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5.51  Saw V/The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas/Soul Men 6.0 5
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6.0/10 X  
Ocean's Thirteen/Day Watch/Hostel: Part II 3.0 6
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 3.0/10 X  

Unrated Episodes

# Episode
1.1  Matrix/Shattered Glass/Duplex
1.2  Master & Commander/The Gothika/The Missing
1.3  Timeline/Wonderland/Stuck on You
1.4  The Last Samurai/21 Grams/Mona Lisa Smile
1.5  Somethings gotta give/in America/the Haunted Mansion
1.6  Big Fish/Cheaper by the Dozen/Paycheck
1.7  Cold Mountain/Honey/Peter Pan
1.8  The Cat in the Hat/Eulogy/Torque
1.9  House of Sand and Fog/My Baby's Daddy/Along Came Polly
1.10  The Big Bounce/Chasing Liberty/The Cooler
1.11  50 First Dates/Love Don't Cost a Thing/The Butterfly Effect
1.12  Miracle/You Got Served/Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
1.13  Against the Ropes/The Perfect Score/Barbershop 2
1.14  Welcome to Mooseport/Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights/Bad Santa
1.15  Hidalgo/Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen/Twisted
1.16  Secret Window/Girl next door/Starsky and Hutch
1.17  Dawn of the Dead/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/Scooby Doo 2
1.18  Taking Lives/Agent Cody Banks 2/Jersey Girl
1.19  Hellboy/Home on the Range/Ladykillers
1.20  Alamo/Whole 10 Yards/Laws of Attraction
1.21  The Punisher/Godsend - Lions Gate/13 going on 30- Columbia
1.22  Kill Bill Vol2/The Prince and Me/Walking Tall
1.23  Man on Fire/Johnson Family Vacation/Connie and Carla
1.24  Van Helsing/Breaking all the Rules/Mean Girls
1.25  Troy/New York Minute/The Day after Tomorrow
1.26  Spiderman 2/Saved/Raising Helen
1.27  Shrek 2/United States of Leland/Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
1.28  Chronicles of Riddick/Club Dread/Soul Plane
1.29  The Terminal/Garfield/The Stepford Wives
1.30  Around the world.../The Notebook/Dodgeball
1.31  De-Lovely/Two Brothers/Garden State
1.32  Anchorman/A Cinderella Story/Before Sunset
1.33  King Arthur/Sleepover/The Door in the Floor
1.34  I Robot/Harold & Kumar/White Castle/The Clearing
1.35  Catwoman/A Home at the End of the World/Thunderbirds
1.36  The Bourne Supremacy/White Chicks/Little Black Book
1.37  Collateral/Open Water/The Village
1.38  The Manchurian Candidate/Danny Deckchair/Alien VS Predator
1.39  Princess Diaries 2/Without a Paddle/We Don't Live Here Anymore
1.40  Vanity Fair/Anacondas/The Exorcist: The Beginning
1.41  Cellular/Criminal/Resident Evil: Apocalypse
1.42  Wimbledon/The Cookout/Wicker Park
1.43  Sky Captain World Tomorrow/MR 3000/Suspect Zero
1.44  Around the Bend/Being Julia/The Motorcycle Diaries
1.45  Ladder 49/Raise Your Voice/The Forgotten
1.46  The Last Shot/Sideways/Paparazzi
1.47  Shall We Dance/Taxi/Ray
1.48  Stage Beauty/Seed of Chucky/First Daughter
1.49  The Incredibles/Saw/Surviving Christmas
1.50  The Polar Express/Birth/Bridget Jones 2
1.51  After the Sunset/Alfie/Finding Neverland
1.52  Alexander/Team America/National Treasure
1.53  Christmas with the Kranks/Beyond the Sea/Kinsey
2.1  Christmas with the Kranks/Beyond the Sea/Kinsey
2.2  Ocean's 12/Flight of the Phoenix/Blade Trinity
2.3  The Aviator/Spanglish/Lemony Snicket's
2.4  Meet the Fockers/Hotel Rwanda/The Life Aquatic
2.5  Million Dollar Baby/A Love Song for Bobby Long/In Good Company
2.6  Fat Alber/White Noise/The Phantom of the Opera
2.7  Elektra/Coach Carter/Racing Stripes
2.8  Assault on Precinct 13/The 3 Burials/Are We There Yet?
2.9  Aliens of the Deep/Fascination/Hide and Seek
2.10  The Wedding Date/Swimming Upstream/Boogeyman
