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Pleasant Surprise

Author: addictedtosierramist from Canada
11 June 2006

This was one of those shows that I was less enthusiastic about watching. I have two little siblings and they both convinced me to watch it and I was like "What the heck, it can't kill me, right?" Well, it definitely exceeded my expectations. It's witty, smart, and definitely something new. One of the best shows on Canadian television since the awesomely awesome Degrassi. I watch it everyday at 7 P.M and I'll never get bored. These teens are people that most 16 year olds could certainly relate to, they have good lessons, with a funny twist. Jude by far is my favourite character, he's laid back and just doesn't care what the the world thinks.

Two thumbs WAAAAAAAAAAY up for a pleasant surprise.


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6teen: the ideal Saturday morning waste of time

Author: Shades K (a_kilpatrick) from Earth, Universe
11 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not saying that you shouldn't watch the show, It's one of my favorite shows on teletoon, and In the morning if I'm just lying there, and hear the theme start up on the TV ill race to the living room and sit there for the half an hour and not move until it's over. It's hilarious, but very very naïve. I mean, Jude, who is by far my favorite character, is the stereotypical lazy, lethargic skateboarder, Caitlin: the ditzy blonde, Jen the athlete, Nikki the rebel, Wyatt the..... umm, well he's Wyatt. and Jonesy, the creep that hits on every cute girl he sees at the mall and cant hold down a job to save his life. I never even thought that I could stand to watch a show like that, but I watched it once and I got hooked, so I guess that I should really learn to not judge a book by it's cover.

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Glad this show is on

Author: from Canada
19 August 2006

My kids started watching this show a year ago and they really liked it. I happened to be nearby one day and started watching it with them. It is a really great show for kids. It is funny and entertaining but it also has a lot of life lessons in it. How to treat your friends, how to stand up for your friends and how to stand up against them if you think they need it. How to decide what you should do in future situations (my kids are younger than the kids on the show). I think it is terrific and am glad it is a Canadian show. We need more shows for kids that aren't all noise and screaming and flash. I would recommend this show to just about anyone. My friends have kids that watch this show as well and they all really like it including the mothers.

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I think this show is awesome

Author: ccseven95 from United States
18 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

6teen is definitely my favorite show! I used to watch it on Turbo Nick, and now I AM HOOKED!!!! Jude is definitely my favorite character because he is just unaware of everything. Like the time Jonesy was trying to teach Jude how to kiss a girl, and Jonesy was demonstrating the signs, and Jude kissed him, Jonesy: Don't you now to only kiss a chick?!! Also when he told Nikki that he would keep her parents away from her. Jude to Nikki's Parents: Uhhum, FIRE!!!! FIRE!!!! AVACUATE THE MALL!!!! DON'T JUST STAND THERE!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!! If Jude wasn't there then Nikki would be my favorite character because the only other boys are kinda dorks, and Nikki just hates everyone so she is my 2nd favorite character. Altogether this is a great show, I bet you would like it if you watched it. Also I recommend the TV shows: Naruto, One Piece, and my favorite in comedy Bobobo Bo Bo Bobo. All these shows are in a row on Cartoon Network in the order I gave them in from 9pm - 10:30pm on Saturday.

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Surprisingly Great

Author: bsilver87 from Canada
3 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As most people, I first thought that this show was lame, but I never really watched it. I came across this show when one day I realized that another show I loved got cancelled, and I was surprised. This show is just plain funny. The characters all fit in so well, even though they're all different! Plus it's great to watch Jonesy's adventures in the mall. Another thing to point out, is that this all happens in a mall. The people behind 6teen are very creative if you think about it. Plus, the animation rocks!

Basically, the story is about 6 teenagers and the problems they face. There are a ton of great supporting characters also, such as Serina, Coach Halder, The Clones, Tricia, Starr aka Nebula, and a few other characters.

Plain and simple, 6teen is totally worth watching. American viewers may not like it though, but take it or leave it, it's a Canadian show, production budgets are way less, but it is nothing less than any American cartoon.

