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Angle vs Michaels Saved The Show.

Author: BunkhouseTito from Los Angeles, California
5 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WrestleMania, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California was a pretty good show but did not live up to it's tremendous hype. Some matches were pretty bad while others were surprisingly good along with one Match Of The Year candidate. Usually, WrestleMania not only features matches that are built up and you want to see, but also surprise appearances and celebrity guests. This one featured very little extras or surprises, although Hulk Hogan was involved in a nice little spot on the show with Muhammad Hassan and Daivari.

Match Reviews. I'll keep them pretty short so I can fit them all on here.

TAG CHAMPION VS TAG CHAMPION Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero This match, although very good, was highly disappointing. They seemed a little nervous, which is surprising because of the fact that Eddie was in the co-main event last year and came through with flying colors. Some good spots and some great moves from Rey looked good, but did not compare to their Halloween Havoc '97 match. Rey Mysterio wins by pin.

MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH Edge vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kane vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Christian This was a pretty good match. Insane moves were sprinkled through the match but due to the over abundance of wrestlers involved in this match, this led to a lot of over selling, especially by the monster, Kane. Overall, an entertaining match. Edge wins by grabbing the briefcase.

LEGEND VS LEGEND KILLER Undertaker vs Randy Orton This match was much better than expected. Surprising, Undertaker can still put on a decent match. After some interference from Bob Orton Jr., who was recently inducted into the Hall Of Fame, Undertaker came back to keep his Wrestlemania streak intact at 13-0.

WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Trish Stratus (C) vs Christy Hemme Pretty bad, even for the girls. Mostly due to Christy's inexperience I'm sure but I still enjoyed it. Stratus wins by pin.

INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels This was the match that saved the show. It went about 25 minutes and it told a great story. All of their finishing moves were used and ended up stealing the show. The only thing that compares was the Piper's Pit with Steve Austin. Austin wins by submission.

SUMO MATCH Akebono vs The Big Show Another horrible match which was all gimmick and hardly any entertainment. Basically, the same sumo matches Yokozuna used to do. Akebono wins to keep Big Show's WrestleMania streak intact at 0-6.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP John Cena vs JBL (C) Pretty basic match. The crowd was not really into this one. I think everyone knew who was winning and were just waiting for Cena to pin JBL. Big pop for Cena afterward. It was pretty cool seeing Cena win his first World Title.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Batista vs Triple H (C) This was kept pretty short for the main event. Triple H carried Batista pretty well. Not much special here except for seeing Batista win his first World Title. Big pop for Batista afterward as well as he soaked up the cheers afterward.

A show with this kind of hype pumped into it has little chance of living up to it. It was decent, but as I mentioned before, the only thing that I considered "WrestleMania worthy" was Angle vs Michaels and Piper's Pit. I give the show 7/10.

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Wrestlemania 21=Best Ever ???

Author: Brett Braud ( from United States
11 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Holy crap was this PPV Great ! Awesome to watch live and it came out great on DVD.

Match 1:Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Not as great a match as there Halloween Havoc 1997 encounter which is probably one of the greatest matches I've ever seen.Yet this match is a good match to open the show.7/10.

Backstage,lame promo thingy where Triple H runs into JBL and drinks from an obviously empty cup.

Match 2:Edge vs Christian vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kane OMG ! Shelton Benjamin is great.This match is great.Ladder matches usually are great,but this one blew all those others out of the water.A most own and a must watch !10/10 Eugene enters and talks about midgets at Wrestlemania 3.Hassan and Divari attack and beat him up until Hulk Hogan enters and makes the save.Great nostalgia moment.

Match 3:Undertaker vs. Randy Orton If it wasn't for the ladder match and the Angle-HBK match,this would have been match of the night.Was just played out perfectly.Taker glided to the ring,which gave me goosebumps.Cowboy Bob Orton got involved and brought the cast out of mothballs for the one night.Great match that just worked.8/10 Match 4:Trish vs Christy Worst match of the night.All I'm gonna say.3/10 Match 5:Angle vs HBK Match of the night,year,decade,and century.Everything just flowed and was pulled off right.What else can be said.This match kicked butt.10/10 Piper's Pit was good in the involvement of Carlito.I love that character and this fit right into the show.

