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Tyra should be her own guest on the show
moonindigo771 October 2007
It's so hard to learn about the guests that appear on the Tyra Bank's Show because she is too busy thinking and talking about what to say about herself over and over and over again. It's painful to see. She even has the audience ask her questions about herself, it's so ridiculous and she obviously loves it!! Someone who is in a position to tell her that she is overly self-absorbed needs to tell her. I know it's called the Tyra Bank's Show but she takes the meaning of the title to a whole new level. For most talk shows the title of the show is usually named after the host, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show or The Montel Williams Show, but they don't have a constant need to talk about themselves at every chance they get. That is the difference between the Tyra Bank's show and all other talk shows. Tyra may as well be her own guest (every time) because that would be her idea of the ideal show to sum it all up.
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Takes Narcissism To Another Level
amwcsu21 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Do we really need another self-centered, wise-ass, uber-yuppie talk show host? I mean c'mon here people! Especially one who talks way too much and more than often about herself and her own little world. I can't stand this show, it's like....imagine fingernails on a chalkboard in Surround Sound amplified 3X. That sums up the Tyra Banks Show. What is more irritating is Tyra's disguises as fat people homeless drifters, etc. I mean come on does she really know how these people really feel? Real drifters and fat people can't take off the Special Effects suits and dingy clothes and return to a mansion in the Hills. The ugly truth is that she doesn't. In general, it's the usual bulls*^t topics: love, fashion tips, dieting, dating, racism/homophobia, etc. What talk show doesn't talk about these issues and sensationalize the opinions of a bunch of morons/victims airing their dirty laundry and making asses of themselves on national television. There is only one person that TB cares about....and that person is Tyra Banks, give or take a few high-profile rich celebrities from who am I kidding.
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This is painful
mads leonard holvik4 April 2006
Some times my flat mate watches this TV show. It is hosted by Tyra Banks. The show is called The Tyra Banks Show, and basically it is a big ego trip for Tyra Banks. The intro to the show is very boring and long, then the show itself is about Tyra Banks having different guests and they talk about nail polish and how wonderful it is to have your guy give a perfect proposal or whatever. This is the kind of TV that will leave you empty and stupid after watching. It is like being hit by a car, or running into an invisible brick wall. You do not know what happened, but you know it was painful. I think these kinds of shows are the back side of emancipation and feminism. It is a perverted form of feminism.
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Perfect for Psychology Students
daxevic9 May 2009
Anyone who's interested in psychology, especially narcissism, should look at this show. I cannot think of another group of people to watch this horrible show.

It would be an okay show, like a daughter to the Winfrey Show, if it wasn't for the host herself.

I get the creepy feeling that I know Tyra Banks mother better than my own. The word "I" gets a new synonym in this show = Tyra Banks.

The guests are okay, BUT if they are good people, like saving the world or something like that, Tyra wont give THEM credit for that, but to herself because she saved a 100 children or what the hell do I know.

Is it a "bad" guest (stripper, whore), Tyra Banks will do anything in her power to prove to the world that she is SOOO against it. So against it that her mother will appear on the show, talking about what a tough childhood Tyra had, but she never took the down road to stripping blablabla.

Watch it only if your extremely bored. Or if your writing Tyra Banks biography book.
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I could go a lifetime without ever seeing Tyra Banks on television again
MovieAddict20165 August 2006
Talk about over-exposure. First she had a grating, oh-so-very-staged "reality" television show named America's Top Model - which was repetitive garbage - and the next thing you know she's got a big-budget talk show, complete with a huge flickering sign that says "TYRA!" in the background. Yay! (As if we might have forgotten her name.) Banks is one of the most pretentious, pompous and arrogant people you're likely to ever see grace the television set. Her stint on America's Top Model consisted of constantly reminding all the other models that, hey, she's Tyra Banks! She, like, really cool and smart and stuff! She's a model and she knows who's hot and who's not! If you enjoy promoting materialism and the superficial than by all means, Tyra would likely be your hero. But if you are disgusted - as I am - by watching egotistical, dumb people on television trying to tell other people how they should look more beautiful (because remember, children - outer beauty is all that really counts!), you're likely to loathe this as I do.

As far as talk shows go it is very basic - it's the standard deal with the special guest interviews and such. I just find Tyra Banks to be such a grating figure that I can't even enjoy any part of the interviews. It's clear she thinks so much of herself and often cuts off the people she is interviewing to give her own personal stories that she has been reminded of whilst they were responding to one of her questions.

I haven't seen very much of it, but Heidi Klum has a fashion show as well and I found it far more entertaining because Klum - although perhaps not the brightest person in the world - isn't as presumptuous or arrogant as Banks. Maybe she wouldn't be the best candidate for a talk show, but I'd rather watch her pleasant demeanor than have to put up with Trya's big ego.
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Makes me sick to the stomach
fieldy27 November 2007
What a piece of crap! I've only seen bits but even just a few seconds of this show makes me feel like killing myself. Tyra is definitely one of the most annoying people on television today.

I thought 'America's Next Top Model' was bad, but now it seems like some form of high art compared to 'The Tyra Banks Show'!!

Avoid at all costs, unless you want a cheap laugh (though it feels wrong, like those insensitive folks who like making fun of handicapped people) - in fact when I first saw the show I wondered if I was watching one of those comedy spoofs. But unfortunately not, this is the real deal... brain-dead morons hosting TV shows, what'll they think of next?
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Tyra Banks is the Anti-Christ
Beth3 December 2009
It's the only conclusion I can come to. She is awful, overbearing and rude. A good talk show host does not insert her opinion every 4 minutes and fail to let people talk that are on the show. The show should be about the subject, whether it's strippers or whoever, they are humans and because Tyra claims has all these high-morals and doesn't agree doesn't mean they should be humiliated.