2.11  Hitch/On a Clear Day/Constantine
2.12  The Jacket/Diary of a Mad Black Woman/Son of the Mask
2.14  The Pacifier/Happy Endings/Cursed
2.15  Robots/Dear Frankie/Millions
2.16  The Ring 2/The Ballad of Jack and Rose/Ice Princess
2.17  Miss Congeniality/DEBS/Guess Who
2.18  Sin City/Melinda and Melinda/Beauty Shop
2.19  Sahara/Palindromes/Fever Pitch
2.20  King's Ransom/Duma/The Amityville Horror
2.21  Kingdom of Heaven/A Lot Like Love/The Interpreter
2.22  XXX2/Ladies In Lavender/Hitchhiker's Guide To Galaxy
2.23  Crash/Jiminy Glick in Lalawood/House of Wax
2.24  Moster In-Law/Modigliani/Kicking & Screaming
2.25  Star WarsIII/Mysterious Skin/Unleashed
2.26  Madagascar/Saving Face/The Longest Yard
2.27  Cinderella Man/Sisterhood of Traveling Pants/Lords of Dogtown
2.28  Mr & Mrs Smith/The Honeymooners/Howl's Moving Castle
2.29  Batman Begins, My Summer of Love, the Perfect Man
2.30  Bewitched/The Deal/Herbie: Fully Loaded
2.32  Cronicas/Dark Water/The beautiful Country
2.33  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Murderball/Wedding Crashers
2.34  The Island/The Devil's Rejects/Bad News Bears
2.35  Stealth/Must Love Dogs/Sky High
2.36  The Dukes of Hazzard/Saint Ralph/Broken Flowers
2.37  The Skeleton Key/Asylum/Four Brothers
2.38  40 Years Old Virgin/Pretty Persuasion/Red Eye
2.39  The Brothers Grimm/The Cave/The Constant Gardener
2.40  The Transporter 2/The Baxter/The Underclassman
2.41  An Unfinished Life/The Man/The Exorcism of Emily Rose
2.42  Lord of Wars/Cry Wolf/Just Like Heaven
2.43  Corpse Bride/Proof/Roll Bounce
2.44  Serenity/Capote/A History of Violence
2.45  Wallace & Gromit/Good Night & Good Luck/In Her Shoes
2.46  Domino/North Country/Elizabethtown
2.47  Dreamer/Shopgirl/Doom
2.48  Legend of Zorro/Prime/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2.49  Jarhead/The Family Stone/Chicken Little
2.50  Get Rich or Die Trying/Bee Season/Zathura
2.51  Walk the Line/Pride & Prejudice/Harry Potter
2.52  The Ice Harvest/Yours Mine & Ours/Rent
3.1  Aeon Flux/The Kid and I/Syrana
3.2  Memoirs of a Geisha/TransAmerica/The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion/The Witch and the Waredrobe
3.3  The Producers/Brokeback Mountain/King Kong
3.4  The Ringer/Mrs Henderson Presents/Fun with Dick & Jane
3.5  The Matador/Cape Of Good Hope/Hostel
3.7  The New World/On the Outs/Match Point
3.8  The World's Fastest Indian/End of the Spear/Underworld Evolution
3.9  Big Mamma's House 2/Manderlay/Nanny McPhee
3.10  Imagine Me & You/American Gun/Annapolis
3.11  The Pink Panther/Firewall/Curious George
3.12  Eight Below/Winter Passing/Freedomland
3.13  Dirty/Madea's Family Reunion/Running Scared
3.14  16 Blocks/Aquamarine/Ultraviolet
3.15  The Shaggy Dog/The Libertine/Failure to Launch
3.16  Find Me Guilty/She's The Man/V for Vendetta
3.17  Don't Come Knocking/The Zodiac/Inside Man
3.18  Stoned/Ice Age: The Meltdown/Slighter
3.19  Take the Lead/Friends with Money/Lucky Number Sleeved
3.20  Kinky Boots/Notorious Bettie Page/Scary Movie 4
3.21  Hard Candy/American Dreamz/The Sentinel
3.22  Hoot: Art School Confidential/Mission Impossible III
3.24  HJust My Luck/The Proposition/Poseidon
3.26  Peaceful Warrior/The Omen/X-Men3: The Last Stand
3.27  District B-13, Keeping Up with the Steins, the Breakup
3.28  NachoLibre/TheHeartofTheGame/Cars
3.29  Garfield/Lake House/Fast & Furious
3.30  Waist Deep/The Lake House/Superman Returns
3.31  Worplay/Who Killed the Electric Car/The Devil Wears Prada
3.32  Garfield/A Scanner Darkly/Pirates of the Carribean
3.33  You, Me & Dupree/Little Man/Lady in the Water
3.34  My Super Ex-Girlfriend/Monster House/Clerks 2
