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Season 1

25 Mar. 2005
Krypto's Scrypto
Krypto tells the story about how he arrived on Earth and met Kevin. Krypto continues his story, explaining how he became known as Superdog.
5 Apr. 2005
Super Flea/A Bug's Strife
A flea from Krypton besieges Krypto when it chews his hide. Krypto helps save a caterpillar after hungry Ignatius enlarges the bug with a growth ray.
6 Apr. 2005
Meet the Dog Stars/The Streaky Story
How Streaky gained his powers and became "Supercat".
7 Apr. 2005
Diaper Madness/Feline Fatale
When a teleporter gets stuck in Melanie's diaper, Krypto and Kevin have to save her before Melanie teleports herself into danger. Streaky feels neglected when Andrea adopts a new cat named Delilah.
8 Apr. 2005
Dog-Gone Kevin/The Dark Hound Strikes!
Kevin and Krypto have to spend a day in each other's bodies when red kryptonite causes their minds to switch. Krypto becomes Bathound's partner when they chase after Joker's hyenas.
11 Apr. 2005
My Pet Boy/Dem Bones
Kevin learns what it's like to be a dog when aliens adopt him as their pet. When dogs all over the city start acting like other animals, Krypto investigates and discovers that Mechanikat is the cause.
12 Apr. 2005
Bat Hound for a Day/Dogbot
When Krypto loses his powers because of red kryptonite, Bathound tries to equip him with bat gear. Krypto is stalked by a companion robot dog from Krypton who is programmed to be his best friend.
13 Apr. 2005
Old Dog, New Tricks
Krypto poses as an old firehouse Dalmatian in hopes of helping the aging dog keep his job. Chaos reigns at the zoo when a zookeeper's assistant takes Kevin's communicator and starts doing everything the animals request.
14 Apr. 2005
My Uncle, the Superhero/Top Dog
Streaky tries to be a big-time superhero to impress his nephew, Squeaky. A movie star dog makes a pact with Snooky so that the actor can wear a super suit that gives him powers.
15 Apr. 2005
Puss in Space Boots/Teeny Tiny Trouble
When Krypto is captured by Mechanikat, the Dog Stars send in a reluctant Streaky to sneak aboard Mechanikat's ship. Krypto and Kevin are reduced in size by aliens who are collecting specimens from other worlds.
18 Apr. 2005
Dogbot to the Rescue/Bad Bailey
Streaky programs Dogbot to do super deeds so that Krypto can spend more time with Kevin. Kevin's bad boy cousin, Bailey, visits and discovers Krypto's secret.
19 Apr. 2005
Bat Hound's Bad Luck/Circus of the Dog Stars
Bathound has a crisis in confidence when he pursues Catwoman's cat, Isis, who is able to use a bad luck charm against him. Krypto must come to the rescue of the Dog Stars when they are forced to perform in a space circus.
20 Apr. 2005
The Living End/The Dog Days of Winter
Red kryptonite causes Krypto's tail to detach and take on a life of its own. Krypto, Kevin and Streaky have to save Metropolis when Ignatius changes the weather, turning winter into summer.
21 Apr. 2005
Bad Hair Day/The Cat and the Bat
Ignatius creates a formula to grow super hair. While Krypto is away, Bathound is forced to team up with Streaky to stop a fish-stealing operation.
22 Apr. 2005
Melanie's Monkey/Funny Business
When a baby monkey comes into her life, Melanie learns why monkeys are better off in the rainforest and humans are better off at home. When Bathound is affected by laughing gas, he becomes too silly to fight crime.
25 Apr. 2005
Now You See Him.../Bones of Contention
When Streaky accidentally gets the power of invisibility, it wreaks havoc on his life. The Dog Stars are given chew toys that make them annoy one another.
26 Apr. 2005
Superdog? Who's Superdog?/The Good Life
When Krypto gets amnesia, the Downtown Dogs trick him into thinking he's part of their group. Tail Terrier leaves the Dog Stars for the comfy life of a pet only to discover that it's not all that it's cracked up to be.
27 Apr. 2005
Streaky's Super Cat Tale/The New Recruit
Streaky speaks before his fan club and tells a whopper of a tall tale about his superhero exploits. Drooly, a dog who desperately wants to join the Dog Stars, gets his chance when Snooky endangers the Dog Stars.
28 Apr. 2005
Up, Up and Away/Dinosaur Time
When Kevin and his class eat Ignatius's lighter-than-air muffins, they start floating away, forcing Krypto to come to the rescue. Krypto and Kevin try to stop Ignatius from going back into the past in order to change the future.
25 Apr. 2005
Puppy Problems/Switching Sides
In order to control the Dog Stars, Mechanikat turns them into puppies. Krypto is forced to partner with Ignatius while investigating thefts within Lexcorp.
2 May 2005
Leaf of Absence/Big Sister
Krypto and Bathound pursue a villain named Dogwood who steals trees. Krypto and Kevin are at their wits' end when an enlarging ray turns Melanie into a 30-foot giant.
27 May 2005
Bat Hound Meets the Dog Stars/A Dog's Life
Bathound assists the Dog Stars when Hot Dog goes missing. Krypto comes to Jimmy The Rat's aid when he disguises himself as a dog and becomes a member of the Downtown Dogs.
3 Jun. 2005
Stray for a Day/Ruffled Feathers
A royal cat has a "Roman Holiday" with Streaky, allowing Isis the opportunity to steal the Queen's jewels. Krypto becomes jealous when he thinks Kevin likes Bathound more than Superdog.
10 Jun. 2005
Bat Hound and the Robin/Furry Fish
Bathound is frustrated when a feisty Robin decides to become his crime-fighting partner. Krypto and Streaky have an undersea adventure when red kryptonite turns them into fish.
17 Jun. 2005
Tusky's Tooth/When Penguins Fly
When Tusky loses his tooth, Mechanikat is determined to steal it. Chaos ensues when Waddles, the Penguin's penguin, steals Streaky's superpowers.
5 Dec. 2005
Storybook Holiday
Kevin learns a lesson about the importance of family when he and Krypto are magically transported to Storybook Land, where the characters resemble Kevin's relatives. Krypto and Kevin's trip to Storybook Land continues.

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