not exactly sure why CBS returned this to exclusive property of Noggin a bout a year or so ago,but I suppose they have their reasons. Worth a catch wherever you can find it,though you might feel better watching it with kids or,at the very least,the kid-like.
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