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26 Jul. 2006
A border security guard moves in with a family of illegal immigrants.
2 Aug. 2006
After a man loses his job to outsourcing, he travels to India to see the effects his job has on their culture.
9 Aug. 2006
An atheist wife and mother stays with a family of Christians for 30 days, attending their Bible study sessions and going with them to their Texas megachurch.
16 Aug. 2006
New Age
A stressed-out salesman gets 30 days of sessions with a life coach. She introduces him to various new age practices intended to give him a more balanced and calm outlook on life. Adding to his tension is a skeptical girlfriend.
23 Aug. 2006
A childless pro-choice woman spends a month living at a maternity home which operates as a pro-life ministry.
30 Aug. 2006
Morgan Spurlock sentences himself to a jail term of 30 days.

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