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Plot Keywords

friend creature
cave expedition
mountain friendship
fear cave in
blood friendship between women
female protagonist british horror
two word title group of friends
cabin in the woods creature feature
husband wife relationship isolation
distrust dead animal
drinking torch
knife cult director
cult figure beating
meat victim
victim fights back lifting a female into the air
survivor survival
survival horror fight to the death
cannibalism cult female character
best friend lifting someone into the air
disgust horror by girls
horror art cult
euthanasia blood on camera lens
blood splatter first part
vomit violence
stalactite neck breaking
humanoid brutality
necklace murder of family
dark cheating husband
cabin cult film
forest monster
waterfall underwater scene
trust stabbed in the leg
stabbed in the head stabbed in the eye
stabbed in the chest smoking
throat slitting skull
rope pond
photograph phosphorescence
nikon camera murder
loss of family logging truck
little girl lie
license plate killing spree
infra red infidelity
hugging hospital gown
horseshoe head on collision
handheld camera hallway
hallucination ghost
flashlight fireplace
falling into water eye gouging
eaten alive earthquake
dust doll
death crying
corpse claustrophobia
carcass book
bones blonde
bitten in the neck beer drinking
beaten to death aerial photography
spelunking claustrophobic setting
cave people boneyard
what happened to epilogue underwater
suffocation car accident
woods video camera
stabbed in the neck revenge
panic nightmare
group photo escape
cave crash white water rafting
mountain cabin mercy killing
loss of husband loss of daughter
impalement hospital
guilt grief
female bonding falling from height
caveman cave painting
broken leg blindness
birthday cake betrayal
appalachian mountains accidental killing
gore flare
death of friend surprise ending

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