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Nice for preschooler and up...

Author: pipers10 from United States
20 October 2005

My preschooler loves this cartoon... It keeps him entertained and encourages his creativity when playing - he wants to play "flying" and "superdog"... I don't know if its good or bad, but he recognizes the "s" symbol now and yells, "superdog!" when he sees it. Its a great little cartoon with no violence, bad language (for children) and its kinda fun to watch! I just wish that there was some way to buy a VHS or DVD... Right now, we watch it on the Cartoon Network and tape episodes for him. I would rather have him watch this type of cartoon than some of those other ones out there, clearly not made for children under 12 - even though they promote them to a younger audience.

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Looks fun! Nice to see other parts of the Superman/super girl

Author: ppamjo2 from Columbus Ohio
5 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

family get the spotlight for a change. I caught one of the episodes on TV today and actually loved it.. I think this is one of the best cartoons to come on that channel in many years. If this show is a hit, I might consider going back to CN for my daily dose of Krypto the Superdog! The only problem I have with it really is the fact that he looks a lot like Scooby Doo? Other then that, I intend to watch this show more often... It looks really cool...

i hope to see more shows done as one story rather then 2 cartoons in a single 1/2 hour. I love the animation as it is crisp and the color is bright... The animators really need to work on the cape action as he is flying. Sometimes Krypto looks like he is wearing a red blob on his back.

All in all... The show looks fun... This K9 now has a new fan!

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No Superman the Animated Series but still fun .

Author: Funky_Ceili_23 from United States
28 March 2005

Before watching this show , I reminded myself no matter how much its going to suck it cant be worse than the first episode of Teen Titans or the entire new Batman show , which , I was right it didn't suck as much as the first episode of Teen Titans or the nonsense called The Batman in fact it didn't suck at all , I became aware of it a few months ago and made it a point to watch it , I was surprised by the first two episodes , it was a kids show yes , but it want dumbed down like Dora the Explorer but more like Pinky and The Brain , with out the famous faces , actually there was one famous face that showed up in a big red cape , Superman which made the entire thing worth watching , still it had some minor flaws , but still how can anything with PAul Dini on board be horrible , not something to set the alarm clock for but don't pass it by or mock it , again this is not The Batman ,but a rather intelligent little cartoon

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Really not that bad...

Author: Jshwa_82 from United States
28 May 2005

OK, I tried to fight the urge to watch this cartoon. I'm 22, I don't need to watch this show. I had assumed it was for kids. After all, it was on Cartoon Network, it was a kid friendly superman 'toon. So, on a bored early morning, I caught the episode, and like watching a train wreck, couldn't resist.

That was the first time. I've since watched about four or five episodes, and I have to finally come to a conclusion, the series really isn't that bad.

First, the good: The animation is crisp and colorful, and while it isn't on par with old "Looney Tunes" (good example 'What's Opera Doc?'), it stands head over tails with "Pokemon". The characters are fun and colorful. I know that I've used colorful twice, but to be fair, there is a slew of characters that really attempt to breath life into the mythos of Superman's best animal friend. It's been too long since kids have had a friendly, non-competitive, and overall good cartoon character. Too often the violence and sensuality in cartoons geared for kids has become more and more present. If you want examples see: Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Oddparents, Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Ed, Edd and Eddy to name a few. Krypto isn't a dark and mysterious hero, he's a dog. He has a cat sidekick. He has an owner who loves him. And he's SUPERMAN'S DOG! It's every kid's dream come true, and is actually fun to watch. The antics are harmless, full of real slapstick not the borderline uber-violent slapstick, and full of vibrancy and life. The creators really seem to care about the product, and it shows through and through. Finally, the cartoon honestly pays tribute to the Superfriends of days gone by with various sound effects included on Krypto will make nostalgic viewers reminisce about the good old days of Black Vulcan and Bizzarro Superman.

