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Better than "Ideal"
Bill_Bones30 June 2005
Top Buzzer is an MTV sitcom about young people in a flat share, weed selling world. It's all quite light hearted and fun. The episode plots keep you watching and the humour is classic character based stuff as opposed to the Cheech and Chong element that the premise suggests. Stephen Graham is engaging as the main character, James Lance is James Lance and slightly grating in his middle class-ness, but it's well mocked in an episode with his parents visiting. Daniel Mays has a great turn as the idiot character Carlton. Surely the star though is the gruff, gay Scottish dealer (whose name I can't find...) He really sets the tense, daft tone of this series and ensures it's very solid comedy. It's not quite a classic, it can (surprisingly) get quite sugary and feels a tad sentimental in that episodes often end with a cosy everyone-laughing-on-the-sofa-together moment. So yea not award winning comedy but definitely worth watching.

This came on at the same time as "Ideal" on BBC3, both share pretty much the same premise and I have to say that this is better by a considerable margin. Ideal is fun in a darker way but Top Buzzer is both fun and funny. I doesn't seem to have been seen by many people which is a shame. Try and catch repeats, it's definitely worth it.
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Absolutely brilliant
AlbertRo19 July 2006
This show is probably the most realistic and funny of all the current crop of cannabis entertainment shows currently doing the rounds.(Weeds and Ideal being the others).It is well written, well acted and the actors that were chosen were perfect for the roles they played. I know people exactly like these in real life!! It is also educational as it shows in detail what the plus and negatives sides are of cannabis use. Thankfully, they are more positive than negative, and it is alcohol which is shown as the real demon here which is true in life. The only bad thing about this show was the marketing which was crap, as hardly anybody heard about this fab show while it was on TV. Waste no time therefore and go and buy the 1st series DVD, and I really do hope, and so do my mates, that they will all get together again and make a new series. After all, isn't that why there is a mysterious postcard inside the DVD, which has nothing to do with the first series.......
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AKeeb26 February 2006
Very good comedy series; along with The Mighty Boosh, this is the best British comedy around at the moment - where's the second series?

The characters are very funny and the script is pretty sharp. I suspect that this will turn up on terrestrial in the middle of the night in a couple of years time, by which time all the cast will be off doing other things and won't be able to make a second series - shame.

Why did the BBC refuse to show it? Well, it is a strange one, because at the same that Top Buzzer was showing on MTV, the BBC were showing a programme called Ideal, which was also based around dealing drugs, although that was completely unfunny and, in my opinion, a miserable load of old rubbish, that relied upon the viewer finding the sight of pathetic human wreck Johnny Vegas trying to string a sentence together funny and entertaining.

No, I've never found that funny either.

So forget the BBC, and the fact that MTV are seemingly not going to commission a second series, catch this on DVD, it's completely ace!

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Top stuff
LittleJimmyH7 March 2006
This really was a find. My usual scanning of thirty channels a minute in the quest of watchable television ended when I flicked onto MTV to find this gem some time back. What a winner. The characters are perfect for their environment and the writing is accurate as can be. Carlton steals the show for me with the "white rude boy" persona being portrayed with great understanding. Boring Dave really does exist and I know at least two of them. Johnny Vaughan can be prouder of this than his involvement in last year's Space Cadets. Perhaps the subject matter was easier to write about than the ad-libbing proved on the dreadful cosmic hoax. I feel like I know the main characters and in ten episodes, that's no mean feat. The only grievance I have about the show is that it features snippets of some great songs but none receive credits, so I don't know what to track down after seeing every episode. Top script, top lads, top girls-top buzzer.
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