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Season 1

It's a big day in the flat. Lee's plant has germinated. His joy is cut short when Ken tells him there is a strange looking gas fan outside. Lee's paranoia starts and when he here's sticky has been arrested he is forced to take action.
Little Wednesday
Lee's big date with daisy is coming up but he is a bit short on cash and since Sticky wont give him any money he has to raise the money by selling the worst drug they have 2ounces of "Commersh". Luckily Carlton is ready to help him or is he?
At the moment there is a drought of drugs everywhere and Sticky and Lee are desperate and to top it all off the TV is broke. And then Ken turns up and says he knows someone unfortunately for Sticky and Lee they have to drive him about since his car is being repaired not long in the car and everything begins to turn into a nightmare
Lee's Dinner
While Bugsy and Sticky are off at a club DJ'ing Lee decides to make a fancy dinner for Daisy but when he accidently gets celery and salt instead of celery salt he has to venture to the corner shop(while on a bad mix of thai weed and Bugsy's Rum n' Bass)but will this massive mishap ruin his chance to get with Daisy?
Encouraged by Carlton and Sophie, Lee downs tools after a minor argument with Sticky turns nasty. Faced with the paralysis of his once profitable business, Sticky is forced to bring Carlton in - a move that can only end in complete disaster. Sophie, meanwhile, uses the situation to promote a radically left wing agenda.
Meet the Parents
Lee's plant is sick, Sticky's straight laced parents are in town and heading to the flat for lunch. Sticky's attempts to hide any evidence of drug consumption and ban everyone from the flat backfire spectacularly, especially when Ken turns up searching for a little package that he has misplaced the night before. The day does have his benefits though.
The Neighbours Are Away
Sticky's Parisian girlfriend Muriel is not happy and the bank has bounced a cheque for the launch party of Bugsy's album. Sticky sees a way out when Lee informs him that 'the neighbours are away'. He comes up with a new concept - 'the house party themed launch party.' Now all he to do is persuade Bugsy, who has problems of his own down at the studio.
Sticky's 'house party themed launch party' has kicked off but without its main attraction, Bugsy, who has gone to visit his granny. Sticky's frustration goes into overdrive when he discovers that Lee has put Boring Dave's sister, Scarlet, on his guest list 'plus 12.' As with all good parties though, there are several surprises in store for an unsuspecting Sticky and Lee.
Either They Go...
Muriel is in town and she is not impressed with Sticky's new choice of housemates. Neither is Daisy. Both of them lay down the law in their own inimitable way. Lee discovers that he has a secret admirer and no, it's not Ken.
The Long Weekend
Ken, on the run from fearsome gangster The Grid, decides to hole up at the flat. Well, in Sticky's bedroom, specifically. With orders to protect his whereabouts at all costs, Sticky and Lee soon find themselves slaves to Ken's every whim. And that means every whim. The nightmare ends with help from an unexpected quarter only for a new nightmare to begin....

 Season 1 

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