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The real reason behind a teenager's bulging tummy and stomach pains shocks nurses, doctors, and even her meddling Mom; a delirious man yelling for his "car", reveals clues about his own attempted murder; and a college ...

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17 Oct. 2005
A Day at the Beach
A young boy loses an arm and most of his blood in a shark attack; An anesthesiologist collapses in the ER; On Halloween a customer with a fear of needles balks at the thought of receiving a shot.
31 Oct. 2005
A Life in Their Hands
A 36-week pregnant woman who has been shot six times is kept on life support so that the baby can be delivered; A stowaway in an airplane wheel well is treated for hypothermia; A young man gets his finger stuck in a shotgun shell loader; A young girl is brought in when she suddenly can not move her legs.
7 Nov. 2005
Code Green in the ER
Er doctors discover that a 34-year-old man who has staggered into the ER has been stabbed in the heard, and the surgeon is stuck in traffic; A family is admitted after a rollover, and the pet iguana escapes in the ER; after being stabbed; A Buddhist monk is admitted with symptoms of an overdose, but doctors suspect something else.
28 Nov. 2005
Exorcism in the ER
A crazed patient starts attacking hospital staff with needles; A patient arrives on Halloween with a knife in his chest; A patient comes into the ER with a rash, and later goes into anaphylactic shock; A woman complains of people "working roots" on her.
A young boy is crushed beneath several hundred pounds of dry wall. An inmate is admitted after she has swallowed three toothbrushes. A Greek woman is admitted with abdominal pains, complaining about the female doctor, not realizing that she understands Greek.
23 Jan. 2006
Mystery of the Traveling Bullet
Surgeons attempt to save the leg of a pedestrian hit by a car. A doctor in a small town ER has to treat a 16-year-old who has been in an accident. Surgeons look for a bullet that has not left an exit wound.
20 Jul. 2006
Deadly Diagnosis
A girl is in danger of dying from strep pneumonia; A 14-year-old girl has swallowed a fork; A pregnant woman has an aortic tear.
4 Oct. 2006
Elements of Danger
A skier who has hit a tree at 50 mph must travel by ground to receive treatment after helicopter flights are grounded; A spear-fisher snags a fish, but also skewers his friends leg in doing so; A child is admitted choking on some foreign object.
11 Oct. 2006
Officer Down
A cop is run down by a motorist, breaking his legs; An African princess comes to the ER; An eight-year-old child is admitted with bad stomach pains; A seven-year-old hemophiliac is treated with foam.
13 Dec. 2006
Director Down
An ER doctor is suffering from an aneurysm; A patient has a bug stuck in her ear; A frat boy is having seizures.
27 Dec. 2006
Baby Blues
A young mother being prepped for gall bladder surgery is told her one-year-old son is cyanotic; A disoriented minister found walking around a shipyard says that he would like to buy an aircraft carrier; A man is admitted after his hand get stuck in a meat grinder;
15 Dec. 2009
Bike Blackout
Baffling case of hospitalized elderly man blacking out while biking. Correct diagnosis made in the end when his daughter brought his eye drops to the hospital as patient was about to be discharged. His eye medication was the culprit but was never elicited by the young attending physician who took his medical history.
31 Oct. 2010
Heart in Hand
Doctors must perform an ER thoracotomy on a woman brought in after collapsing in her kitchen as she is about to leave for work; A child is brought in with an unknown allergic reaction; Two teens are brought in saying that they had been attacked by a scimitar-wielding gang.
1 Dec. 2010
Short Circuited Heart
A 25-year-old nurse collapses with a seizure in the ER; A woman complains of abdominal pains caused by demons; A man brings in his infant daughter saying that she has worms in her hands.
Nov. 2012
Frat Boy Blues
Fraternity members experience abnormal urination; a pregnant woman fears for the health of her unborn baby; and a man is unconscious after an airplane flight.
3 Nov. 2012
Bridesmaid Meltdown
A bridesmaid falls into a coma; a man's eyeball pops out of it's socket; and a premature infant is abandoned at the hospital.
10 Nov. 2012
Delusional Bride
A pregnant woman delivers in the front seat of her car; a bride stops her wedding because she feels possessed by creatures crawling in her head; an ER physician yells at her comatose heart attack patient, trying to get him to fight for his own life.
24 Nov. 2012
Crowbar in Head
A man's head is impaled by a crowbar; doctor's discover a strange cause behind a woman's cough; and a bride who needs treatment refuses to remove her wedding dress.
15 Dec. 2012
Diagnose Me!
A teen is bleeding internally from an ectopic pregnancy, but denies ever having sex, so her doctor must find a clever way to treat her. A young mother mysteriously goes in and out of flatline. A patient is healthy, but refuses to leave the ER.

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