3.35  Little Miss Sunshine/World Trade Center/The Ant Bully
3.36  The Night Listener/John Tucker Must Die/Talladega Nights
3.37  Accepted/Zoom/Barnyard
3.38  The Time Traveler's Wife/Ponyo/District 9
3.39  Invincible/Idlewild/Snakes on a Plane
3.40  Crank/Crossover/Trust the Man
3.41  The Last Kiss/Gridiron Gang/The Wicker Man
3.42  How to Eat Fried Worms/The Covenant/Hollywoodland
3.43  Everyone's Hero/The Protector/Haven
3.44  The Black Dhalia/Confetti/All the Kings Men
3.45  Flyboys/School for Scoundrels/The Last King of Scotland
3.46  The Departed/Jet Li's Fearless/Open Season
3.47  The Marine/The Queen/Man of the Year
3.48  A Good Year/Flags of Our Fathers/The Grudge 2
3.49  Flicka/The Prestige/Flushed Away
3.50  Running with Scissors/Borat/The Santa Clause 3
3.51  Fast Food Nation/Stranger Than Fiction/Tenacious D
3.52  Casino Royal/For Your Consideration/Happy Feet
4.1  Déjà Vu/Flannel Pijamas/Let's Go to Prison
4.2  The Nativity Story/Deck the Halls/The Fountain
4.3  Appocalypto/Bobby/Unaccompanied Minors
4.4  Blood Diamond/The Holiday/Children of Men
4.5  Eragon/Dream Girls/Charlotte's Web
4.6  Freedom Writers/Home of the Brave/Pursuit of Happiness
4.7  Rocky Balboa/We Are Marshall/The Good Man
4.8  Notes on a Scandal/Alpha Dog/The Good Shepherd
4.9  Stomp the Yard/Code Name: The Cleaner/Miss Potter
4.10  The Hitcher/Smokin Aces/Primeval
4.11  Catch and Release/Epic Movie/The Painted Veil
4.12  Because I Said So/The Messengers/Blood and Chocolate
4.13  Norbit/Music and Lyrics/Breach
4.14  Bridge to Terabithia/The Number 23/The Astronaut Farmer
4.15  Daddy's Little Girls/Reno 911/Ghost Rider
4.16  300/Black Snake Moan/Zodiac
4.17  Premonition/Shooter/The Last Mimzy
4.18  Blades of Glory/My Wife/Reign Over Me
4.19  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/Meet the Robinsons/Pride
4.20  Disturbia/Firehouse Dog/Hills Have Eyes
4.21  Are We Done Yet/Grindhouse/The Reaping
4.22  Vacancy/Perfect Stanger/Hot Fuzz
4.23  Fracture/Next/The Invisible
4.24  The Condemned/Waitress/Spiderman 3
4.25  28 Weeks Later/Kickin It Old Skool/Shrek the Third
4.26  Bug/Delta Farce/Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End
4.27  Knocked Up/Mr Brooks/Surf's Up
4.28  Ocean 13/Hostel II/Day Watch
4.29  Fantastic Four and the Rise of the Silver surfer/Nancy Drew/Fido
4.30  Evan Almighty/Eagle Versus Shark/A Mighty Heart
4.31  1408/You Kill Me/License to Wed
4.32  Ratatouille/Live Free or Die Hard/Transformers
4.33  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/Captivity/Evening
4.34  I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry/Hairspray/Sunshine
4.35  I Know Who Killed Me/Talk to Me/No Reservations
4.36  Goya's Ghost/Arctic Tale/The Simpsons
4.37  Bourne Ultimatum/Becoming Jane/El Cantante
4.38  Stardust/Bratz: The Movie/Superbad
4.39  Invasion/Rush Hour 3/Mr. Bean's Holidays
4.40  The Nanny Diaries/Ladron qué Roba A Ladron/Balls of Fury
4.41  Shoot 'Em Up/The Nines/3:10 to YumaI
4.42  Eastern Promises/The Brother's Soloman/The Hunting Party
4.43  Fierce People/Across the Universe/The Brave One
4.44  Resident Evil: Extinction/Sydney White/The Kingdom
4.45  Feast of Love/Michael Clayton/Elizabeth: The Golden Age
4.46  Rendition/Lars and the Real Girl/Gone Baby Gone
4.47  Things We Lost in the Fire/Reservation Road/Dan in Real Life
4.48  Bee Movie/Martian Child/American Gangster
4.49  Lions for Lambs/Music Within/Fred Claus
5.2  I Am Legend/The Golden Compass/Margot at the Wedding
5.3  Juno/Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story/National Treasure: Book of Secrets/Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
5.4  Charlie Wilson's War/Alvin and the Chipmunks/The Perfect Holiday