Match 6:Big Show vs Akebono in a Sumo Match If Big Show had of won,it'd of sucked.Since Akebono won,I'll be generous to this match.5/10 Match 7:John Cena vs JBL Cena is getting to much crap for this match.Everyone blames this match on him,but he did absolutely nothing wrong.The only reason this match is getting any flack is the fact that the crowd just wasn't hot for it.Could've been better,but I enjoyed it.8/10 If you wanna talk about a waste of time,the Hall of Fame ceremony thing was just that.Too much honoring the Hall of Famers.

Match 8:Triple H vs Batista Let's get the record straight,Batista is the one who carried Triple H through this match.Great match and a great ending to a great show.9/10 Overall,I give Wrestlemania 21 a rating of 8/10

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Very well done PPV

Author: goforthesilvergophers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
14 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well well well. Its that time of year again! WRESTLEMANIA!!! I for one thought it was great. Here is my review.

Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero. Great opener. Eddie really surprised me in this one by (in my opinion) out preforming Rey. Lots of risky moves and dives made this one quite memorable. Could have been longer though. 8/10.

Money in the bank ladder match. One thing I have to say is that its about friggin time we had a multiple man ladder match. This match was so good that I dare say that you could compare it to the ladder matches of 2000 and 2001. Simply perfect. 10/10.

Taker vs Orton. Not as bad as you'd think. Very fast paced (yes you hear that right) and lots of cool looking stuff (Takers freaky looking old school and of course the chokeslam counter). I was surprised to see Orton lose. I thought the streak would end. 8/10.

Trish vs Christy. Get a pillow for this one folks. Its another womens championship match. Christy sucked big time in this match and the ending had no flair what so ever (are we really supposed to believe the chick kick is that devastating?). 2/10.

Angle vs HBK. Mr.Michales all is forgiven. Being from Calgary, I used to hate this guy. I slowly have grown to accept him and after this match I do 100%. HBK and Angle were at the top of their game here. During the begging of this match you will probably think, what the crap, this is going nowhere. But at the end, it was main-event quality. Match of the night definitely. 10/10

Sumo match. Seriously guys, did you really think this would be worth watching? Believe me, don't get curious like I did and actually watch this. They take like 10 mins to prepare for the match and it ends after 1 min. 1/10.

Cena vs JBL. OK guys, heres my theory. Take the rock vs hogan match from wrestlemania X8 and turn the volume on mute. Pretty boring eh? Exactly. The match could be Flair vs Steamboat and it could be boring if the crowd is dead. Same case here. Almost Wrestlemania quality, but still good. The one thing that surprised me was JBL carrying Cena for almost the entire match. 7/10

HHH vs Batista. Oh, what the crap! The crowd was dead for Cena vs JBL and they were live for this! Come on! This was not a bad match, but it definitely was not wrestlemania main-event quality. The last little bit was good but HHH was really slow through the entire match. This was okay but not great. 6/10.

The Hogan segment and pipers pit were great segments and both come to a 10 when it comes to segments.

All in all this ppv rules. It definitely made up for the No Way Out disaster. Good ppv. 8/10.

