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Toronto Film Review: ‘St. Vincent’

Toronto Film Review: ‘St. Vincent’
Hollywood would have to freeze over before the Catholic Church agreed to canonize the drinking, gambling, cussing old coot Bill Murray plays in Theodore Melfi’s sweet-and-sour first feature, “St. Vincent.” Even so, this refreshingly unorthodox tragicomedy mounts a pretty convincing case that sometimes role models arrive in disguise — as they do here for the pic’s preteen hero. , though Melfi’s instinct to find and accentuate the memorable character’s redeeming qualities steers this Oct. 10 Weinstein Co. release from “Bad Babysitter” realm into more solidly commercial heart-tugging territory.

Who but Murray could have played Vincent, a drunken curmudgeon who somehow manages to seem all the more lovable with each poor life decision he makes? Vincent lives alone, except for his grumpy-looking Persian cat Felix, and tolerates the company of precious few, apart from pregnant Russian stripper Daka (Naomi Watts) and a mysterious older woman named Sandy (Donna Mitchell) whom
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Adult World Review

Everyone wants to be commended for their work. One of the inalienable facets of the American education system, and one that’s stirred up a fair amount of criticism in recent years, is a focus on numbers as an end-all. A high Gpa, strong Act scores and a large amount of course credits are valued above all else in high schools and colleges, to the point where students actively compete to see who can score highest. The C, once meant to imply an average score, is no longer acceptable – only the golden A will do. The system’s critics claim that boiling education down to numbers is really missing the point, and that all the A’s and 36′s can’t help students if reaching those targets prevents them from understanding the purpose behind their education or, worse, deluding themselves into believing that high scores are enough to guarantee career success.
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First Trailer and Poster for Adult World with Emma Roberts, Evan Peters & John Cusack

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Scott Coffey’s Adult World debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and it’s finally on the cusp of its stateside release, heading into cinemas and to VOD on Valentine’s Day next month.

The actor-turned-filmmaker made his feature directorial debut back in 2005 with Ellie Parker, led by Naomi Watts. And he returns with Adult World, his sophomore feature, with the young Emma Roberts front and centre. And with less than a month to go before it arrives, IFC has released the first poster, and launched the first trailer over on Yahoo Movies.

A Stanford graduate feels she’s destined to be a great poet but winds up working as a clerk in a mom-and-pop adult bookstore.

Evan Peters and John Cusack complete the leading trio, with Armando Riesco, Shannon Woodward, Reed Birney, and Catherine Lloyd Burns starring alongside them.

Coffey directs from a script penned by Andrew Cochran,
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IFC Takes North America On Emma Roberts’ ‘Adult World’

IFC Takes North America On Emma Roberts’ ‘Adult World’
IFC Films has acquired North American rights to Scott Coffey’s comedy “Adult World,” starring Emma Roberts as an employee at a sex shop.

IFC is planning a day and date release in theaters and on VOD. “Adult World” premiered April 20 at Tribeca.

Evan Peters, John Cusack, Armando Riesco, Cloris Leachman and Shannon Woodward also star. Producers are Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen of Treehouse Pictures with Joy Gorman and Alex Goldstone of Anonymous Content and Manu Gargi.

Story, penned by Andy Cochran, centers on a young woman living with her parents who’s anxious to get her poetry career off the ground. She begrudgingly accepts a job at Adult World, the local sex shop.

Ronnie Schieb wrote in her review for Variety: “Coffey’s loose, casual style, tilting toward the performance-centric and improvisational — as with his 2005 debut, ‘Ellie Parker,’ starring genius-caliber actress Naomi Watts — cannot fully accommodate the presence
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Tribeca Film Review: ‘Adult World’

Tribeca Film Review: ‘Adult World’
A naive young poet with an inflated opinion of herself reluctantly accepts work at a sex shop while stalking her reclusive idol in Scott Coffey’s satirical, Syracuse-set coming-of-ager, “Adult World.” Coffey’s loose, casual style, tilting toward the performance-centric and improvisational — as with his 2005 debut, “Ellie Parker,” starring genius-caliber actress Naomi Watts — cannot fully accommodate the presence of former kidvid starlet Emma Roberts (“Nancy Drew”), heading an otherwise comfortable, quite excellent cast. Nevertheless, the film’s coyly titillating subject matter and John Cusack’s delicious star turn as a curmudgeonly, once-lionized poet should support a limited run.