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A G-rated program appropriate for all ages

Author: Sabrina Cook from Canada
27 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

6teen showcases the adventures and mishaps of the world of 6 sixteen year old teenagers, set in one gigantic mall. Diverse episodes feature relationship woes, job worries and the ever important arcade hall of fame title. The characters' personalities differ respectfully, so you never feel cheated and the content is always fresh and entertaining.

6teen is a show appropriate for kids old enough as, yes, sixteen, and even older. The program features humor for all ages: small funnies and spills for children as well as inside jokes and more mature content for older audiences. What is really appealing about this cartoon is the fact that it takes its rating to the limit. From skateboard tricks gone awry to fart jokes, to two hot girls thinking Jonesy and Wyatt are gay, and Jude reading Nikki's assistant manager pin as "ass man", everyone can appreciate this television show's offering of hilarious content.

6teen is a well rounded program, well thought out and written. You can truly believe that these animated teenagers are real people with real personalities, and, most of all, real problems. The best thing about watching 6teen is getting funny lines you can use in real life, and watching a character's embarrassing situation unfold and saying, "Haha, I've done that!"

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Great humor, good Canadian show

Author: saucygurl from Alberta, Canada
25 January 2007

I love this show! I didn't start watching it until last year (2006), but my kids and I love to catch it when it's on. It isn't meant for young audiences, that's true, hence the title '6TEEN'. One of the fun elements of the show is that it's Canadian, which is a nice change, and the different personalities of the characters is a good mix. The teens in this show are pretty close friends, guys and girls, which didn't happen when I was in high school. The dating thing always got in the way. I think the way some of the teen girls talk they've hit right on the money, though. I've stood behind girls like that in the mall and it sounds exact. Overall, this show is a good, fun way to spend a half hour of your day.

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Perhaps one of the best cartoon shows around!!

Author: keith-mills-3 from Canada
3 December 2007

Witty, smart, an all around great show, with substance. The fact that it is ALSO Canadian, only adds to it's +'s.

I'm over 30, and find watching this show with my children, enjoyable, and a complete riot. The character development is intricate, and the relationships perhaps the funniest aspect of the group.

The bonds, and incidents that this group of "kids" have formed, reminds me of my youth. Interestingly the dilemmas faced today are no different than the ones we faced 20 years ago... LOL

KEEP up the GREAT WORK!!! PS: I also catch some of the actors on Total Drama Island!!! Nice job there as well!!!

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Good Humour

Author: C. T. from Canada
5 April 2006

This show also turned out better than I thought. At first, I questioned the time the six friends (Jonesy, Nikki, Jude, Wyatt, Jen, & Caitlin) spent at the mall. A little too much, if you ask me. In every single episode, 98% of the setting is at the mall.

But then again, this show still displays good humour without too many clichés, even surprising me, and I tend to look for clichés in new cartoons. The show is surprisingly funny.

However, some parts of the show can be inappropriate for younger children. I think that the G rating the show was given on Teletoon was too low.

In all, a very good show with plenty of humour, some romance, and surprise.

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Worth discovering

Author: Dave from Ottawa from Canada
7 February 2011

I find that I have little patience for most teen programming. Disney Channel 'sit-coms' like Hannah Montana are excruciating as comedy entertainment. Yet, 6teen is consistently funny without resorting to cheap sight gags and pratfalls all of the time and is cleverly observant of teen life with its insecurities and hangups. The characters are well individualized, if oddly mismatched, and the dynamic between each of them is explored and evolves as the show goes on and the characters pass through the usual teen rites of passage, such as dating and breaking up, getting a job and getting fired etc... Shallow, fashion-obsessed Caitlin wants to fit in, and clicks quickly with athletic and driven Jen, but dark non-conformist Nikki isn't looking for an 'insta-friend'. And sensitive Wyatt finds himself an odd man out among chauvinistic Jonesy and slacker Jude. Yet, the six teens are closer to one another than to anybody else in their lives and they wind up supporting and lending strength to each other as they dust themselves off after every new misadventure.

The character animation and action direction are a bit simplistic, but the show is driven primarily by its character interactions anyway and it thrives on its writing.

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