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The Hollywood Reporter
Strong performances by Scott Mechlowicz as Millman and Nick Nolte as the mysterious mechanic who changes his life ground the film in effective drama.
Sometimes in an imperfect movie there is consolation simply in regarding the actors.
The result is something close to a textbook example of how NOT to visualize spiritual principles of the "be here now" variety.
Entertainment Weekly
In the ranks of improbable gymnastics coaches, Nick Nolte falls just below the cartoon version of Mr. T.
The film is better than it has any right to be, considering the prosaic source.
The film's biggest miracle is the straight face Nick Nolte maintains in his role as Socrates.
Philadelphia Inquirer
By the end of the film's two-hour stream of Be-Here-Now-isms, anyone left in the audience will be wanting to yell, "Put a sock in it!" to old Soc.
Chicago Tribune
The cast is quite good. But Peaceful Warrior, which is basically "The Karate Kid" with a bigger kid and a bigger mentor, represents a journey of predictability, rather than a destination worth the trouble.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The intriguing thing about The Peaceful Warrior is that nothing else in the movie feels haphazard.
Miami Herald
One of those blessedly rare films based on a self-help book, is remarkable in one sense: It prevents "The Lake House" and its magical mailbox from being the most ridiculous concept on screen this summer.
New York Post
Tries to be "The Karate Kid" of gymnastics. It looks more like "The Karate Kid" as imagined by Details magazine.

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