Now, in the interest of fairness The Bad: The episodes are short, sweet, and basically kid friendly. If you've seen "Baby Looney Tunes", you've got an idea of what you might be in for. This is KID FRIENDLY, in the truest since of the word, which means, unless you're in the age made for it, or you're bored, or you're a die hard Supes fan this show will probably be boring, and not worth watching, unless you spend time to get into it. It will take a few episodes to get into the series, most likely. The dialogue is sometimes cheezy, and sometimes just makes you laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Overall I'd give Krypto an 8 out of 10. It's worth watching, and fun for the Kids.

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One of the better cartoons on now.

Author: (thereseuphemiaabernathy) from United States
14 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Besides being the only enjoyable cartoon I can think of that sports a mostly-animal cast of super heroes, Krypto is a highly colorful and fun-to-watch show with eye-catching animation and the premise that Superman's dog, Krypto, lives with a young boy named Kevin and fights crime with the partnership of several other characters that make the show far more interesting. Of course, the roughly 10-minute story lines are fairly simple and lighthearted, leaving plenty of room for speculation about the intriguing characters that aren't gone into great depth about. Krypto himself is a friendly and heroic-looking, solid white dog, with a lab-like face that kids would recognize as a "good guy," and a body chock full of powers from incredible physical strength to super-senses. His comrade, the accidental super-cat Streaky, is a more effective and useful partner than he might seem, and is as likable an orange cartoon kitty as Oliver, Heathcliff, or Garfield. The problems Krypto and his buddies have to face range from large-scale plots concocted by troublemakers and crimes committed by villains, to smaller issues that play out in Krypto's own backyard, and strained relationships among characters. The main villains Krypto needs to commonly thwart include Mechanikat, a devious feline with big plans that can affect not just Earth but other galaxies, and who employs various minions from the sneaky little kitten Snooky Wookums to the ravishing catwoman Delilah. Speaking of Catwoman, her Siamese cat Isis is also one to give Krypto trouble, often with her cohorts, the Joker's two red hyenas Bud and Lou. Ace, the bathound, is arguably the funniest character and completely unintentionally on his part--he's always attempting to be over-serious and his voice can render many of his statements quite amusing. Ignatius, Lex Luther's pet iguana, is another frequent cause of problems, though not really due to a villainous nature; it's more that he's a total self-server with access to lots of high-tech machinery that can help him get what he wants for a time, while disregarding what happens to everyone else in the process. There's a colorful cast of characters that reappear from time to time, such as the pack of three ruffian Downtown Dogs and the furry green rat Jimmy. Every so often, an episode will stand out from others for whatever reason, such as the one in which Muttsie (the bulldog leader of the Downtown Dogs) picks up a little spaniel mix named Rosie. Despite Muttsie's promise that using the temporarily amnesiac Krypto will turn her stray life around, Rosie becomes more impressed with the super dog than with Muttsie's scheming. To the statement that she could be living like a show dog, Rosie says, "Not if it means hurting him."

My personal favorite episode of this show, however, is simply any one featuring the Dog Star Patrol--a mish-moshed gang of dogs with super powers who sail the universe in their hydrant-shaped ship fighting crime. They're like X-Men, Pokémon, & the Incredibles in one. There are seven Dog Stars; the English gentleman with the bull horns sprouting from his head, Bull Dog; the tiny pink Chihuahua who actually does not have a Mexican accent and can inflate herself like a balloon, Mammoth Mutt; the ultra psychic short-coated lavender/violet Afghan hound (actually Saluki) with a myriad of mental powers including telepathy, telekinetics & thought-projection, Brainy Baker; the the spunky lime green Scottie with the elastic tail and the western accent, Tail Terrier; the bright red, pyrokinetic Dachshund who can 'Fireblast' the way Pikachu Thundershocks, Hot Dog; the extra-legged, speedy hound dog, Paw Pooch; & the French Canadian spitz dog with the walrus-like super-tooth that can drill (and who says "eh?" a lot), Tusky Husky. My favorite three characters from Krypto, period, are Brainy Barker (female leader who looks an awful lot like Sasha LaFleur, woo-hoo!), Hot Dog, & Tail Terrier.

