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Netrod2 February 2006
I am normally quite easy to please when it comes to Sci-Fi and paranormal movies, if the story is good. The acting in this move is really poor, and the story very thin, perhaps I have seen too many of this kind of movies.

The beginning of the movie is actually good, and has a new approach, but after those 5-10 minutes it is down hill. The devils makeup and costumes are, well the best word is funny, there is some gore and that part is all right, but the few animated effect really is out of place, there is some feeble attempts on fighting. But that part too gets weird, and I do not mean the exciting way weird.

If you like exorcist movies you get very disappointed, but if you have absolutely nothing to do and want to see Demons possessing people, some bare skin, and the church's weird way of dealing with Demons then go for it.
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Engaging and entertaining, albeit a lower budget Constantine.
yatri2520 March 2006
Demon Hunter is a lower budget film that its brother Constantine. And so there is less gloss in its special effects. The scenes are captured more rawly than picturesquely. However, the rawness adds a feel of realism that draws the objective viewer into the story. Reminiscent to the feel of Terminator (staring Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Demon Hunter's story line works. The characters are well casted and rendered convincingly. The gore and shock punctuates defining and pivotal story elements. Admirably, horror is not excessively used to compensate for the movies' lower budget. Demon Hunter has a good pace and never drags. If you like this type of flick, watching Demon Hunter is good time well spent.
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Blade meets Spawn? This was actually not bad.
siderite25 December 2006
As low budget horror movies with demons and hunters, this one was pretty good. Sean Patrick Flannery is a half breed and Billy Drago is evil (wow, what a surprise :) ). Evil is as evil does, but Mr Drago, at his 57 years and 86 appearances, still gets to be surrounded by lustful naked women and to lick the skin of helpless girls.

The basic story is pretty cliché, with things added up from different stories of the genre: half-demon demon hunter works for the Church. But Sean Patrick Flannery makes a good role and carries the entire movie on his back.

Bottom line: this was not a good movie, but as the movies in this category go, this was one of the best. Beats Blade on story and acting, but it is low budget, so no special effects.
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Worth watching for Billy Drago's performance alone
Gafke26 March 2006
Jake Greyman is a demon hunter, a sort of supernatural cleaner, the guy who takes over when the exorcism fails. The film starts out with Jake cleaning up after yet another exorcism gone wrong, the third within a matter of weeks. All of the victims have been young and attractive girls and both Jake and the church are suspicious. There seems to be a new demon at work, one with a definite schedule. Jake teams up with the unorthodox sister Sara and the two learn that the Demon of Lust, Asmodeus, is doing his horny best to impregnate as many hot young girls as he can in order to produce a race of half breed beings who will destroy us all.

This is a blatant and watered down rip off of Constantine, but hey, at least Keanu Reeves isn't in it. Sean Patrick Flannery, quite a good actor, does his best here with a corny script and a limp storyline. Angelina Jolie lookalike Colleen Porch isn't too shabby either as the sister with a secret. Tania Deighton as the Succubus is really hot and slinky and she expertly manages not to look embarrassed by her phony looking horns. Billy Drago as Asmodeus really steals the film though. Drago, a great but seriously underrated actor who almost always plays scummy bad guys, is excellent as the fanged and sleazy demon, surrounded by half naked girls and smiling like an alligator. His scenes are the best and most fun, particularly one in which he enthusiastically nails a lovely Asian lady in a crypt. Wow! Seriously sexy hot stuff! The fight scene between Drago and Flannery is well choreographed and is a lot of fun to watch.

The special effects are rather lame and the soundtrack is bloody awful, sounding like a bad 80s hair band reunion, but there are enough good and energetic performances in this film to make it halfway decent and raise it slightly above the level of most other direct-to-video crap. Worth seeing at least once, especially if you're a fan of either Flannery or Drago.
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Happy To Say It Was Better Than I Expected
hoppz15 March 2006
This is a low budget movie and the lack of locations etc... does show that, however it was a lot better than i expected and i'm happy about that because I like Shaun Patrick Flannery.

The dialogue at points in the movie was a little hammy and the director used the same stock shot several times (although this may have been to save money) but in general the story line was pretty good and the acting was OK.

This may not be for everyone and draws a lot of comparisons with Constantine (which i also enjoyed) so if you liked that you may like this.

I suppose my final comments would be that its a very average movie but it did entertain me for an hour and a half and for a movie based on a video game it was a lot better than any other i have seen lately especially any Uwe Boll movie.
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I liked this movie. Damned entertaining!
Homer Simpson24 February 2006
Tries to be original and moves along at a brisk pace so you won't be bored. Amongst pretty good performances by the entire cast, Billy Drago is convincingly sleazy as the head demon.

There's plenty of T&A and a decent amount of violence. This film is hardly challenging, but what did you expect from a movie named "Demon Hunter"?