5.5  The Great Debaters/P.S. I Love You/The Bucket List
5.7  Found Money/First Sunday/27 Dresses
5.8  There Will Be Blood/Cloverfield/Untraceable/27 Dresses
5.9  How She Move/Meet the Spartans/Ray/In Bruges
5.10  Over Her Dead Body/Definitely Maybe/Strange Wilderness
5.11  Jumper/The Spiderwick Chronicles/Fool's Gold
5.12  Vantage Point/Witless Protection/Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
5.13  The Other Boleyn Girl/Semi-Pro/Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
5.14  Gone Baby Gone/Snow Angels/Sleepwalking
5.15  The Bank Job/Never Back Down/10,000 BC
5.16  21/The Visitor/Horton Hears a Who
5.17  Doomsday/Meet the Browns/Drillbit Taylor
5.18  Leatherheads/StopLoss/Superhero Movie
5.19  Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Prom NIght/Shine a Light
5.20  Street Kings/Nim's Island/Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
5.21  88 Minutes, Young at Heart, Baby Mama
5.22  The Forbidden Kingdom/Deceptions/Iron Man
5.23  Son of Rambow/Made of Honor/Speed Racer
5.24  What Happens in Vegas/The Chronicals of Narnia: Prince Caspian/The Foot Fist Way
5.25  Indiana Jones, Sex and the City, the Fall
5.26  The Strangers, Edge of Heaven, Postal
5.27  You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Kung Fu Panda, Incredible Hulk
5.28  Get Smart/The Happening/The Promotion
5.29  Hancock/Reprise/The Love Guru
5.30  Wanted/Trumbo/Wall-E
5.31  Full Battle Rattle/The Wackness/The Stone Angel
5.32  Meet Dave/Mamma Mia/Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
5.33  Journey to the Center of the Earth/Kit Kittredge: An American Girl/The Dark Knight
5.34  Step Brothers/A Man Named Pearl/The Rocker
5.36  The X Files: I Want to Believe/Brideshead Revisited/Swing Vote
5.37  Space Chimps/The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2/Henry Poole Is Here
5.38  Hell Ride/Man on Wire/Hamlet 2
5.39  Tropic Thunder/Bottle Shock/Beer for My Horse
5.40  Death Race/The House Bunny/Traitor
5.41  Righteous Kill/Choke/Diaster Movie
5.42  Lake View Terrace/Flash of Genius/Burn After Reading
5.43  Miracle at St. Anna/Nick and Norah's Infinite Play List/Ghost Town
5.44  RocknRolla/Nights in Rodanthe/Beverly Hills Chihuahua
5.45  The Express/Appaloosa/Eagle Eye
5.46  Blindness/Towelhead/An American Carol
5.47  The Duchess/The Secret Life of Bees/Body of Lies
5.48  Quarantine/High School Musical 3: Senior Year/Max Payne
5.49  Changeling/Happy-Go-Lucky/Quantum of Solace
5.50  Pride and Glory/Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa/Role Models
5.52  Twilight/Frost/Nixon/Bolt
6.1  Australia/Slumdog Millionaire/Four Christmases
6.2  Transporter 3/Milk/Nobel Son
6.3  Punisher Warzone/Delgo/The Stood the Earth Stood Still
6.4  Cadillac Recordings/Nothing Like the Holidays/Marley and Me
6.5  Defiance/The Tale of Despereaux/Seven Pounds
6.6  Yes Man/The Wrestler/Bedtime Stories
6.7  Gran Torino/Last Chance Harvey/The Spirit
6.8  Valkrie/Doubt/Bride Wars
6.9  Ink Heart/Paul Blart: Mall Cop/The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
6.10  Revolutionary Road/Nortious Big/Hotel for Dogs
6.11  Underworld: Rise of the Lycans/My Bloody Valentine 3D/Pink Panther 2
6.12  The Uninvited/Coraline/Taken
6.13  The International/Just Not That Into You/New in Town
6.14  Push/Jonas Brother 3D Concert Experience/Confessions of a Shopaholic
6.15  Under the Sea 3D/Fired Up/The Watchman
6.16  The Last House on the Left/Sunshine Cleaning/Race to Witch Mountain
6.17  12 Rounds/Duplicity/I Love You Man
6.18  Knowing/Monsters vs. Aliens/Adventureland
6.19  Fast & Furious/The Haunting in Connecticut/Hanna Montana: The Movie