You also gotta love her getting dressed up as a stripper and then backing out. I guess in the end Tyra couldn't force herself to go parading out on a stage 1/2 naked...oh wait....didn't she do that for Victoria's Secret?? Oh, but that is different I guess.

Tyras outfits are ridiculous, her make-up is caked on, and her hair must weigh at least 10 pounds.

But of course she ruined Top Model, so why not ruin this show as well? Hopefully they will cancel it soon and she can find something else to do with her time.

Maybe she can go back to her singing career (LOL).
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Entertaining Talk Show!
dgordon-16 February 2007
Reading some of the comments on this site have really surprised me about the "Tyra Banks Show". For me, I really like this show, even though it is not perfect, it's entertaining. I really like Tyra's sense of humor, and she seems sincere in her approach. Remember too, that Tyra is not a seasoned interviewer, but she is holding her own OK. This is her 2nd season, and she has come a long way from the 1st season. Most of the topics are good, but you can tell that it's specifically aimed at a 20-30 year old female audience. A couple things I've noticed on this show is that Tyra will tend to cross-plug "America's Top Model". She will have one of the models on the show or slip something in about the show into the conversation. Although, it is good to cross-plug for marketing purposes, this practice can get pretty tired when it's done constantly. Another item I've noticed is that Tyra will tend to pick sides, especially when it comes to having a show about infidelity or bad relationships. Geraldo Riveira and Montel Williams used to do this too, but it's not a good journalism practice. Technically, you should remain impartial, but talk shows tend to not follow this practice. Even with this said, I still really enjoy catching most of Tyra's shows. She tries to have fun with her guests, and tries to include her audience and the viewer in on the fun. When she had Janet Jackson on, and the Wayan Brothers, Tyra really showed her fun side. She tries to mix-it-up with serious topics like racism, discrimination and bad relationships. The episodes that come to mind are when she had Kevin Aviance as a guest and the topic was about gay-bashing, and another show when Sue Johannsen was on about sex/relationship info. My favorite shows are the ones when Tyra goes undercover. This is something I have not seen on past talk shows. It really gives a different perspective on the topic. Tyra has gone undercover to be an exotic dancer, overweight and even a man! This proves to me that Tyra is willing to go the extra mile to experience the covered topic. It's really nice to see that she is willing to get her "hands dirty", and see what it's like first-hand. I hope that "The Tyra Banks Show" stays on the air for a while, because it is one of the better new shows in a sea of mediocre situation comedies and so called reality shows.
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Very Much Needed In Present Time
coxbey10 May 2006
Tyra has proved herself to America. A national Top Model and an accomplished Person in her own right! I really believe that her show is much needed in relation to women, young and old, she discusses many truths and issues that battle young and old women alike. From STD's to Beauty & Glamour,Self-esteem, and courage. She still is young and there is an audience for this show. It's not just about Tyra. She reaches those who Oprah can't reach. The Tyra Banks show proves to women that she made it with hard work, and being in the business of modeling, her show sets the stage for young models, actors and the like to know that the show doesn't stop because you get older.
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Viktor Lantz30 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I made an account on IMDb just to write a review about how terrible this program really is.

To be fair, i have only seen two-three shows which may, by some freak accident, have been the worst shows that she ever recorded. Eitherway, as a talk show host I believe that their opinion should not be expressed in every sentence because this, amongst other reasons, will intimidate guests and prevent them from expressing their own viewpoints. Tyra constantly imposes her own perspective onto both the guests and the audience which frustrates me to the point where my blood begins to boil. The episode where Sasha Grey (who i personally believe to be one of the more intelligent porn stars) is on the show and represents "Teenagers in pornography" has to be the worst piece of s**t ever put on TV. I have never seen a more biased host which is apparent in every single one of her leading question. She then goes on to support the other guests who seem to be entirely opposed to pornography due to their own personal experiences (which is perfectly fine) but to support these guests and not Sasha is despicable. Not only does she continuously interrupt Sasha and refuse to allow her to express her opinion, in the closing scenes she can be seen hugging the younger guest and saying something like "I'm glad about the progress which we have made with (name)". Sasha is, of course, not even included in this wrap up and no mention of her perspective on the subject is mentioned.

This really made me sick. My view of Tyra Banks (which has never been positive) really has sunk through the floor. I look forward to boycotting all of her future shows.
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Getting better
imdbaddict15 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with previous commenters who said that while the Tyra show is not GREAT, it's not so bad either. In fact, I think it's improving. From the shows I've seen in the first season, it's definitely getting better now. There are some shows that are ridiculous yet entertaining, and there are other shows that are quite informative, though not exactly the equivalent of a Discover Channel or Learning Channel program. At first I thought the Tyra show was like another Ricki Lake show with some similarities, such as guests who practice witchcraft or other "controversial" shows, makeovers, frequent talk about sex, etc. But now I think she's coming to her own. There are some things that bother me about Tyra though. One of them is when she constantly OVER DRA MA TIZ E S her words to sound dramatic, but instead she comes off as slow or even condescending. Sometimes she tries to do stuff to act funny but it also comes off as idiotic. But no worries, she's a former model, not a comedienne. Sometimes her hair and wardrobe is a hit and miss but it's mostly hits now. Overall, the Tyra Banks Show is no Oprah undoubtedly, but it's still entertaining. So check it out.
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