The production values are way above your average low-budget crap horror movie and there was an attempt to craft an interesting plot. What can I say, I liked it! I wish there was a sequel.

Definitely worth an afternoon diversion. Give it a try!
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TV Series
ashcam8319 August 2006
I thought the movie was good, but I really think that it would be a good TV series like Angel, Buffy, and Charmed. It could be on network TV or the sci-fi network, but to me it would have made a better TV show than it did a movie. And less sex scenes, those are so overrated. But I liked it overall, but to me it felt like I was watching an episode of a TV show and I wanted to know what would happen next with the character Jacob. But it's not as bad as everyone here says it is. I recommend seeing it. You should be your own critic. After watching it, tell me it shouldn't be a TV show. I would most definitely watch it and think others would too.
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Simple yet entertaining
anitguy3 September 2006
Jake (Sean Patrick Flanery), a half-breed demon hunter, struggling with the side he has chosen with the war between heaven and hell. Finds himself facing off against an 'unbound' fallen angel, played by Billy Drago, who seeks to spread his "demon seed" upon the Earth.

After watching this movie, I cannot see why others are comparing it to Constantine. Doing so would be like comparing Vampire Hunter D and Van Helsing, they have similar roots but take things from different perspectives.

I took this movie at face value and went from there; it is a low budget film with cheesy effects, some gaping holes in the plot, and almost funny fight scenes. But when you look at how many other movies out there have similar story lines, you can see why it would be so hard to stand out in this genre.

All in all, it's not a bad "rainy day" type flick; ranks up there with a series pilot that never took off...or like someone posted before, a B-level movie.
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Surprisingly Entertaining
film_nut20054 April 2006
I rented this move at Blockbuster on a whim, and actually thought it was pretty good. The characters had depth, the dialog was interesting, and I loved the action. The fact that the lead character had an internal conflict that actually played out in the overall story gives it more depth than just about everything else being cranked out in the horror genre nowadays. Its not perfect, but its pretty well put together for a low budget film.

The one thing about it is, it's more like a supernatural thriller than a horror movie. If your looking for a good scare then this film won't do it for you, but if your looking for a good story then you might want to check it out.
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Demon Hunter
Scarecrow-8810 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Jake Greyman(Sean Patrick Flanery)is a "half-breed", a hellspawn born from a mortal whose father was a demon, one of the devil's angels. Jake has a rather bleak view of mankind, yet, despite not be loved by God, works for the Cardinal of a Catholic Church, hunting down the possessed and killing the host bodies if priests are unable to exorcise the demons. Billy Drago(..relishing this role)is the Demon of Lust, Asmodeus, and he plans to spread his seed, creating an army of half-breeds to do his will, by devouring the souls of hookers and "women of the street" on the seedy side of downtown LA, and the Red Light District. Colleen Porch is Sister Sarah, a nun who developed very well in the convent, is assigned to partner with Jake as they pursue Asmodeus. Asmodeus has a luscious, seductive horned succubus in a leather suit with wings(..often as Jake and Sarah move from one location to the next we see a wing flap open at the top left hand corner of the screen)keeping an eye on Jake, curious of his activities. The succubus believes she can cast her spell over Jake and possess him to follow Asmodeus..will Jake allow darkness to envelope him? Can Jake actually succeed in upending the forces of darkness far more powerful than anything he's ever faced? What Jake doesn't know is that the Cardinal has been keeping a secret hidden from him concerning Sarah. Asmodeus desires Sarah, an innocent he yearns to possess and impregnate. William Bassett is Cardinal White, the one who gives out orders for Jake to accomplish, much to his chagrin.

As Jake, Flannery remains solemn throughout, a man whose life doesn't amount to much, except what he's skilled at, removing anyone or thing that threatens his goals to take out demons possessing humans. Nancy Yooin is Nancy in the film, a prostitute who married a 90 year old millionaire and is the last on a list of girls to be possessed and planted with a demon seed after Asmodeus seduces her with overwhelming ecstasy. I'm always amused when they cast these women like Porch as nuns, so we can see her, out of habit, in a tight dress and shirt(..with a coat to dress her in a modest means of reducing her obvious sexy figure), so we can later see them absent clothing( a bra, but still, we can see that she's no ordinary nun).

There's an emphasis on action in this one and a brooding Flannery toned an athletic body for this film, allowed to combat men and the possessed with considerable ease, using martial arts. In truth, it's easy to see in Flannery's fight with Drago, that it's staged with stuntmen through the use of quick edits and fast camera work. We can see that there was some "wire-fu" as well particularly when Flannery has to contend with demon possessed humans in flight. There was a lot more nudity than I has anticipated and some moderate gore. If one thing is missing, you don't get a whole lot of graphic violence, most of Jake's dirty work is committed off-screen, which is always a drag to me. I guess one could call Demon Hunter a poor man's Constantine, because this was shot on a much smaller scale considering it's overly ambitious plot.
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