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Now THAT was a #%@&in' rock show!

Author: snowboarderbo from Las!
25 February 2006

Slayer is Slayer; the greatest metal band of all time and they are in top form with Dave Lombardo back behind the drums. This is an amazing, over-the-top performance, and belongs in any true metalheads collection.

Compare the intensity and drive and precision these guys exhibit to the lame crap that passes for 99% of all other bands output, and then remember that when they recorded this, they were all over 40 years old and had been playing together for more than 20 years. Then remember how other so-called thrash/metal bands slowed down and began cranking out ballads and pop $417.

Still loud, fast, and angry... just the way it should be!

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Quite good.

Author: fedor8 from Serbia
28 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They may be fat and much older, more interested in money and how to please their wives and kids, but a Slayer concert is still a lot of fun to watch. The idea of playing the entire third album is very good, if nothing than for the fact that this prevents them from playing the crap stuff from their last 4-5 albums. The drawback is that even among the bonus tracks there is only one song from the under-produced and under-appreciated "Hell Awaits" album. The sound is great, no complaints there, but the show was too heavily edited for my taste: too many black&white scenes (why??), too many rapid scene transitions, which is a technical tool necessary for dull bands, not for Slayer and the like. (No amount of scene-hopping could ever save a RHCP gig, for example.) The red paint falling on the band members (not much on Hannemann; he must have forgotten to stand in the right place) evoked the kind of reactions among the band members that one would expect: Araya, the nice guy, was grinning i.e. taking it as a joke it was meant to be, while King took it seriously, probably trying to imagine it was real blood. Slayer must be making good money these days, if they managed to get Lombardo back on drums! His animosity toward certain band members (hint: they play guitar) is well known...

Btw, the 17-minute interview segments show that the Slayer guys, at least King and Hannemann, don't believe in God's existence, hence their whole Satanism shtick is just an image thing - for those of you who didn't yet realize.

For more of my music-world rants, go to:

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It's a thing that exists

Author: apregnantlesbian
8 May 2013

The 2000s were an awkward time for Slayer. Simply put, metal was deader than a doorknob; the nu-metal/rapcore fad was thankfully on its way out, and the teenybopper long bangs metalcore fad was the new flavor of the week. Slayer were resigned to the uneasy negotiation between pandering to that new mad-at-dad metal audience and staying true to their roots, because hey, they're capital-letters-exclamation-points SLAYER. The resulting albums around this time revealed a sort of bland middle-of- the-roadness to the band's approach at staying relevant that didn't really appeal to anyone except kids. But, as Still Reigning may secretly intend to prove (despite no evident implications in the title), they're still the band that wrote Reign in Blood! I guess. I mean, they look more like a gang of truckers and pirates and homeless people now, but still!

To be honest, I never liked Slayer shows, because I think the band's image was always in severe discordance with the artistic content they brought to the table. Their innovation was in throwing blues out the window 100% and embracing chromaticism, turning mechanical brutality into a hellish ambiance that can recall Bruckner or Beethoven at their most stormy. Meanwhile, the lyrics connected Satanic imagery with war and real life horror in a way that draws everything into the same mythology, always pointing to something greater beyond sight. What do cheap gimmicks like fake blood have to do with that? It's hard not to be disappointed in their general audience--the meatheads, the self- mutilating losers, the trashy pierced cows flashing their pale pancake boobs at the nearest camera--and to some extent the band itself, who, despite accidentally making some ART in the 80s, were really always about cocaine and horror movies. I guess the performance is fine, they rip through the album gracefully enough (besides Tom, who had long since abandoned his articulate, regal approach in favor of a sort of "tough guy" growl). The editing is disastrous. Lots of incongruous pseudo-artsy black & white shots littered among cheap Windows Movie Maker effects.

Basically, Slayer was a band who never really understood what made their best stuff tick. They should have disbanded around the time Tom stopped being able to hit that Angel of Death falsetto. And no, I can't give a DVD where he doesn't hit that high note a very good score.

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Was an amazing show

Author: Mike Johnson from United States
23 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What really bugged me in there other DVD was the fans. The Fans that said... "Slayer is the First Amendment!" Or the stupid fans that were so freaken stoned that they could not say anything over there baked heads other then.. "Slayer is awesome." NO Slayer is all about 4 guys getting together and just taking everything they have and putting it into aggressive hard pure thrash metal. The Show was awesome. I was lucky enough to go to it. The Blood falling at the end is one of the coolest live effects I have ever seen at a live show. Some other highlights of the show that's not on the DVD were the great performances by Slipknot, Hatebreed, and God Forbid. The only bummer on the DVD is that they don't play the whole set list. WHICH is no prob. Slayer is slayer, and slayer kicks ass. GREAT TO SEE DAVE BACK BANGIN THE SKINS!!!

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