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Fairly interesting for die hard fans
Ramses_Emerson13 February 2005
Building a Better Mummy is the making of documentary on the DVD edition of "The Mummy". I am a huge fan of "The Mummy" and so I was interested in seeing this documentary. It focuses mostly on the computer generated effects part of the production which disappointed me a bit. The best part of this documentary is when the cast and the director talk about the movie, and I would have liked to have seen more of the interviews with them. It would have been nice to see how they built the sets, why the casted the actors, what it was like filming in the desert, instead most of the documentary is about how they digitally created the character of the Mummy. Still it is interesting for die hard fans of "The Mummy" though most other people will probably be bored.
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ONLY for die-hard fans of the film
movieman_kev19 June 2005
Beginning with a trailer for the original 1932 "the Mummy" this documentary then sequeways into talking about the remake. How they went about creating the CGI of the mummy and interviews with some of the cast and crew are what this featurette is about. It goes on for a tad too long and the title is kind of misleading as they didn't build a BETTER mummy, just a different one, but I digress. The one thing everyone will be able to agree on is that John Berton, Jr. guy is one weird looking dude. This almost 50 minute long documentary can be found on disc one of the 2-disc Ultimate edition DVD of 1999's "the Mummy" remake.

My Grade: C-
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