6.20  State of Play/17 Again/Observe & Report
6.21  Fighting/Earth/Crank High Voltage
6.22  The Soloist/Obsessed/Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
6.23  X-Men Origins: Wolverine/Angels & Demons/Star Trek
6.24  The Brothers Bloom/Madea Goes to Jail/Miss March
6.25  Away We Go/My Life in Ruins/Terminator Salvation
6.26  Away We Go/My Life in Ruins/Terminator Salvation
6.27  Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian/Up/Dance Flick
6.28  The Proposal/Imagine That/The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
6.29  My Sister's Keeper/Call of the Wild 3D/Tetro
6.30  Hurt Locker/Cherie, Year One
6.31  500 Days of Summer/Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs/Public Enemies
6.32  Bruno/I Love You Beth Cooper/Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
6.33  G-Force/The Ugly Truth/Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
6.34  Van Wilder: Freshman Year/Julie & Julia/Orphan
6.35  Aliens in the Attic/Adam/Funny People
6.36  Taking Woodstock/Amreeka/Paper Heart
6.37  A Perfect Getaway/Spread/The Goods
6.39  G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra/Shorts/Inglorious Basterds
6.40  Gamer/All About Steve/The Final Destination
6.42  Jennifer's Body/Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs/Love Happens
6.43  Surrogates/The Informant!/Pandorum
6.44  A Serious Man/Fame, The Invention of Lying
6.45  Capitalism: A Love Story/Whip It/Zombieland
6.46  Couples Retreat/The Vampire's Assistant/Where the Wild Things Are
6.47  Law Abiding citizen/The Stepfather/X-Games 3D: The Movie
6.48  This Is It/Amelia/2012
6.49  A Christmas Carol/Pirate Radio/The Men Who Stare at Goats
6.50  The Box/The Blind Side/Fantastic Mr Fox
6.51  Tapestries of Hope/Sav VI/Planet 51
6.52  Old Dogs/The Road/Ninja Assassin
6.132  NachoLibre/TheHeartofTheGame/Cars
7.1  Up in the Air/The Princess and the Frog/Brothers
7.2  Invictus/Precious/Armored
7.4  Avatar/It's Complicated/Did You Hear About the Morgans
7.5  Sherlock Holmes/More Than a Game/Leap Year
7.6  Extraordinary Measures/Waking Sleeping Beauty/The 4th Kind
7.7  Youth in Revolt/The Tooth Fairy/Daybreakers
7.8  The Book of Eli/When in Rome/Legion
7.9  Edge of Darkness/Nine/The Spy Next Door
7.10  Valentine's Day/The Wolfman/Dear John
7.11  Shutter Island/Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief/From Paris with Love,
7.12  Broken Embraces/Wrong Turn at Tahoe/Next Day Air
7.13  Brooklyn's Finest/Cop Out/The Crazies
7.14  Alice in Wonderland/Our Family Wedding/Green Zone
7.15  Greenberg/The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus/She's Out of My League
7.16  The Bounty Hunter/Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Clash of the Titans
7.17  Hot Tub Time Machine/The Last Song/How to Train Your Dragon
7.18  Clash of the Titans/Why Did I Get Married Too?/Chloe
7.19  The Back-Up Plan/Letters to God/The Perfect Game
7.20  Date Night/Kick-Ass/Death at a Funeral
7.21  City Island/Hubble 3D/Robin Hood
7.22  City Island/Hubble 3D/Robin Hood
7.23  Iron Man 2. Furry Vengeance, Just Wright
7.24  Letters to Juliet/Mother & Child/MacGruber
7.25  Prince of Persia/Babies/Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter
7.26  Sex and the City 2/Get Him to the Greek/Killers
7.27  The Karate Kid/Marmaduke/Splice
7.28  The A Team/Jone Rivers: A Piece of Work/Finding Bliss
7.29  Toy Story 3/Grown Ups/Cyrus
7.30  Twilight Saga: Eclipse/Johan Hex/The Kids Are Alright
7.31  Knight and Day, Inception, The Last Airbender
7.32  The Sorcerer's Apprentice/Despicable Me/Standing Obation
7.33  Predators/Love Ranch/Great Directors
7.34  Salt/Ramona and Beezus/Get Low
