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15 Jan. 2009
Garbage Trek
Captain Tasha and crew members Uniqua and Austin are off to gather garbage were no man has gone before.
Ranch Hands from Outer Space
Tasha is a rancher who wishes she had ranch hands to help with the mountain of work she has to do on her ranch.
Robin Hood the Clean
It's the annual Festival of Dirt in the village of Filthingham where Mayor Austin Stinkypants reigns supreme.
Escape from Fairytale Village
Tyrone gets a job as a paperboy in Fairytale Village, but several misunderstandings lead him to believe that the village's residents want to eat him.
The Two Musketeers
Pablo and Tyrone are The Two (and only) Musketeers. So when a stranger approaches them in the French countryside asking if she can be a Musketeer, they simply cannot accommodate her.
25 Oct. 2009
The Funnyman Boogeyman
Austin might look like the scariest boogeyman around but he's actually the funniest. All he needs now is an audience. When two spooky hunters (Uniqua and Pablo) stop by, will he get the ovation he's been waiting for?
27 Dec. 2009
The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve
It's Christmas Eve and Santa's Magic Sack is missing. This sounds like a job for Santa's Action Elves! Tasha, Uniqua, and Pablo are the stealthiest elves around. Are they crafty enough to get past the Abominable Brothers?

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