Amy (Roberts) has somehow managed to reach 22 years of age with a college degree and little knowledge beyond an unshakeable belief in her own soon-to-be-feted genius. She writes bad, melodramatically anguished poetry under a poster of Sylvia Plath, convinced she need merely submit samplings of her oeuvre to be showered with prizes and acceptance.
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Meet the 2013 Tribeca Filmmakers #40: Scott Coffey Explores the Myth of the American Dream and Artistic Aspirations in 'Adult World'

Meet the 2013 Tribeca Filmmakers #40: Scott Coffey Explores the Myth of the American Dream and Artistic Aspirations in 'Adult World'
Scott Coffey has had a 30-year-long career as an actor, appearing in films such as "Mulholland Dr." and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," as well as in his directorial debut "Ellie Parker" in 2005. This year Coffey adds a second film to his directing filmography with "Adult World," starring Emma Roberts as an aspiring poet who takes up a job in a sex shop, and John Cusack, as a punk poet. The film, which was inspired by the satirical tone of Alexander Payne's "Citizen Ruth," comments on the replacement of the American Dream with youth's current struggle for fame. What it's about: Amy Anderson graduates college convinced she's going to be a famous American poet. Unemployed and desperate for work, she takes a job in an adult book and video store. Meanwhile, she stalks her mentor, the famous punk poet Rat Billings. About the filmmaker: I was an actor in my
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Sundance 2013: Naomi Watts Celebrated at THR's Festival Bash

Sundance 2013: Naomi Watts Celebrated at THR's Festival Bash
The Hollywood Reporter on Friday raised a glass to Oscar nominee Naomi Watts (The Impossible), toasting the star of the fest's Two Mothers. "I'm very nostalgic for Sundance," Watts said. "My first time here was with a movie I produced and it was called Ellie Parker. It was a short film and we were literally hounding people on the streets just to get them in to see the movie." Things have obviously changed since then, with Watts' Two Mothers premiering just hours later to a packed house at Eccles Theater. Photos: The Scene in Park City Joining Watts

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2013 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Scott Coffey’s Adult World

The drought between his debut and sophomore will come to an end in 2013. A full eight years since Ellie Parker (Sundance ’05), which was based on the short of the same name (Sundance ’01), Scott Coffey’s Adult World was shot in Syracuse, NY back in February with a trio that includes Emma Roberts (who attends the fest yearly in four back to back years with The Winning Season, Twelve, The Art of Getting By, Celeste & Jesse Forever), Evan Peters and John Cusack. Wolf Parade frontman Dan Boeckner scored the comedy which I think Sundance programmers might want to include because it fits a certain niche demographic that they like to sample yearly.

Gist: Written by Andy Cochran, Amy Anderson (Roberts), an eccentric university graduate, is determined to become a famous poet. Saddled with debt and unemployed, she moves back in with her parents, who force her to get a job. She
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First Look Images: Emma Roberts, Evan Peters & John Cusack in Adult World

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Rising young star Emma Roberts (The Art of Getting By) takes the lead in upcoming comedy, Adult World, which sees director Scott Coffey (Ellie Parker) making his sophomore feature behind the camera.

Starring alongside Roberts will be a promising cast, headed up by John Cusack (High Fidelity) and Evan Peters (Kick-Ass), and now The Playlist have debuted a handful of great first-look images.

“A satirical coming-of-age comedy, centered on the life of Amy Anderson (Roberts) who has just graduated with a degree in poetry. Convinced she is the next star in the literary world, she moves back with her parents to write poetry and find her place in the world. Very soon — saddled with a stack of rejection letters, unpaid student loans, and no money — she decides to find a job in the real world. The only place that will hire her is an adult bookstore called Adult World. It
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Director Laurie Collyer’s Sunlight Jr. Shines With Hyde Park International At Cannes; Stars Naomi Watts, Norman Reedus & Matt Dillon

The gritty, inspirational drama Sunlight Jr. will be unveiled to international buyers by Hyde Park International at this year.s Marche du Film. Written and directed by the award-winning Laurie Collyer (Sherrybaby) and starring Naomi Watts (J. Edgar, King Kong), Matt Dillon (Crash, There.S Something About Mary) and Norman Reedus (The Boondock SaintsThe Walking Dead). The film is produced by Original Media.s Charlie Corwin (Half Nelson, The Squid And The Whale), Freight Yard Films. Andrea Roa and Ariel Elia, who is producing on behalf of Empyrean Pictures. Joshua Skurla and Dan Klabin are executive producers for Empyrean, which fully financed the film, and are joined by Simon Fawcett (How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, In The Loop) as executive producer.

