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  • In 2003, in the Longview State Correctional Facility, the criminal Marcus Wright is on death row, and is convinced by the cancerous Dr. Serena Kogan to donate his body to her research and he accepts. In 2018, after an unsuccessful attack to a Skynet facility, only John Connor survives, but he discovers that Skynet is developing the powerful new model T-800. Out of the blue, Marcus appears naked and with amnesia in the location. Marcus befriends the teenager Kyle Reese and the girl Star who help him to survive the lethal machines and they travel together in a Jeep. Meanwhile the resistance discovers a signal that might turn-off the machines and John offers to test it. When Kyle is captured by a machine and brought to the Skynet headquarters, Marcus decides to help the youngster and heads to Skynet; on the way, he saves Blair Williams who suggests to him that he should meet John Connor first. But Marcus steps on a mine and is submitted to surgery, when a secret about his origins is disclosed.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • In 2018, Skynet has destroyed most of humanity and survivors have been hiding underground from an army of machines, known as "Terminators". After a failed attack on a Skynet base, John Connor, the man fated to lead the Resistance is the sole survivor. On the other hand, Marcus Wright, who only remembers being on death row, meets Kyle Reese and it is believed by Connor that he was sent from the future to kill him. Now Marcus and John must unlikely join forces in order to save Kyle Reese and the humans captured by the machines.

    - Written by Emphinix
  • In the not too distant future, John Connor is a key member of the resistance against the machines that have taken over the Earth. From the recordings his mother has left him, he knows he has to find Kyle Reese and send him back to Earth if the future is to occur as it should. Reese is just a teenager now, on the run like many other humans. While in the company of another survivor, Marcus Wright, Kyle is taken prisoner by the machines and transported to Skynet's headquarters in San Francisco. Connor sets out to rescue him but is shocked by Wright's true nature. Not all is at it seems to be and success is far from guaranteed.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • The war between man and machine is waging and humanity's savior, John Connor is doing his best. He learns that his nemesis, Skynet is searching for the one who will father him, Kyle Reese so he tries to find him. And at the same time he thinks he found a way to stop Skynet. One of Connor's people gets in trouble and meets a man named Marcus who has not knowledge of Judgement Day and the War. It seems like he was a man who was about to be executed just before Judgement Day and before his execution, a doctor approached him asking if he would allow her to use his body for a project she's working on and he agreed. Which was his last memory. When he and the rebel return to camp something happens and when Marcus awakens he is chained up and Connor shows him that he is not completely human. Connor thinks he's one of Skynet's Terminators who was sent to kill him and Kyle Reese. Marcus denies what he is talking about and tells Connor that he was with Kyle Reese and that he was captured and is being brought to Skynet. Connor sets out to rescue Kyle. The woman Marcus left helps him escape and when Connor confronts him, Marcus says he will do what he can to save Kyle. Connor lets him go.

    - Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com
  • Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind.

    - Written by Warner Bros. Pictures
  • In 2018, a mysterious new weapon in the war against the machines, half-human and half-machine, comes to John Connor on the eve of a resistance attack on Skynet. But whose side is he on, and can he be trusted?

    - Written by jgp3553@yahoo.com


In 2003, Dr. Serena Kogan (Helena Bonham Carter) of Cyberdyne Systems convinces death row inmate Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) to sign his body over for medical research following his execution by lethal injection...

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