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Season 4

19 Jul. 2008
Two Kisses, One Party
Sally is disappointed in Derek when he refuses to help out at Marti's birthday party; Casey asks Max if he wants to get back together.
27 Jul. 2008
Open Mic Plight
Derek has trouble expressing his feelings, so Sally suggests that he write her a song. Edwin is hurt when no one finds his comedy routine for the talent show funny.
12 Aug. 2008
Just Friends
Casey sets out to prove Derek wrong when he claims guys and girls can't be just friends.
26 Aug. 2008
March Break
Casey and Derek choose to stay home alone while the rest of the family goes on a road trip to Quebec City for March Break.
12 Sep. 2008
6 1/2
Even though she tries not to care, Casey is crushed to learn the cute new guy, Truman, rated her a mere 6 1/2 out of 10.
23 Sep. 2008
Derek Denies Denial
Sally's acceptance into the University of British Columbia nearly puts a strain on Derek's relationship with her,... and everybody else. Lizzie and Marti take care of a lost dog.
7 Oct. 2008
Happy New Schoolyear
All the kids are in crisis about going back to school in September, but they have to put their problems aside to stop Derek from dropping out of school to go west with Sally.
21 Oct. 2008
No Secrets
When Casey's dream diary - documenting her persistent dreams about Truman - goes missing, she's convinced either Edwin or Derek have taken it.
4 Nov. 2008
Take a Stepkid to Work
Casey spends a day at George's law office; Derek nearly loses business for Nora.
18 Nov. 2008
No More Games
On gym activity sign up day, Derek (Michael Seater) makes sure Casey (Ashley Leggat) is late for school so all the popular options are booked up. Casey ends up in fencing, with Fergus (Patrick Garrow) as her instructor, and the insufferable flirt Truman (Joe Dinicol) as her partner. Although Casey and Emily (Shadia Simmons) had made a pact to swear off dating until after the Christmas exams, Casey now wants to extend the policy for the rest of the year just to keep Truman at bay. When he accidentally gooses her with his épée, Casey hits Truman on the arm with her épée...
2 Dec. 2008
How I Met Your Stepbro
On her wedding anniversary, Nora tries to distract herself from George's Mexican fiesta fiasco by recalling Casey and Derek's plot to stop their parents' marriage.
16 Dec. 2008
Casey & Ralph?!
When Ralph decides he's in love with Casey, Derek encourages him to go for it.
30 Dec. 2008
Tuesday Afternoon Fever
Derek threatens to ruin Casey's dreams of winning an important dance competition; Lizzie tries to convert junk food junkies George and Edwin.
4 Mar. 2009
Teddy's Back
After pulling a devious prank on Derek (Michael Seater) a year before, Teddy (Cameron Ansell) is back, hanging around, and driving everyone in the McDonald Venturi household crazy. Teddy knows they want to get rid of him, but before they send him home he appeals to Derek's ego as the master prankster. The only reason he's been hanging around and the only reason he pranked Derek last year was to earn his respect. A flattered Derek makes Teddy his personal assistant and Teddy has Derek exactly where he wants him. Edwin is deeply suspicious of Teddy's motives, and not a ...
11 Mar. 2009
Rude Awakenings
With his D average, it's going to take more than supersonic cramming to get Derek into university.
18 Mar. 2009
Truman's Last Chance
Now that they've been dating for a few weeks, Casey (Ashley Leggat) and Truman (Joe Dinicol) have officially reached boyfriend/girlfriend status. So when Truman announces he's going to a private school party in Toronto that weekend, Casey assumes she's invited. But Nora isn't sure how she feels about Truman and doesn't like Casey travelling two hours to a party. Even though Casey volunteers to stay with her cousin Vicki (Paula Brancati), Nora still isn't comfortable with the idea. Instead, she suggests Derek (Michael Seater) chaperone. Casey is outraged at the idea, ...
25 Mar. 2009
Prom is fast approaching, and Derek (Michael Seater) and Casey (Ashley Leggat) are scrambling to find dates. Casey had planned on going with Truman (Joe Dinicol), but isn't talking to him after what happened at the party in Toronto. And though Derek had a first, second and third choice picked out, when he finally gets around to asking, each girl has already committed to go with someone else. Casey decides prom will be more fun with a friend, and since her male pals are already spoken for, she asks Emily (Shadia Simmons) to be her date right before Derek hears that ...
25 Mar. 2009
In the series finale of Life with Derek, Casey (Ashley Leggat) has been chosen valedictorian of her graduating class, but a case of "futuritis" has left her struggling to write her speech, which is supposed to celebrate the future. She has received a scholarship to Queens University in Kingston but is having second thoughts about moving so far away from her family. Derek (Michael Seater) claims not to be worried about anything he's planning to go to Europe the following year whether he gets into university or not. But he's having trouble convincing everyone including ...

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