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Ripe with characters and events reflecting the psychic travails of today's young adults.
Portland Oregonian
In a film culture in which contrived tomfoolery and overinflated emotions stifle in their effort to provide comedy and romance, something as light and precise as The Puffy Chair feels like more than an exception; it feels like fresh air.
It's all so goddamn realistic and reminiscent of real-life love (and how often does that happen onscreen?) that The Puffy Chair would be hell to watch if it weren't so funny.
The scenes feel real and both Duplass and Aselton do a great job duking it out. The Puffy Chair combines great original comedy and solid acting to make a fun movie.
Under the cover of what seems like a charmingly slapdash style, the Duplass brothers have created a disarmingly shrewd movie.
New York Post
Combines a wise script with funky performances, especially by Aselton, who could give Jennifer Aniston a run for her money.
Billed as a dark comedy, brothers Jay and Mark Duplass' shaggy, ultra-low-budget tale of a tense New York-to-Atlanta road trip is more accurately a relationship-hell drama peppered with strangled laughs.
Ostensibly a road-trip farce, Chair really depicts the highway to man-child hell: The laughs come from the gulf between how mature the characters think they're being and what emotional toddlers they are.
Chicago Tribune
An enjoyable road movie that feels both comfortable and completely fresh.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It's a slacker flick, it's a relationship pic, it's a road movie all under the same hood.

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