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18 Jan. 2008
News Flash
Tyrone and Pablo are proud corn farmers who must convince anchors Tasha and Uniqua that corn, and its astonishing attributes, is breaking news.
16 Jan. 2008
Catch That Butterfly
Bug expert Pablo is determined to find the rare, gilded butterfly. When he spots what he thinks might be it in the backyard, he follows it to its natural habitat, the Old West of course.
17 Jan. 2008
A Giant Problem
Big friendly giant, Tasha, is new to the kingdom and wants friends to play with. However, Queen Uniqua simply cannot tolerate giants, especially when she's trying to take a beauty nap.
4 Apr. 2008
Who Goes There?
When rookie security guard Tyrone is left in charge of watching the art museum at night, he discovers that the art pieces - played by Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin - come alive at night.
11 Apr. 2008
Blazing Paddles
Uniqua is the sheriff who keeps her small western town safe for ping-pong. When Ping Pong Bandit Pablo comes to town, his deadly ping-pong moves allow him to beat everybody in town and even drive Sherriff Uniqua out.
1 Feb. 2008
Fly Girl
Pilot Uniqua delivers singing telegrams to cheer up people. Unfortunately, she makes a mess wherever she arrives, what annoys the addressees of the telegrams.
12 May 2008
What's Bugging You?
Pest controllers Uniqua and Tyrone are hired to rid Lady Tasha's house of a Worman before Mr. Spiffy arrives to inspect her house. However, the pest controllers inadvertently attract more Wormans in the process.
6 Jun. 2008
Chichen-Itza Pizza
Mayan pizza delivery girls agree to deliver a pizza pie to King Tyrone far across the treacherous, steaming jungle. Can they get themselves past the mysterious pyramids of earth, water, and wind and deliver a fresh hot pizza?
7 Mar. 2008
To the Center of the Earth
Tyrone has lost his lucky penny in the sandbox. When he can?t find it inventors Uniqua and Pablo are convinced it must be in The Center of The Earth. Will Tyrone retrieve his lucky penny? Is it in the Center of the Earth?
14 Jan. 2008
Front Page News
Tasha is a photographer and a superhero named Snap. She really wants a front-page photo for The Bigopolis Big News, Pablo's newspaper located in the city of Bigopolis, where there?s always a big story.
14 Jan. 2008
Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1
Uniqua and Tyrone are royal knights who are protecting King Pablo's egg. The two find their job boring until the egg rolls out of the king's castle.
14 Jan. 2008
Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2
Knights Uniqua and Tyrone follow King Pablo's egg to the top of Dragon Mountain.
18 Apr. 2008
Le Master of Disguise
Austin is a detective in search of the notorious Master of Disguise, Pablo, who can only be identified by his laugh. He follows the laugh onto the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul.
4 Aug. 2008
Match on Mt. Olympus
Meteorologist Tyrone and sportscaster Pablo operate out of a classic TV station in ancient Greece. Tyrone forecasts a sunny day, which Pablo points out is a great day to play basketball when suddenly it starts to rain.
11 Jul. 2008
The Great Dolphin Race
Tyrone is the greatest dolphin racer in the underwater city of Atlantis. Uniqua is his stable girl who wants nothing more than to be a dolphin racer herself.
Caveman's Best Friend
Austin loses his pet dinosaur, Boy, resulting in a prehistoric high-speed chase.
9 Jun. 2008
Pirate Camp
Uniqua and Pablo go to Camp Walk-a-Planka to learn to be pirates.
1 Jul. 2008
The Masked Retriever
Uniqua is a librarian by day, who with her horse Toronado avenges un-returned library books. When Tasha wants to take a book out and can?t because Don Austin hasn?t returned it Uniqua makes it her mission to get it back.

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