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A movie you don't mind waking up next to.
jonlevine-116 December 2004
this pulp noir masterpiece recalls the best work of bunuel and lynch, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude that transcends irony, attaining a new type of earnestness in the process. Esmail creates the paradigm for metacinema in the new millennium. Plus it's mad funny and the lead actress is hot. In short, this is one of the best short films ever made, right up there with that one in the room with the camera and nothing's in the room and it's experimental. Exceptionally well-directed by the as yet unknown Sam Esmail, who, like Shakespeare, may or may not exist. His vision is clear, and he directs this material with an easy confidence that makes this movie badasssss. This boy Esmail is nice, hoping he runs things in '05.
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