I think that, while the show might not entertain everyone (and what show does?), it deserves more popularity than a great majority of other cartoons that are on TV at this time, and viewers should anticipate a good second season.

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neat kids toon

Author: sketchyninja from az
11 April 2005

This was done fairly well as a kids cartoon that is fun to watch for the kids and family. It sure beats Pokémon. the animation is average and not very detailed, yet the stories are more entertaining than most toons for kids like the first episode of Krypto which had some cool little twists and a guest star.The kid that owns him is funny and gets in his own scrapes along with Krypto, watch for Freaky Friday episode. Krypto is not alone either in his fight against evil as he has a sidekick cat that follows him around sometimes and other superhero pets sometimes show up to help him out. It made me laugh a couple of times because the story was so well done, sometimes within 15 minutes. the villains are good too with Mechanakitty being one of my favorites. Recommended.

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Lighty-Hearted Toon, Some Good Fun and the worst jokes history!

Author: ian-1211 from West Hove, England
15 December 2008

I don't mind this cartoon. I came across it a few times on Children's BBC on Saturday mornings. It all-right, I guess. There are some interesting characters and it is kind of fun if you're a 6-year-old. But really? some jokes on this show are pretty god-awful! I mean a lot of the jokes they have are just burned-out, overused puns! And the villains, they suck! Not much of a threat and they are pretty boring. And the supercat sidekick is annoying. Overall, not a bad cartoon. Younger Kids will like but they will be the only ones. Since I have to do ten lines on here. I will say a few more things. Like. Watch Deal or No Deal Christmas Star. It's meant to be good!

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Krypto the Superdog is a FUN show!

Author: gildavis-1 from Albuquerque, New Mexico USA
23 October 2005

I'm an animation fan from the "Old School." This is just a fun show. A "waste of time" is only because that person likes a darker type show. I like those, plus the ones with lighter humor. Krypto is usually a happy dog, and his sidekick, Streaky is pretty funny most of the time with his mind on two and sleep, just like my cats. The character Kevin is Krypto's friend, and in fact, his "owner" if you will, and he would be more or less a typical boy with a super pet. Streaky,incidentally, is my favorite character in the show. My only complaint...they didn't make enough of these and they're in about 5x repeats or better on Cartoon Network. Watch it if you're a fan of the lighter side of anime, and you shouldn't be disappointed. If you're looking for darker animation ONLY, Batman, Justice League, and similar would be a better choice.

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It wasn't that bad

Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
3 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

rior to Kal-El being sent from the Planet Krypton prior to its destruction, Jor-El sent the boy's beloved dog, Krypto, up first as the passenger of a test rocket. However, an accident sent the dog into suspended animation until his rocket arrived at Earth, years after Kal- El's arrival. Gaining the standard Kryptonian powers in the planet's yellow sun environment, Krypto soon gets adopted by a lonely boy, Kevin Whitney with the personal permission of Superman. Now together with new found allies, Ace The Bathound and Streaky the Supercat, Krypto fights the forces of evil which include the animal companions of Lex Luthor and The Catwoman. Although it was disappointing that we never actually saw Batman in this show having a cameo we still got a little glimpse of Clark Kent A.k.a Superman and there was still a lot of laughs and action but for sure my least favorite of all the DC related animated shows.

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Author: Anada Human from Canada
29 June 2015

My daughter(3.5) loves this show, i think because it features animals + superpowers and flying.

I end up watching it a fair bit, the animation is simpler and not over produced. It takes me back to my childhood. It may be comic inspired but it has some comedic value too. I like that the show is mostly just for entertainment, doesn't claim to teach counting and problem solving then flop like many kids shows.

The villeins and their evil plots are pretty tame, and the action is never graphically violent, there is no sexual content. It's pretty wholesome but still interesting. This show has my kid running around pretending to be super dog, I'm just fine with that!

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