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Hollywood Ending

Author: BigSmoke64 from Somewhere
1 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now readers of Raw Magazine will now I copied that. It was truly are historic PPV and one of my favourite Mania's. It is probably the best one since WM17. Here is a breakdown Match by Match. Match One: Tag Champ vs. Tag Champ: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio: Both men made really good entrances. The match was lighting quick and if you blinked you would have missed something. Great opener. 9/10 Winner: Rey Mysterio after a 619 Match Two: Money In The Bank Ladder Match: This and the Michaels/Angle match were probably the best of the night. Amazing moves and as guest the young star Shelton Benjamin stole the show. Chris Benoit was so close to getting the case but then Edge hit his arm with a chair and he went to the floor clutching his shoulder/arm. Edge then claimed the Ladder and won. Winner: Edge, 10/10 Match Three: Legend vs. Legend Killer: Undertaker vs. Randy Orton: This was good for a UT match. I am a big UT fan but his moves are not original and its the same rountine every match. When WWE made this match one gimmick was going to be ruined. If UT won Randy Orton's legend killer gimmick would be ruined but if UT lost it would be the end of his WM streak. Taker won after Randy attempted a Tombstone but Taker reversed it and delivered his own Tombstone. Winner: Undertaker after a tombstone. 8.5/10 Wrestlemania Moment: Eugene was talking to the crowd when Muhammad Hassain and Khorsow Divari came out. Eugene got locked in the Camal Clutch but out comes...... Mr. Wrestlemania Hollywood Hulk Hogan. He beats up Hassain and Divari and does his pose just for old times sake. Match Four: Womens Championship Match: Champion Trish Stratus vs. Challenger Christy Hemme: Hemme did well for her first match. It's a shame however there are more talented wrestlers such as Jazz and Victoria who are now at mid-card status just because of Christy. Someone ponited out Trish is the Triple H of the Women's division. That is right. Winner: Trish by a Chick Kick, 7/10 Match Five: HBK vs. Kurt Angle: Wow! This was probably the greatest pure wrestling match of all time. No weapons just pure wrestling. Great performances from both men. Kurt Angle wins by an Ankle Lock. Winner: Kurt Angle Pipers Pit with Stone Cold: Piper welcomes Stone Cold with a slap. Austin returns and the the insults began. Next minute Carlito comes out with his apple talking about who's cool and who's not. Then Piper spits in Carlito's face and Carltio gets Stunnered and then Piper does. Match Six: Sumo Match: Akebono vs. The Big Show: Two fat men wearing thongs. Not my cup of tea. Time to go and get a coffee. Winner: Akebono, 2/10 Match Seven: WWE Championship: John Cena vs. JBL Champion: Short match for a Title Match. Good though I like some matches short and sweet. Well done to both men and JBL gave a good performance knowing that he was going to loose. Winner and new WWE Champion: John Cena. 8/10 Match Eight: Raw Championship Match: Triple H Champion vs. Batista Champion: What a match! Great performances by both men. Lots of bloodshed and a devasting Batista bomb for the win. Winner and new champion: Batista Great event I could watch it over and over again. A+

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Great WrestleMania!!!!!

Author: the_kiss_army_45 from Canada
1 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I absolutely loved this WrestleMania. Leading up to it I was not too sure if I would like it as much as I do now. Here is the results and my comments on the matches from WrestleMania 21! I'm not quite sure if they are in order or not.

1. Rey Mysterio Def. Eddie Guerrero; in a very entertaining match with two very talented entertaining wrestlers. (R.I.P. Eddie) 9/10 2. Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Edge Def. Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Christian and Kane; in a very entertaining match with great high risk moves and bumps. 8.5/10 3.Interpromotional Match: Undertaker Def. Randy Orton; this was a pretty good match with Legend v.s. Legend Killer, Taker wins another WrestleMania, still being undefeated on the grandest stage of them all. 8/10 4.Womens Championship: Trish Stratus Def. Christy Hemme w/ Lita to retain her title in an alright match. I can't say that this was the match of the night but it was not horrible. 7/10 5. Interpromotional Match: Kurt Angle Def. Shawn Michaels, in a great match, this was possibly the match of the night. Kurt Angle is an amazing wrestler as is Shawn Michaels. Great match, with great skill. 9.5/10 6. Sumo Match: Akebono def. Big Show, this was a pretty sad wrestling match although I am not much of a sumo wrestling follower so it may of been good to sumo fans. It was pretty short and stalling at the beginning. Possibly the worst match of the night. 5/10 7. WWE Championship Match: John Cena Def. JBL to become the new WWE Champion! This was a pretty good match with some alright skill. 8/10 8. World Heavyweight Championship Match: Batista Def. Triple H, to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! This was a pretty good match with some good skill. 8.5/10 So there you have it Wrestling fans, This was a great WrestleMania and I am looking foreward to WrestleMania 22! 9/10

