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Plot Keywords

toy college
escape children
day care teddy bear
day care center 2010s
slinky dog locked in a room
space ranger animated dog
cowboy boot cowboy
toy bear evil teddy bear
wilhelm scream patrol
guards two faced person
caught on tape sneaking
emotional shock saved from a fire
prison escape loss
deformed terror
dark humor bullying
threat menace
gay stereotype nazism
struggle for survival henchman
locked in a cage abandonment
sexual arousal change of heart
female emasculating a male multiple villains
female dressed as male degradation
sociopath held captive
deus ex machina incineration
lava survival
peril prison break
group of friends manipulation
violence lifting someone into the air
door lock flirting
woman in jeopardy facing death
captive deception
panic taunting
maniac deeply disturbed person
suspense hostage
cat and mouse tied up
surveillance camera tension
isolation stupid victim
trapped psycho
tragic villain escape attempt
test brother sister relationship
mother son relationship tied to a chair
no opening credits tortilla
female to male foot in crotch suburbia
suburb turning the tables
throwing money into the air rose held between teeth
rolling in money nostalgia
money bag money bag with dollar sign
mislaid trust love at first sight
just desserts flower held between teeth
fantasy sequence escape plan
erased memory cowboy hat
comeuppance losing a hat
betrayal 555 phone number
box office hit little girl
sadness holding hands
crying spanish music
spanish going home
personality change garbage truck
magnet doll
prisoner prison
toddler box
clothing leader
eye loss of eye
garbage security guard
security system playtime
exploding bridge video camera
rescue friendship
flashback video surveillance
barbie gambling
scene during end credits college student
teenage boy near death experience
garbage dump garbage dumpster
ken doll barbie doll
growing up black comedy
critically acclaimed blockbuster
3d sequel to 2d film returning character with different actor
toy comes to life mr potato head
third in trilogy part of trilogy
numbered sequel digit in title
anthropomorphism anthropomorphic toy
pixar animated film computer animation
third part sequel
number in title

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