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"Fairy Jerry" is an inside joke in the town of Agoura.
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The drills that that Reggie Jackson used for the boys were actual drills he did as a kid.
The issue with the player with the fake birth certificate really happened. Danny Almonte, originally from the Dominican Republic, playing for a US team from New York was found to be too old. He was actually 14, not 12, the cut-off age. He had a forged birth certificate. His team had won their regional competition and were eliminated in the semifinals of the Little League World Series but, as a result of the scandal, the entire team was disqualified, had their records erased and the coach banned for life from Little League baseball.
The stadium built for the final game features architectural details borrowed from several Major League parks: Yankee Stadium since 70s (the "wedding-cake" trim on top of the bleachers' wall), Wrigley Field (the brick-and-ivy fences), Fenway Park (the Green Monster fence) and Chase Field (the pool area behind right field).
After their first game, David Spade walks out of the field with the other two wearing his sunglasses. This is the only scene where "Richie" wears sunglasses, because the director didn't allow the character to wear them. However, in this scene, he had forgotten to take his glasses off after being backstage and the director thought that the take was so good, he didn't bother re-doing the take.
In an interview with Howard Stern, Adam Sandler said he specifically cast Spade and Schneider to force them to work together in order to smooth over a rift that the two had with each other.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Jon Moscot was a 14-year-old extra in the film. He was not credited as his parents were concerned his college eligibility could be adversely impacted. Moscot has said that he gave up seven home runs to Rob Schneider during the filming.
Rachel Hunter portrays a Hot Mother, who kisses Clark (Jon Heder) at the end of the movie. In 2003, she starred in Fountain of Wayne's music video, "Stacy's Mom," where she also portrayed a Hot Mother.
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John lovitz was also starred the film "A league of their own" playing Ernie Capadino, who was a scout for the all American girls baseball league.
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Jackie Sandler: The woman that confronts Richie about the "Lesbian Sex Scenes" is Adam Sandler's wife.
John Farley: The man in the speedo throughout the whole movie is Chris Farley's brother.
Charles Dugan: Marty, Richie's boss at the video store, is director Dennis Dugan's father.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The end where the opposing team rebels against their manager (in order to help the Benchwarmers score at least one run) was lifted from the original Bad News Bears. Only this time, instead of the coaches son rebelling, the entire team does.

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