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Solid Wrestlemania

Author: Amasian08 from United States
16 September 2005

This Wrestlemania was definitely a good one. Plenty of solid matches. There were also a few bad ones, but in comes with the package. One thing that could have definitely been improved was the number of matches. Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrerro A nice lead off match, with both guys having a heated rivalry over the past couple of weeks. They were a great tag team and they knew each other so well and kept each other going. Their high flying antics kept the crowd going. 8/10 Akebono vs. the Big Show in a Sumo Match This was a goofy and pointless match and ended incredibly quickly. Thank God it did. 2/10 Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker One of the better matches of the night. Randy Orton kept up to pace with the Undertaker and did a good job at being the heel and the Undertaker proved he was still one of the best, despite all of his nagging injuries he has had over the years. , though Randy's father "Cowboy" Bob Orton kept interfering and that was just annoying instead of adding excitement. Still a good match. 8/10 Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme Christy Hemme in not a wrestler. Most divas in the WWE are basically glorified models. This was one of Trish's easier matches and Christy was not a wrestler. Trish attempted to make it look like a good match, but in vain. Christy is hot and sells tickets, but a better match would have been Victoria vs. Trish 2/10 Money in the Bank Ladder match: Edge vs. Kane. Chris Benoit vs. Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho Definitely one of the more exciting matches. It was very interesting to see how Kane would fair in a quicker, high paced match-up, but he held is own, despite looking a bit winded at times.. Some of the times when the guys were at the top of the ladder, they hesitated, clearly waiting for someone to knock them down, but still a solid match, though the ending was bit of a disappointment. 8/10 Kurt Angle vs. "HBK" Shawn Michaels Definitely the best match of the night. Both guys aren't really in their prime, but are two of the best showmen of all time. HBK had fought through his back injuries and Kurt Angle through his broken neck and both guys wrestled their hearts out. Kurt Angle proved, once again, he is one of the best, but HBK put up a solid effort. Excellent match. 10/10 Sometime during the show, Eugene decides to come out and talk, effectively putting the crowd to sleep. Muhammad Hassan and Daivari then proceed to come down and beat the crap of him. However, just as things were looking bad for Eugene, BAM! The "Real American" music hits and Hulk Hogan comes down and destroys both Hassan and Daivari. You could tell that both Hassan and Daivari were playing along, but the crowd loved it and I thought it was great to see Hulk Hogan again. 10/10 Piper's Pit with Stone Cold A bit of an out of place sideshow, but still interesting. Watching Carlito get his butt kicked but "Stone Cold" and Piper was pretty cool though. 8/10 WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. John Cena Neither of these guys is a good wrestler, so this was really just a glorified fist fight. JBL carried John Cena a bit, but Cena still proved that he could make a solid main event. Not the best match, but still solid one. 7/10 World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs. Batista Definitely an over-hyped match. Triple H was sort of carrying Batista, but Batista held his own despite being a weak wrestler. Triple H also looked like he was going a bit slow, but is always a solid performer. Still got the crowd going, but the JBL/Cena was better. Definitely a good Wrestlemania, but could have used more matches. The best match of the night was HBK vs. Kurt Angle, while the championship matches were okay.

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Wrestlemania 21 was great!

Author: WWEfan321 from United States
29 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I got the DVD a few weeks ago, and i still watch it again and again! here are the results.

Match 1) Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero This was a great opener for wrestlemania! I think Eddie shouldve won, but thats not important. There were a lot of high flying moves, along with some power moves by Eddie. Great Match! Match 2) Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Edge def. Kane, Y2J, Christian, Chris Benoit, & Shelton Benjamin This was one of my favorite ladder matches ever, and I've seen many! Beniot head butts Kane from the top of the ladder to bust his stitches open above his eye. There were a whole bunch of good spots here, Edge wins by hitting Benoit's injured arm to make him fall off the ladder.

Match 3) Undertaker def. Randy Orton I knew Taker would win, because this is his ppv! I think Orton should be the one to end Takers streak at WM. This shouldve been later in the ppv, but there are only 8 matches, so what do you expect.