7.35  Dinner for Schmucks, The Revenge of Kitty Galore, The Other Guys
7.37  Eat Pray Love, Middle Men, Step Up 3D
7.38  The Expendables, The Switch, Nanny McFee Returns
7.39  Going the Distance/Animal Kingdom/Vampires Suck
7.40  Machete/Lottery Ticket/Takers
7.41  The American/Resident Evil: Afterlife/Easy A
7.42  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, In You Again, Jack Goes Boating
7.43  The Town/Devil/Catfish
7.44  Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole/It's Kind of a Funny Story/Alpha and Omega
7.45  Stone/The Social Network/Life as We Know It
7.46  Red, Secretariat, Let Me In
7.47  Hereafter/Case 39/My Soul to Take
7.48  Fair Game, Conviction, Jackass 3D
7.49  Unstoppable/Megamind/Due Date
7.50  127 hours, Skyline, Nowhere Boy
7.51  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows/Morning Glory/Love and Other Drugs
7.52  Burlesque/The Next Three Days/Made in Dagenham
8.1  Faster/The Warrior's Way/Tangled
8.2  Tron/The Fighter/Black Swan
8.3  The Tourist/The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader/Yogi Bear
8.4  Rabbit Hole/Gulliver's Travels/How Do You Know
8.5  Little Fockers/True Grit/Season of the Witch
8.6  Country Strong, Somewhere, The King's Speech
8.7  The Green Hornet/The Dilemma/No Strings Attached
8.8  The Rite/Blue Valentine/From Prada to Nada
8.9  The Mechanic/Barney's Version/Vanishing on 7th Street
8.10  Nomeo and Juliet/Sanctum/I Am Number Four
8.11  Just Go with It, Cedar Rapids, Roommate
8.12  Unknown/The Eagle/The Fifth Quarter
8.13  Justin Bieber: Never Say Never/Big Mammas: Like Father Like Son/Waiting for Superman
8.14  The Adjustmenent Bureau/Rango/Hall Pass
8.15  Drive Angry/Take Me Home Tonight/Jane Eyre
8.16  Battle Los Angeles, Paul, Beastly
8.17  The Lincoln Lawyer/Source Code/Red Riding Hood
8.18  Rio/Limitless/Win-Win
8.19  Mars Needs Moms/Hop/Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules
8.20  The Beaver/Scream 4/Sucker Punch
8.21  Your Highness/Hanna/Arthur
8.22  Water for Elephants/The Conspirator/Insidious
8.23  Fast Five/Prom/Born to Be Wild
8.24  Something Borrowed/Jumping the Broom/The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
8.25  Dylan Dog: Dead of Night/Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil/Soul Surfer
8.26  Thor, Bridesmaids. Priest
8.27  Pirates of the Caribbean/On Stranger Tides/Kung Fu Panda 2/Everything Must Go
8.28  Hangover 2/Hesher/Submarine
8.29  X-Men Fist Class/The Tree of Life/Beginners
8.30  Bad Teacher/Joody Moody and the Not Bummer Summer/The Art of Getting By
8.31  Green Lantern/Super 8/Mister Popper's Penguin
8.32  Cars 2/Monte Carlo/The Tempest
8.33  Transformers 3/Dark of the Moon/Larry Crowne/Zookeeper
8.34  Horrible Bosses/A Better Life/African Cats
8.35  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows/Winnie the Pooh/The Smurfs
8.36  Capitain America/Friends with Benefits/Snowflower and the Secret Fan
8.37  Cowboys and Aliens/Crazy Stupid Love!Another Earth
8.38  The Rise of the Planet of the Apes/The Change-Up/The Devil's Double
8.39  30 Minutes or Less/The Guard/The Help
8.40  Final Destination 5/Fright Night/One Day
8.41  The Debt/Don't Be Afraid of Dark/Our Idiot Brother
8.42  I Don't Know How She Does It/Shark Night 3D/Creature
8.43  Contagion/Colombiana/Bucky Larson/Born To Be A Star
8.44  Straw Dogs/Killer Elite/Warrior
8.45  Moneyball/Machine Gun Preacher/Glee 3D
8.46  The Ideas of March/Anonymous/What's Your
8.47  Drive/Real Steel/50/50
8.48  Dolphin Tale/Footloose/The Thing
8.49  The Big Year/Dream House/Dirty Girl
8.50  Johnny English Reborn/The Way/The Mighty Macs
8.51  In Time/The Three Musketeers/Martha, Marcy/May
