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Season 2

9 Mar. 2006
Boiler Room
The Dark Oracle comic returns with a vengeance and the Stone twins, Cally and Lance are more at risk than ever. When Dizzy gets entangled with the bizarre initiation rites of Vern's new fraternity of darkness, he and Lance are forced to contend with a series of terrifying events that the comic predicted. In the end, Cally and Lance decide there will be no more secrets and lies. They tell Dizzy and Sage about the comic.
It Happened at the Dance
The comic predicts that a red sports car will get into a terrible accident and when Cally's new crush, Emmett shows up at school with the very same car, Cally is horrified. The fall formal turns into a comedy of errors, with Cally and Dizzy doing everything to stop Emmett from getting into his car. Meanwhile, Lance and Sage have a fight and Sage ends up being sucked into the mirror in the mysterious back room at Gamerz... evil comic Sage taking her place.
23 Mar. 2006
Through a Glass Darkly
Evil Sage has taken real Sage's place and Lance and Cally are shocked when this new, uncensored Sage devastates Lance by hooking up with Vern. When Evil Sage almost drowns, the spell is reversed.
30 Mar. 2006
The Game
Lance is playing an online role-playing game 24/7 and even Dizzy thinks he's out of control. A staged intervention fails utterly and Lance is back at the keyboard. Through the clues in the comic, the others figure out that the guy Lance has been gaming with online is none other than Blaze.
6 Apr. 2006
House Party
Lance and Cally find themselves the unwitting hosts of a house party that goes completely out of control. But though the trouble may start at home, it's Vern's accidental discovery of the Dark Oracle comic that lands the twins in hot water.
6 Apr. 2006
The Stalker
When the comic predicts that Dizzy will become a rock star, the "Dister" surprises everyone by entering a local "Canadian Idol" type contest. Unfortunately for Dizzy, Juniper, an obsessed fan, won't leave him alone and it starts to get very scary.
The Familiar
When Vern decides to use his expertise in the dark arts to grow his own "familiar", Cally and Lance use the comic clues to find it before the it hatches. Through it all, Cally struggles to accept Dizzy's blossoming romance with her friend Rebecca.
Boot Camp
Cally, Lance, Dizzy and Sage go on an Outward Bound style camping trip in the woods that Emmett has organized. In a frightening turn of events, members of the group start disappearing one at a time and Cally and Lance try desperately to find them, using the comic as their guide.
The Trouble with Babysitting
Cally finds herself alone, looking after Rebecca's little sisters and Violet uses Cally's isolation as an opportunity to try to take her over. In a terrifying series of events, Cally narrowly escapes falling prey to Violet and Lance is in a race against time to save her.
11 May 2006
Ghosts from the Past
Vern steals the twins comics, and causes trouble in their world when he brings someone back from the comic world. Meanwhile, Cally feels jealous when Emmet's ex-girlfriend is in town.
18 May 2006
Life Interrupted
Omen is back and in a kind of "genie in the bottle" situation, he owes Vern a favour... a wish. Vern wants to use his one "wish" to get revenge on Lance by trapping him in the comic. When Lance gets sucked through the mirror into the comic world, Omen appears to be the hero who pulls him back. But it's Blaze he rescues, not Lance.
25 May 2006
Trail Blaze
Cally and the gang face the horrible and unbelievable truth that Lance has been trapped inside the comic and Blaze has taken his place. Omen agrees to help them get Lance back, but when it's revealed that he was the one responsible for getting Blaze out in the first place, Cally feels betrayed and won't hear him out. Later, a planned attempt to trick Blaze and get him back into the comic world goes awry, and Cally is to blame. With options running out, it looks like Lance may be stuck for good...
1 Jun. 2006
Cally is filled with remorse that she hindered Doyle's plan to rescue Lance from the comic. Dizzy wants to move on and focus on rescuing Lance, but Sage can't forgive Cally. To make matters worse, Violet is released from her comic prison and plots with Blaze to replace all the kids with their evil comic counterparts. In the end, the right prevails and Blaze and Violet return to their world, while Lance returns to ours. Lance is saved, but Omen pays the price.

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