Match 4) Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels This match was a Wrestlemania classic! It has everything a wwe fan wants to see. Highflying action, power moves, and technical wrestling. Match of the night in my mind. This match wont be forgotten any time soon Match 5) Womens Champion Trash Stratus (I mean Trish) def. Christy Hemee Not the best womens match I've seen, but not the worst. Christy only has 3 moves, and Trish dominates most of the match. This was actually a decent match-up.

Match 6) Sumo Match: Akebono def. The Big Show Not what I call a match. Only one good part where Akebono shoves Big Show right out of the circle out of the ring. Might as well skip it, unless you don't like big show.

Match 7) WWE Championship: John Cena def. JBL(c) Not a very good Smackdown main event, but with JBL champ, what can you expect. The match was 11 minutes long, dominated by JBL, and the ending was when jbl missed a clothesline and cena hit the fu to win. Could've been much longer, and much better Match 8) World Heavyweight Championship: Batista def. Triple H(c) This was one of the best Wrestlemania events iv seen in a long time! It was just as good as hhh vs. hbk vs, Benoit at WM 20! Batista wins with a Batista Bomb. Triple H started out dominated the beginning, but Batista fought back to make a great wrestlemania main event! Overall a great ppv! If you are a wwe fan, you'll want this

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Not the best, but still good

Author: warhawk690 from United States
23 October 2005

Wrestlemania 21 Goes Hollywood.

Eddie Gurrero vs Rey Mysterio. 8/10. Good fast paced match, though it's not what I expected as I remember the two's WCW cruiserweight days. Kinda depressing that at WM 20 Eddie beat Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Title, now he's jobbing to Rey in the opener.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: 8/10 A six man ladder match in where the winner gets a title shot with Jericho and Shelton Benjamin in it. How can the WWE screw this up? By having Edge win the match. I don't get his gimmick and I don't think he draws enough. I thought Shelton or Jericho should've won because of their superior skills, but the WWE in their infinite wisdom thought otherwise.

Undertaker vs Randy Orton: 9/10 Taker can still wrestle, but Randy shows that he doesn't need any ring vets to carry him. Both do an exceptional job in a nail-biter of a match. The best part was when Orton managed to reverse a chokeslam into the RKO. Surprised the heck outta me. The run in with Cowboy Bob Orton was also a nice piece of nostalgia, especially with the infamous cast. Taker now 13-0.

Trish Stratus (c) vs Christy Hemme WWE Women's Title Match : 2/10 WHY DID THEY HIRE CHRISTY? She is untalented, and not very attractive. You can see how angry Trish got at the end of the match as she attempted to carry Christy in this train wreck.

HBK Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle 10/10: Match of the night. This needed to be the main event. It was darn good and suspenseful. Both men showed why they are some of the greatest wrestlers of all time. It seemed that Angle rose like a bat outta hell in this match which made it all better.

Sumo Match Akebono vs Big Show: 6/10 Entertaining for a couple seconds, then you realise how little clothing Big Show is wearing, which is really scary.

JBL (c) vs John Cena WWE Heavyweight Championship: 6/10 More of a slow brawl than a good match. It seemed neither was quite ready for this one. Cena is becoming like Hulk Hogan as he only ends a match in a certain way every time. The crowd was pretty out of it as they knew the Cena would win the title, and when he did, they exploded.

HHH (c) vs Batista World Heavyweight Championship Match: 7/10 HHH carried Batista for most of this match. Flair interfered which got some boos, but mostly wooooos. It was pretty sick on how much HHH bled during the match. There was a good feeling that Batista took the title from HHH since he won it from Unforgiven a year before. But there should've been more. I can say that Batista is improving and his ring skills aren't as sloppy as they use to be.

Not the best, but entertaining.

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WrestleMania Goes Hollywood!!!

Author: LG2004 ( from New Jersey
8 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As I mentioned on the WrestleMania XX boards, WM's 17 and 19 were better than this one, but it was still worth the price.

