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  • Yes. The original was a Swedish movie by the same name (aka Den Osynlige). The imdb page is:

    There's also a trailer and some info on the Swedish movie at:


  • Nick cannot move things (books, guns, chairs, etc.) in the world while he is in his subconscious. But when he moves his body from the rocks and keeps it afloat, he is actually moving himself so he can do this. It would be like a trance-like movement. Nick (the body) is actually moving because his subconscious is controlling him. . An alternative theory that has been advanced is that he is not moving his body at all; we see elsewhere that while he can appear to move things from his perspective, they often go right back to where they were in the blink of an eye. Either way, we know that his insubstantial ghost is definitely not doing anything that hasn't been well-established earlier in the movie.

  • It is not completely clear why the ending was changed. In the ending to Den Osynlige, Niklas asks Annelie to pull his life support in the hospital since he will never wake up and then Annelie turns herself in. While in The Invisible, Nick wakes up and Annie, having unfortunately been mortally injured, dies lying next to him. It's opened for speculation.

  • No. It's closer to the Swedish film adaptation, which is more extreme. In the Swedish film Peter(Pete) commits suicide and Niklas(Nick) dies. Annelie(Annie) does not die but is arrested by Thomas Larsson(Brian Larson). In The Invisible Nick realises he is still alive when he watches a dying bird rather than that a coma patient tells him what is going on.

    The book is radicly diffrent and does not detail Nick's life until the morning he arives in school and nobody sees him. Nick's mother is hardly mentioned. Nick also has a diffrent name; Hilmer Eriksson. The main character in the novel is the police called Brian Larson in the film, in the book his name is Harald Fors. Annie is named Annelie. In the novel Nick follows Brain Larson as he investigates Nick's disappearence, Nick has no memory of what happened. Larson realises that Nick was beaten to death by Annie for protecting a black student. Annie and her friends are neo-nazists. The entire point of the novel is that the small community it takes place in wants to hide the fact that there is racism there to protect the reputation of the town. The title "The Invisible" has multiple meaning therefor.

    In the book all the teens are 14-15.

    Annelie and Harald Fors returns in a follow up novel called Tjafs, the Swedish word for Yap which further explores racism.


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