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An ER doctor must solve why a student is having difficulty breathing, and what his fraternity brothers might be hiding; a man falls off a roof and is impaled by a shovel; a police officer has a heart attack that ...

Season 6

7 Jan. 2012
Pipe in Head/Bleeding Bride/Prison Break
A man is impaled in the mouth by a section of pipe after he runs through a chain link fence; A newlywed starts bleeding heavily inexplicably; Two prisoners brought in for medical attention try to escape.
14 Jan. 2012
The Doctor's Wife/Campstove Stuffing/Littlest Stroke
A doctor's wife is admitted with what appears to be rectal bleeding; A man comes into the ER stuck to a camping stove; A six-year-old boy suffers a stroke.
21 Jan. 2012
Radioactive Rocks/Bleedout/Poked by a Cactus
A lock-down in the ER caused by a teacher who has brought in radioactive rocks causes complications as another patient needs to be moved into surgery for abdominal pains; A woman who is bleeding uncontrollably has to be driven across town to see a vascular surgeon; A drunk and stoned naked man is covered with cactus needles.
28 Jan. 2012
Stabbed in the Heart/Off the Record/Possessed!
An ER doctor must perform an emergency room thoracotomy on a patient who has been stabbed in the chest; A man comes into the ER insisting on paying cash to have an object removed from his body; A young woman's family thinks she is possessed when she starts having seizures.
4 Feb. 2012
Child Endangerment/Halloween in the ER/Roadside Distraction
Doctors suspect an apparent child abuse victim might actually have a medical condition causing the injuries; A white German shepherd shows up in the ER on Halloween; A neurologist happens upon a motorcycle rider who has just wrecked.
11 Feb. 2012
Rottweiler in the ER/Broken Heart/Suspicious Rash
A shooting victim's Rottweiler gets loose in the ER; A woman with a five-month-old baby is suffering from heart failure; A comatose man comes into the ER with a suspicious rash.
18 Feb. 2012
Girlfriend, Wife, Stroke!/Code Red/Deadly Bite
Doctors have to contend with a stroke victim's wife and two girlfriends; An understaffed medical clinic in Iraq has to tread three critical victims of an IED; A toddler's playful bite causes a rapidly spreading infection on the face of a recent liver transplant patient.
25 Feb. 2012
One Bloody Night/Never Say Die/Doctor High Seas
A doctor struggles with the decision to revive an older patient after prolonged CPR. Two nurses encounter a stabbing victim on the street and try to save him. A doctor on a cruise ship finds that her dream job has become a nightmare.

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