Eddie Guerrero Vs. Rey Mysterio:

A great match between the 2 Tag Team title co-holders. I think that a move or 2 was botched, but a good match with Rey winning with a roll-up. 4/5

Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Chris Jericho Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Kane Vs. Edge Vs. Christian:

A lot of risk-taking moves in this one. What would you expect in a ladder match? Edge and Christian knock out Kane w/ a Ladder Duet (as Jerry "The King" Lawler called it), Benoit hits Kane w/ a headbutt off the ladder, Shelton runs up a fallen ladder and clotheslines Jericho, Shelton T-Bone suplexes Edge off a ladder, and Kane wounds Benoit's right arm by hitting it between a ladder. Benoit almost wins until Edge hits his injured arm w/ a chair, causing him to fall off, withering in pain. Edge climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase. 5/5

Legend Vs. Legend Killer: Randy Orton Vs. Undertaker:

Undertaker's entrance was just as good as WM 20's. This time, he (almost) literally glides to the ring! I personally wanted Randy to win this. Some people in the audience even had 12-1 signs. The match highlights include Taker's usual Old School and vintage leg drop off the apron (onto his opponent's head), interference by Randy's dad, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, a dragon sleeper submission reversed into a DDT, and a chokeslam reversed into an RKO. In the end, Randy tries to Tombstone Taker, but it's reversed into a Tombstone by Taker. Taker's streak at WM is intact at 13-0. 4/5

WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus (c) Vs. Christy Hemme:

Personally, I think that Christy did pretty well for her first title match. I was hoping (since Lita was training Christy) that Christy would shock us w/ a moonsault or a snap DDT, but it didn't happen. A few good roll ups here and there (and a Twist Of Fate) by Christy, but in the end, the Female Triple H retains w/ a Chick Kick. 3.5/5

Kurt Angle Vs. Shawn Michaels:

Possibly one of the best matches of the night. The fight went back and forth between the two. Kurt does an Angle Slam from the turnbuckle, a failed moonsault, and reverses an attempted Sweet Chin Music into an ankle lock, while Shawn attempts an elbow drop, and hits Angle w/ a springboard moonsault onto an announce table, but the table doesn't break. In the end, Kurt wins after making Shawn tap out to the ankle lock. 5/5

Sumo Match: Akebono Vs. Big Show:

It wasn't exactly my cup of tea seeing Show in a sumo outfit, but the match was good. Short and sweet, with Show actually lifting Akebono up, but Show is tossed out of the ring. Akebono wins. 3/5

WWE Championship Match: John "Bradshaw" Layfield (c) Vs. John Cena:

JBL makes his best entrance yet, with a police motorcade escorting him to the ring and "In JBL We Trust" 100 dollar bills (w/ JBL's face on them) falling from the ceiling. JBL actually carries the Doctor Of Thuganomics through most of the match. Cena makes a late comeback in the end of the match and ends up winning the WWE title!!! WTF was WWE thinking!? They let JBL beat everyone else over the past 9+ months, but let him lose in a 12 minute match!? I was actually rooting for JBL. Well, JBL can always get the belt back in the future. 4/5 (minus a point since Cena won)

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H (c) Vs. Batista:

This is a little better than the JBL/Cena match since I like Batista more than Cena. Like the Angle/Michaels match, this goes back and forth. Flair even interferes a few times. WHOOOOOOO!! LOL Anyway, after reversing an attempted Pedigree on the steel steps, Batista busts H-Boy open catapulting him into the ring post. H-Boy hits a low blow on Batista while the ref deals w/ Flair. He goes for another Pedigree, but Batista is too strong and forces his arms free. Dave then nails a bloody H-Boy to the mat w/ a piledriver-esquire move. H-Boy's 10th World Heavyweight Title reign comes to an end after Batista hits him w/ a Batista-bomb for the 3-count. Batista celebrates in the ring as pyro goes off around the ceiling. Your winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!!! 5/5

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A very solid wrestlemania, with a great crowd, and even better matches. Only thing that drags it down, is the lackluster main events.

Author: callanvass
7 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wrestlemania 21 is one that I enjoyed quite a bit, it had many memorable things to write home about. There are just many memorable moments in the show that help rise above the lackluster main events, that could have ruined the show, somewhat. I'm no Hulkamaniac, but that was truly special, and one of the biggest crowd pops I have ever heard. It feels like a big event, and acts on it in the biggest way. Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle is worth the price of admission too, even if it is a bit over-hyped.


