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14 Feb. 2007
Special Delivery
Tasha, Pablo, and Uniqua are tough leather wearing hog riding bikers who are good to the bone. When a mailman (Tyrone) loses his mailbag it's a zany chase through the desert as our good-deed bikers try to return the bag.
19 Mar. 2007
Horsing Around
Pablo, the world's fastest jockey, and Uniqua, the world's best rodeo stunt rider, embark on a race through the Kentucky countryside to find out who's the best horse rider this side of the Mississippi!
20 Mar. 2007
Movers of Arabia
Movers Uniqua and Pablo are hired by the new Sultan of Arabia, to safely move his magical treasures from a cave in the desert to his new royal palace. Can they complete the job without using all of the genie's three wishes?
21 Mar. 2007
Cops and Robots
It's a robotic chase through space, as "The Bad Bots," Tasha and Pablo, travel to the Floating Robot Factory to reprogram all the world's robots from good to bad. Can they make it before cops Uniqua and Tyrone catch them?
22 Mar. 2007
Save the Day
Tasha is the world's most determined fisher-lady who is oblivious to the dangers of the sea. And despite being saved time and again by diligent Harbor Patrollers, from things like sharks and a sinking boat she insists to fish!
31 Mar. 2007
Sinbad Sails Alone
Tyrone is Sinbad the sailor who, together with his inexperienced first mate, Pablo, venture out to sail to the end of the rainbow. Will they be able to make it past a dangerously melodious Siren and a Medusa?
27 Jun. 2007
Into the Deep
Deep-sea explorers Tyrone and Pablo, with their incredible submarine, plunge to the deepest part of the ocean to discover the rare mermaid. Meanwhile, the mermaids will do anything to protect their mermaid garden from intruders.
17 Sep. 2007
International Super Spy
Pablo is a super spy, working for T, Tasha who is trying to keep 3 important containers away from the mysterious lady in pink, Uniqua and his mate, Tyrone. Austin helps him in disguise
20 Sep. 2007
Best Clowns in Town
Pablo, Uniqua, and Austin are clowns who desperately want to be in the circus. Excitedly auditioning for the ringmaster, Tyrone, they miss the train that's moving his circus to the next town.

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