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Alternate Versions

There are several changes to the DVD version when compared to the original live broadcast.
  • - When Christy Hemme comes out for her match against Trish Stratus, her theme music ("Walk Idiot Walk" by The Hives) was changed to generic music.

  • - Two changes were made to Roddy Piper's introductory remarks about Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Piper's Pit segment. On the live broadcast Piper says "Who is the biggest rebel in the history of the WWF?" which was changed to "WWE" on the DVD. Although the camera stayed on him when he said "WWF" during the live broadcast, on the DVD it cuts to a crowd shot just as he says the "E". A few seconds later Piper says "Bullshit!" which is bleeped on the DVD, but was not bleeped on the live broadcast.

  • - When Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out during the Piper's Pit segment, the Wrestlemania 21 logo on his name plate was covered up by the Piper's Pit logo in the lower left corner during the original live broadcast. This production error is corrected on the DVD.

  • - After Piper's Pit, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross start talking about the parody trailers, when Ross stops to advertise the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view. The DVD edits out the ad, but since it was all one continuous shot of both guys, a shot from the Basic Instinct parody is inserted to cover up the edit.

  • - When Tony Chimel starts to give the rules of the Sumo match, there was originally problems with the microphone, causing the first part of Tony's words to be hard to hear, and prompting Michael Cole to say "Tony about to give the rules" as a way to stall for time. The DVD removes the unclear part of Tony's words and Michael's line about the problem.

  • - When Akebono's theme music starts, it takes him a little while to make his entrance. In the live broadcast, the camera was fixed on the empty stage for seventeen seconds, while the DVD reuses an earlier crowd show to cover this up.

  • - After the Wrestlemania 22 promo (which follows the Hall of Famers segment) there is an exterior shot of the Staples Center. The DVD uses different music and replaces a graphics glitch that was in the original live broadcast. Also, the Snickers ad done by Jerry Lawler was edited out.

  • - During the live broadcast Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross spent two minutes talking about the history of the Triple H/Batista match as a stall for time while Motorhead set up their instruments (in order to play Triple H's theme live as he walked to the ring). The DVD cuts right from the history video package to Motorhead playing, eliminating Lawler and Ross' conversation entirely. This was partly done to eliminate the production error, and partly because the song playing in the background as they spoke was the same one that was changed a few minutes earlier on the DVD (during the Staples center exterior shot).

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