8.52  The Twilight Saga/Breaking Dawn/Immortals/A Very
9.1  J. Edgar/Tower Heist/Jack and Jill
9.2  The Muppets/Happy Feet 2/Arthur Christmas
9.3  Hugo/A Dangerous Method/The Sitter
9.4  Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol/Sherlock Holmes 2/A Games Of
9.5  Tinker/Tailor, Soldier, Spy/Young Adult/Alvin & the Chipmuncks Chipwrecked
9.6  New Year's Day/My Week with Marilyn/The Darkest Hour
9.7  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/War Horse/Tin Tin
9.8  We Bought a Zoo/In the Land of Blood and Honey/And They're Off
9.9  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close/Iron Lady/Man on a Ledge
9.10  Contraband/Underworld Awakening/Joyful Noise
9.11  The Artist/Red Tails/Haywire
9.12  Coriolanus/The Grey/The Woman in Black
9.13  Journey 2 Mysterious Island/Big Miracle/Pariah
9.14  Safehouse/This Means War/The Secret Life of Arrietty
9.15  Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance/Gone/Wanderlust
9.16  Act of Valor/Project X/Dr Seuss the Lorax
9.17  A Thousand Words/Salmon Fishing in the Yemen/John Carter
9.18  21 Jump Street/Jeff Who Lives at Home/Friends with Kids
9.19  The Hunger Games/October Baby/Casa De Mi Padre
9.20  Wrath of the Titans/Mirror Mirror/American Reunion
9.21  Being Flynn/Bully/The Three Stooges
9.22  The Lucky One/Think Like a Man/The Pirates Band of Misfits
9.23  The Five Year Engagement/The Cabin in the Woods/To the Artic
9.24  The Avengers/The Raven/Get the Gringo
9.25  Dark Shadows/Safe/Bernie
9.26  Men in Black 3/Battleship/Girl in Progress
9.27  The Dictator/What to Expect/When You Are Expecting/Chernobyl Diaries
9.28  Ow White and the Huntsman/Moonrise Kingdom/Piranha 3DD
9.29  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel/96 Minutes/Chimpanzee
9.30  Madagascar3/For Greater Glory/That's My Boy
9.31  Prometheus/Brave/Rock of Ages
9.32  Ahraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter/People Like Us/Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
9.33  Savages/Beasts of the Southern Wild/Katy Perrr Part of Me
9.35  Ice Age Continental Drift/Killer Joe/Madea's Witness Protection
9.36  Carnage/We the Party/Runway Slave
9.37  The Dark Knight Rises/Step Up Revolution/The Watch
9.38  The Bourne Legacy/Total Recall/Ruby Sparks
9.39  The Campaign/The Odd Life of Timothy Green/Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days
9.40  The Expendables 2/Sparkle/Paranorman
9.41  Premier Rush/Lawless/The Words
9.42  The Cold Light of Day/For a Good Time Call/The Apparition
9.43  Resident Evil Retribution/Finding Nemo 3D/Hit and Run
9.44  The Impossible/The Perks of Being a Wallflower/Hotel Transylvania
9.45  Trouble Wit the Curve/Dredd/House at the End of the Street
9.46  Loopers/Frankenweenie/Won't Back Down
9.47  7 Psychopaths/Here Comes the Boom/Pitch Perfect
9.48  Taken 2/Argo/Sinister
9.49  Cloud Atlas/Fun Size/Alex Cross
9.50  Wreck-It Ralph/Chasing Mavericks/The Sessions
9.51  Skyfall/Flight/The Man with the Iron Fists
9.52  The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2/Life of Pi/Damsels in Distress
10.2  Hitchcock/Silver Linnings Playbooks/The Collection
10.3  Killing Them Softly/Red Dawn/This Is 40
10.4  Les Miserables/The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey/Hyde Park on Hudson
10.5  Jack Reacher/Promised Land/The Guilt Trip
10.6  Django Unchained/Parental Guidance/Not Fade Away
10.7  Cirque Du Soleil World Away/10 Years/Secret of the Wings
10.8  Gangster Squad/Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters/Mama
10.9  Broken City/Warm Bodies/LUV
10.10  The Last Stand/Zero Dark Thirty/Death Race 3 Inferno
10.11  Bullet to the Head/Identity Thief/Side Effects