Sunlight Jr. is currently in post production and a promo will be shown at Cannes. Shot on location in southern Florida, the story spotlights hard-working convenience store
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John Cusack, Evan Peters & Shannon Woodward Join Emma Roberts In 'Adult World'

With production now underway, the cast members joining Emma Roberts for "Adult World" have been rounded up and it's not a bad bunch at all, mixing up a solid veteran with a bunch of rising talent. John Cusack will hang out with "American Horror Story" star Evan Peters and "Raising Hope" actress Shannon Woodward in the upcoming film. Directed by Scott Coffey ("Ellie Parker"), who also oversaw the rewrite of the script by Andrew Cochran, the indie flick will find Roberts will playing Amy Anderson, a Stanford grad with dreams of becoming a poet who gets stuck working in an erotic bookstore to help pay off her mounting debt. Cusack will play Amy's hero and mentor, the delightfully named poet Rat Billings, with Woodward as her punk/goth roommate Candace and Peters as Manny. Cameras are rolling on this one already in upstate New York and this smells like a Sundance pic all the way.
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Shannon Woodward to Play Punk in Adult World; Superman Star Antje Traue Joins The Seventh Son

Shannon Woodward has signed on to join Emma Roberts, John Cusack, and Evan Peters in Adult World. The script by Andrew Cochran is pitched as an examination of "the contemporary state of post-graduate life in America.” (Blech.) Roberts plays a recent graduate and aspiring poet who works at the erotic bookstore Adult World. According to Deadline, Woodward will play a "punk/goth anarchist sporting a nose ring and a Ramones shirt" who becomes roomates with Roberts' character after they bond over their rebellion. Woodward is my favorite thing on Raising Hope, and any girl becomes 10% more fetching in a Ramones shirt. So Adult World just broke even for me after starting off in the hole with that "state of post-graduate life" logline that tastes of copper. Director Scott Coffey (Ellie Parker) is currently shooting the project in upstate New York. Hit the jump for details on Antje Traue's follow-up to Man of Steel.
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John Cusack and Evan Peters Join Emma Roberts in Adult World

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John Cusack (Being John Malkovich) and Evan Peters (Kick-Ass) are in advanced talks to star in Adult World.

Cusack and Peters will appear opposite Emma Roberts (Scream 4) in the adult themed drama.

Adult World centers on a recent college graduate (Roberts) who believes she’s destined to be a great poet, instead winds up working for an adult book store.

Scott Coffey (Ellie Parker) will direct from a screenplay written by Andy Cochran (Super Sweet 16: The Movie).

Adult World, which is currently in production, is a co-production between TreeHouse Pictures and Anonymous Content.

Source: Deadline
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Funny Story Might Continue for Roberts and Galifinakis in Coffey's 'Adult World'

With roles in six films last year, it looks like Emma Roberts doesn’t have plans to slow down anytime soon. While she’ll probably lose out in the race among young Hollywood starlets to nab the lead in the much talked about Hunger Games, Roberts has a more mature role to focus on with Adult World. Roberts is to be joined by Shiloh Fernandez and there are unconfirmed reports that It’s Kind of a Funny Story co-star Zach Galifinakis is set to join the troupe. The coming-of-age drama will be helmed by Ellie Parker writer/director Scott Coffey and is being produced by Infinity Media. Gist: A Stanford graduate with hopes of being a great poet, discovers that adult life is not conducive to achieving her dreams. The Ivy League grad winds up working as a clerk in a mom and pop adult bookstore. Worth Noting: Coffey got
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Casting Bits: Benicio Del Toro in ‘Savages;’ Derek Mears in ‘Hansel & Gretel;’ Emma Roberts in ‘Adult World;’ Kenan Thompson in ‘Party Starters’

