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8 Jan. 2006
Waiting to Ex-Sale
Caitlin and Jen spend the day in a line for the first ever once in a lifetime sale at Albatross & Finch?
15 Jan. 2006
The Hunted
When Nikki falls for Hunter, the hot, new Albatross & Finch greeter god on the block, Caitlin offers to run interference and get the goods on Hunter?
22 Jan. 2006
Lights Out
Jude is surprised to find out that his girlfriend, Star, has become a Goth overnight. She has a new set of Goth friends, wears all black clothes, and only wants to discuss dark and serious things?
29 Jan. 2006
A Ding from Down Under
Jude gets an unexpected call from a pay phone and the call is from a sweet woman from Australia. Alan Park is a guest voice in this episode.
5 Feb. 2006
The Wedding Destroyers
As the wedding between Jonesys Dad and Jens Mom approaches, its all too clear that the amalgamation of the two families is not going to be smooth sailing?
16 Feb. 2006
The Lords of Malltown
Wyatt's music - okay, his whole life has gotten a little dull lately. When Jonesy and Nikki both confirm that he's in a bit of a rut, Wyatt turns to extreme measures: he asks Jude to teach him how to skateboard. Jude teaches Wyatt some def moves and before long, Wyatt is doing ollies off the escalator. Meanwhile, Caitlin meets a totally cute guy at Spin This and he asks her out on a date - a double date. Caitlin agrees to bring Jen along without even checking with her. Because she's a good friend, Jen agrees to go, but her date, Carl, is a big goof who burps in her ...
19 Feb. 2006
Jonesy's Low Mojo
Nikki meets a great guy named Stone at the Grind Me coffee shop. He is nasty, sarcastic and negative - in other words, he's perfect for her! When Caitlin and Jen finally get wind of Nikki's new guy, they go boy-crazy, begging for details from Nikki and speculating about their future. In order to avoid all the boy-craziness, Nikki lies to Jen and Caitlin about her evening plans. Caitlin and Jen find out about it follow Nikki on a covert spy mission - just to make sure Nikki's okay. Meanwhile, Jonesy has been the reigning champion at the arcade for as long as the gang ...
26 Feb. 2006
Smarten Up
Caitlin lies about being in college to win the heart of a cute college boy, while Jude attempts to win a "Roll Up the Rim to Win"-style contest at Grind Me only to get a caffeine addiction.
5 Mar. 2006
Dirty Work
When Jude just cant seem to break up with his new clingy girlfriend of three dates, Rita, Jonesy offers to step in and do the dirty work for him?
6 Apr. 2006
Over Exposed
When Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked and cant get the image out of his head, Jen considers going into hiding?
10 Apr. 2006
A Crime of Fashion
An innocent trip to Albatross and Finch goes horribly wrong when Caitlin falls in love with a pricey beaded halter top - and gossips to Jen about Tricia in the change rooms. Unaware that Tricia is in the next stall over, Caitlin falls prey to her frienemy's plan for retaliation - when Tricia plants the aforementioned halter in Caitlin's shopping bag! A mortified Caitlin is charged with shoplifting - banned from the store, and thrown in the mall security holding tank.
20 Apr. 2006
Spring Fling
When Nikki cant compete for attention against annoying Spring Dance queen whoopla, she decides to enter the dance queen contest herself so she has a platform for her cause?
27 Apr. 2006
Girlie Boys
What starts out as quick trip to the spa with Caitlin to rid Jonesy of a pesky unibrow soon leads to a full spa package of Swedish massage, seaweed wrap and full body exfoliation for Jonesy!...
1 Dec. 2006
Snow Job
It's three days before one of the biggest dances of the winter, and a humongous overnight snowfall means one thing - SNOW DAY! To Ron's horror, every teen in town immediately heads to one place - The Mall. Jude and Jonesy immediately wreck havoc with their wild stunts and get Ron-the-Rentacop on their bad side. Jonesy proceeds to get fired - again - but Jude's day off leads him to the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to drive the ice rink's zamboni. Unfortunately he drives it right through The Penalty Box and is banned from the mall - forever

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