Rey Mysterio Vs Eddie Gurerro. Nice pop for Rey, even bigger one for Eddie. Once the match starts though, crowd is firmly on Eddie's side. Excellent match, with two great wrestlers who can do it all in the ring. The storyline leading up too this was great, eventually leading to an Eddie heel turn. Mysterio wins with a Huricaranna, into a roll up.


Edge Vs Chris Jericho Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Chris Benoit Vs Christian and Kane. Edge gets big time heat, with Jericho, Shelton and Beniot all getting big pops. I stand corrected, this is the original, and this is the best money in the bank match. It's not as flashy as the others, but it's actually more exciting, and all the spots just seemed all that more memorable. I was a big fan of all the competitors here, so Edge winning was just fine by me, and after all it started the infamous "Rated R superstar gimmick".


Eugene comes out for a bit of interlude, bragging about his 1st Wrestlemaia. Hassan and his buddy Davari, are not pleased being left off the Wrestlemania card. A beat down is ensured, and Hulk Hogan comes out to one of the most deafening ovations I have ever heard in my life. Saving Eugene from trouble, he poses in the end, where I swear the crowd was gonna make the arena crumble down, with all the noise.

3/5 For the segment.

Piper's Pit/W Stone Cold Steve Austin. Loud pop for Piper, with him doing his usual, hilarious Pattened routine. BIG pop for Austin, not on Hogan's level, but pretty damn loud, nonetheless. Piper and Austin have an amusing confrontation. Carlito comes out to stir the pot a bit, and gets beaten down for his troubles. Austin has some fun in the end, stunning both men. Always fun to see Austin do his thing, I can honestly say, it never gets old.


Legend Vs Legend Killer. The Undertaker Vs Randy Orton Nice pop for taker, big heat for Mr.Orton. I remember being so excited back for this match in 2005, since I'm such a big Orton fan, I was really rooting for him to beat the streak. While he didn't quite pull that feat off, I was amazed at the resiliency and poise he showed at such a young age, against a reliable veteran such as The Undertaker. The match itself is severely underrated, with many exciting moments, such as The RKO in mid-air, countering a choke slam. Undertaker wins with a tombstone.

4 1/2 /5

Women's Championship. Trish Stratus|C| Vs Christy Hemme. It was quick thankfully, and not even the great Trish Stratus, could carry Christy to a decent match. Trish and Lita both looked mighty fine, though. Trish wins with a chick kick.


Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels. Is it a classic? yes, is it in the top 10 of all time, like many people think? I honestly don't think so. For some odd reason, I expected more from these two, just the pure fact of two true icons, such as Kurt&Shawn made me have such high expectations. It's definitely the best match on the show, and you'd have to be a fool not to like it, but as I said, I expected more. My small disappointment aside, I did love the match. Kurt wins with the ankle lock.


Akebono Vs The Big Show. Ugly to look at, and not long enough to capitalize on the potentially interesting idea. Akebono wins, by throwing Big show out of the circle.


WWE Championship. John Cena Vs JBL|C| Rather mediocre pop for Cena. Crowd is dead throughout this one, with loud audible boring chants. I like Cena, and JBL but this match is one big bore to sit through. Cena gets beat up for most of it, doing the annoying comeback at the end. Cena wins the title, with the Attitude Adjustment.


World Heavyweight Championship. Batista Vs Triple H|C| OK pop for Batista. I don't like either of these guys, even though I respect Triple H to a wrestling degree, I think Batista is scum. People used to complain about Orton's antics? at least he didn't order his cancer ridden wife around. I'm not being biased here, I'm being honest. The match is very average, and overlong at 21 minutes. A few decent brawling moments here and there, can't save this dull fest. Batista wins the title, with a Batista Bomb.


Bottom line. Lackluster main events aside, this show rocked to the highest order. This is what I like in a Wrestlemania. Great dramatic entertainment, amazing wrestling, and a hot crowd. This show rocked,better then I remembered, and if it wasn't for the two terrible main events, this would get a 9 for sure. Nevertheless, highly recommended


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