Casting Bits: Benicio Del Toro in ‘Savages;’ Derek Mears in ‘Hansel & Gretel;’ Emma Roberts in ‘Adult World;’ Kenan Thompson in ‘Party Starters’
Oliver Stone is assembling Savages, which adapts the book of the same name by Don Winslow and has Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch set to star as best friends and pot growers who get roped into working for a drug cartel when the bad guys kidnap their friend/girlfriend. Salma Hayek is a possible pick to be the matriarch of the drug cartel, and Benicio Del Toro is now signing on to play the cartel's enforcer, who sets the kidnapping, and therefore the plot, in motion. Some script work is being done now by Oliver Stone, Don Winslow and Shane Salerno, and there are ongoing discussions with a couple of studios to pick up the project -- Universal seems like the likely home right now. [Deadline [1]] After the break, new gigs for Emma Robers, Kenan Thompson and the new Jason Voorhees, Derek Mears. Emma Roberts will be really noticable soon in Scream 4,
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Emma Roberts Enters The "Adult World"

Emma Roberts is attached while an offer is out to Zach Galifianakis for roles in the coming-of-age comedy "Adult World" reports The Playlist.

Andrew Cochran penned the script in which Roberts would play a recent Stanford graduate who believes she's destined to be a great poet, but instead winds up working for an adult book store.

Scott Coffey ("Ellie Parker") is set to direct.
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'Adult World' Wants to Cast Galifianakis With Roberts

'Adult World' Wants to Cast Galifianakis With Roberts
Word is out that actor-writer-director Scott Coffey (Ellie Parker) has attached Emma Roberts to play a post-Stanford poet working in a bookstore in his coming-of-age Adult World. I also hear that Coffey has an offer out to in-demand Zach Galifianakis for a juicy role in the pic, written by Andrew Cochran. The comedian is in demand. Since he broke out in The Hangover, specialty-niche drama It's Kind of a Funny Story and DreamWorks ensemble Dinner for Schmucks disappointed at the box office, but raucous comedy Due Date, a two-hander with Robert Downey, Jr., scored $200-million worldwide. And the upcoming comedies Hangover Part II, The Muppets and currently filming Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie should only make Galifianakis even more attractive.
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Young Hollywood Lining Up For Indie Films

Young Hollywood loves indie films, and this time the beneficiary is Adult World, the coming-of-age drama being produced by Michael Ohoven at Infinity Entertainment (Capote, Saved) and Kevin Turen (Arbitrage) from a script by Andrew Cochran. Meeting for the female main character with director Scott Coffey (whose Ellie Parker was in the main competition at Sundance) were hot talent like Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, Rooney Mara, Emily Browning, Juno Temple and Brie Larson. But Emma Roberts snagged the part. Turns out Coffey wrote a female-driven script for Fox Searchlight that had Emma's aunt Julia Roberts attached once upon a time. (Emma is Eric's daughter.) What a small world Hollywood is, eh? Anyway, Adult World now has offers out to Zach Galifianakis and Shiloh Fernandez for great male roles, too. It's a funny satire about an over-validated generation of American kids who think they're all special and have a right to
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Emma Roberts Attached to Adult World

Emma Roberts (It’s Kind of a Funny Story) is attached to star in coming-of-age drama Adult World.

The film, to be directed by Scott Coffey (Ellie Parker), centers on a Stanford grad (Roberts) with dreams of becoming a poet who gets stuck working in a mom-and-pop bookstore.

According to sources, offers are out for a male counterpart as well as an older character but, as of yet, no one has been officially cast.

Roberts will next be seen in the slasher sequel Scream 4, alongside Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

Source: The Playlist
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Exclusive: Emma Roberts Attached To 'Adult World'

Exclusive: Emma Roberts Attached To 'Adult World'
Emma Roberts has been coming on strong over the past year or so, featuring in a number of indie films including "It's Kind of a Funny Story," "What's Wrong With Virginia" and more recently in the Sundance premiere "Homework." And with "Scream 4" headed to theaters very soon, the actress is lining up another promising project. Reps for the actress have confirmed with The Playlist that Emma Roberts is attached to star in the coming-of-age drama "Adult World." Set to be directed by Scott Coffey ("Ellie Parker"), who also oversaw the rewrite of the script by Andrew Cochran, Roberts will…
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