10.12  A Good Day to Die Hard/Safe Heaven/Movie 43
10.13  Beautiful Creatures/Escape from Planet Earth/The Host
10.14  OZ the Great and Powerful/Snitch/Dark Skies
10.15  Jack the Giant Slayer/Admission/The Croods
10.16  21 and Over/Bless Me Ultima/The Last Exorcism Part II
10.17  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone/The Call/Upside Down
10.18  GI JOE Retaliation/The Sapphires/Trance
10.19  The Place Beyond the Pines/Darling Companion/Tyler Perry's
10.20  Olympus Has Fallen/42/Evil Dead
10.21  Disconnect/Filly Brown/Family Weekend
10.22  Oblivion/Pain & Gain/The Big Weekend
10.23  Iron Man 3/Star Trek Into Darkness/Last Ounce of Courage
10.24  Fast & Furious 6/The Iceman/Peeples
10.25  The Great Gatsby/Epic/This Is the End
10.26  Now You See Me/The Hangover Part III/Black Rock
10.27  What Maisie Knew/The Kings of Summer/We Steal Secrets the Story of Wikileaks
10.28  The Lone Ranger/After Earth/Monsters University
10.29  The Purge/The Internship/Turbo
10.30  Man of Steel/World War Z/Stoker
10.31  Despicable Me 2/Elysium/The Way Way Back
10.36  R.I.P.D/The Wolverine/The to Do List
10.37  Rush/Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2./Jurassic Park 3D
10.39  Planes/Kick-Ass 2/We're the Millers
10.40  Paranoia/The Butler/Jobs
10.47  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones/Closed Circuit/Getaway
10.49  Gravity/Don Jon/ Battle of the Year
10.50  Thor: The Dark World/Last Vegas/Free Birds
11.1  Saving Mr Banks/Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom/ Black Nativity
Becoming Jane/El Cantante/Bourne Ultimatum
Eastern Promises/The Brothers Solomon/The Hunting Party
Evan Almighty/Eagle Vs. Shark/A Mighty Heart
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer/Nancy Drew/Fido
Get Smart/The Love Guru/The Incredible Hulk
Goya's Ghosts/Arctic Tale/The Simpsons Movie
HOS171-Daddy's Little Girls/Reno 911/Ghost Rider
HOS172-300/Black Snake Moan/Zodiac
HOS173-Premonition/Shooter/The Last Mimzy
HOS175-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/Meet the Robinsons/Pride
HOS176-Disturbia/Firehouse Dog/Hills Have Eyes
HOS178-Vacancy/Perfect Stanger/Hot Fuzz
HOS179-Fracture/Next/The Invisible
HOS183-Knocked Up/Mr Brooks/Surf's Up
HOS184-Ocean 13/Hostel II/Day Watch
HOS194-Stardust/Bratz: The Movie/Superbad
HOS252-Machete, Lottery Ticket, Takers
HOS308-This Is It/Amelia/2012
HOS310-The Box/The Blind Side/Fantastic Mr Fox
HOS312-Old Dogs/The Road/Ninja Assassin
HOS318-Extraordinary Measures/Waking Sleeping Beauty/The 4th Kind
HOS321-Edge of Darkness/Nine/The Spy Next Door
HOS322-Valentine's Day/The Wolfman/Dear John
HOS325-Brooklyn's Finest/Cop Out/The Crazies
HOS335-Iron Man 2. Furry Vengeance, Just Wright
HOS339-The Karate Kid, Marmaduke, Splice
Harry Potter/Captivity/Evening
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry/Sunshine/Hairspray
Invasion/Rush Hour 3/Mr. Bean's Holiday
Knight and Day/Inception/The Last Airbender
Lakeview Terrace/Flash of Genius/Burn After Reading
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World/Charlie St. Cloud/Flipped
See No Evil/Over the Hedge/Da Vinci Code
Shoot Em' Up/The Nines/3:10 to Yuma
The Expendables/The Switch/Nanny McFee Returns
The Happening/Seven Pounds/The Tale of Despereaux
The Losers/The Runaways/Oceans
The Lovely Bones/Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel/Crazy Heart
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor/American Teen/Pineapple Express
The Nanny Diaries/Ladron Que Roba a Ladron/Balls of Fury
Valkyrie/Doubt/Bride Wars
What Happens in Vegas/The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian/The Foot Fist Way