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FX's The Shield (2002) is mentioned as a favorite show among some of this shows characters and several guest stars from "The Shield" have had guest appearances on this show, including U-Turn and Guillermo.
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During the second and third seasons, the opening credits were again accompanied by the Malvina Reynolds song "Little Boxes," but sung instead by a different individual or group each time. Artists who provided covers for openers included Elvis Costello, Death Cab for Cutie, Engelbert Humperdinck, Kate McGarrigle and Anna McGarrigle (who sang the song in French), Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, Randy Newman, Angélique Kidjo, Donovan, Billy Bob Thornton, The Shins, Joan Baez, The Decemberists, 'Linkin Park' and Rise Against.
The fictional coastal town of Ren Mar near San Diego introduced in Season 4 gets it name from Renmar studios in Los Angeles which is where the series is shot.
The name of Nancy and Andy's "fakery" is Breadsticks and Scones. The cap that bakery employees wear shortens the name of the bakery to "BS" as a joke.
During season four and five, writers noticed the chemistry and enjoyment on screen between Mary-Louise Parker and Justin Kirk, so decided the Nancy/Andy dynamic by writing them more scenes together.
The character of Doug was only supposed to be in the pilot, but the producers liked Kevin Nealon's performance and the comedic aspect of the character so much that he was kept on the show.
A running sound gag is heard whenever anyone (especially Nancy) is sipping a drink through a straw. The noise heard is what one would hear when a drink has gotten so low that air begins to go up the straw. This will occur in Weeds (2005), however, regardless of the level of the liquid.
The theme song "Little Boxes", was sung and composed by Malvina Reynolds in 1962.
According to Jenji Kohan, twins Amanda Pace and Rachel Pace would be slightly jealous of each other because one was playing the twin who got to wear make-up and hair extensions, so to keep them both happy they would take turns in playing the characters.
For most of season 7, Jennifer Jason Leigh was doing a play in New York and wasn't available, so the writers came up with the idea of having her character appear in video chat sessions. She filmed those at her house during breaks from the play.
Regular cast members Alexander Gould and Elizabeth Perkins voiced characters in Finding Nemo (2003) as title character Nemo and Coral, Nemo's mother, respectively. In season four they were joined by guest star Albert Brooks, who portrays Gould's grandfather on the show, but plays Nemo's father, Marlin, in 'Finding Nemo'.
Alanis Morissette was a huge fan of the show and asked if there was any role she could play to the producers. At the same time Jenji Kohan was coming up with the character of Audra, based on a real friend of Kohan - also named Audra -, and offered it to the actress/singer.
Whenever the time is said in the show they always say 4:20, a joke to the day dedicated to marijuana.
The aerial photo during the intro is of Calabasas, California.
Three of the regular actors on "Weeds" share the same birthday, November 18th: Elizabeth Perkins (Celia), Kevin Nealon (Doug) and Romany Malco (Conrad).
On several DVD audio-commentaries, creator Jenji Kohan reveals how the season finales of the show are influenced by some genre or specific directors she loves and thinks about when writing those episodes. Season 1 was a nod to The Godfather (1972) - hence the title of the episode -; season 2 was Quentin Tarantino - the episode ends with a bunch of characters pointing guns at each other; season 3 was Robert Altman and his ensemble pieces with lots of subplots crossing; season 4 was Sergio Leone and the spaghetti-western, with big close-ups of the actors; season 5 was Pedro Almodóvar - hence the title of the episode - and season 6 was Alfred Hitchcock (I)', which is actually why Kohan herself makes a silent cameo on the episode.
Andy's obsession with Denmark and its capital (Copenhagen) comes from creator Jenji Kohan, who spent time with her family in Denmark.
Both the first and last episode of the show end with the same two songs: 'With Arms Outstreched' by Rilo Kiley and 'A Doodlin' Song' by Peggy Lee.
Peter's address number is 420, ironic because he is a DEA agent.
From season 4 to 7, the intro sequence was replaced by small clips where the viewer would see things that were prominent later on in each episode and that featured the name of the show and its creator. Every writer would come up with the one for their particular episode.
Due to product placement deals, Nancy often carries an "It's a Grind Coffee House" beverage. A Starbucks in Calabasas, California, fills in for "It's a Grind," in the opening credits.
Many of the exterior shots of the show are filmed on location in and around the bedroom community of Stevenson Ranch, California and Santa Clarita, California.
The book Rejuvenile by author Christopher Noxon has appeared several times on the show. Noxon is married to series creator Jenji Kohan. Noxon was also the music supervisor for season one and appeared in the pilot episode as a bear hunter.
Aside from the main cast (Mary-Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish, Alexander Gould Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon), Andy Milder is the only actor who appeared in every season.
Justin Chatwin was intended to be a series regular as Nancy's sidekick, but due to scheduling conflicts never made a final deal. Justin Kirk therefore joined the cast months after the pilot to fill the void.
Lindsay Sloane was a huge fan of that show and considered the role of Maxeen perfect for the kind she wanted to play at that time in her career. But, in retrospect, she regrets taking it because she found out she was pregnant the day before started shooting, and felt disconnected in the part because she was disconnected in her own body. She's said she thinks she didn't line up enough with what they wanted that part to be. She couldn't be on the season finale, and her character is written out.
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Every season but the last ends on a cliffhanger.
Haley Hudson has only starred in episodes written by creator Jenji Kohan.
Mary-Louise Parker recommended Martin Donovan for the role of Peter.
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Between seasons of the show, creator Jenji Kohan made a pilot called Ronna & Beverly (2009), also for Showtime, co-created with Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo. The network eventually passed on the project, but Kohan not only used both actresses on Weeds, but also Olga Sosnovska, who also worked on the failed pilot. Chaffin played Cracklynn on season 4; Denbo played Raylene on season 5 and Sosnovska played Zoya on season 7.
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Jenji Kohan came up with the characters of the three brothers that work with Demetri, based on the Hanson brothers of Slap Shot (1977), because Pablo Schreiber wasn't available for the season 7 finale and his character's absence had to be explained somehow.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Nancy Botwin slept with 11 men (and 1 woman) during the 8 seasons.
Mary-Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish and Alexander Gould appear in all 102 episodes.
Jenji Kohan explains during the DVD commentary that the decision of literally burning down Agrestic and moving on to another story-line was due to the fact that the writers were getting bored of writing suburbia jokes. Mary-Louise Parker was particularly pleased with the idea of killing the original premise of the show, having said loving taking risks when it comes to her acting.
Jenji Kohan once stated that they tried to get Justin Chatwin to reprise his role as Josh Wilson several times throughout the years, but he was always booked. Knowing it was their final chance, Kohan sent a text message to Chatwin directly and asked him to be on the series finale. Having done that, Chatwin appeared only in the first and final episodes.

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