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True story given the Disney treatment
Leofwine_draca18 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
THE ADVENTURES OF GREYFRIARS BOBBY is an unashamedly sentimental re-telling of the true story about a dog that refused to leave his master's grave, becoming a legend of the city of Edinburgh in the process. The film's budget is fine, but the script goes for cheesy sentiment and there are plenty of bizarre directorial touches, including a random supernatural aspect and silly scenes that attempt to turn the thing into a kind of superhero movie with the dog posited as a crime-fighter and genius. The only reason this is watchable is the presence of numerous talented actors in the supporting cast doing the best they can: Gina McKee, James Cosmo, Sean Pertwee, Ronald Pickup, Ardal O'Hanlon, and in particular Christopher Lee, all shine.
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Horrible casting
keyonnafrady30 August 2017
I was appalled when I started to watch this film and saw a Westie cast in the lead role. That's completely disrespectful to the memory of Bobby. The Skye Terrier is an endangered breed, and they can't be replaced by their more fashionable cousins. I think if the creators of this film were true Greyfriar's Bobby fans, they never would have considered any other breed. So hurt by this. Going in the garbage!
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Factually CORRECT.
devilkitten13 February 2008
Unlike the user who left the comment below after obviously taking his FACTS from the older version of Greyfriars Bobby,i find this film to be mostly correct to real events. For instance 'Old Jock' was not a pauper who came to Edinburgh,he was in fact a family man who came to Edinburgh as a gardener and not having much luck in work was forced to find a job as a policeman.He was in the force for 5 years before he died leaving behind a son.Bobby was his watchdog which he was told to get being a nightwatchman. He was one of the longest serving policeman even though he was only in the force for 5 years. Bobby was a Skye terrier,very similar to the dog in the film. Obviously some facts are exaggerated to improve film summary,i found it to be a good all round family film.I have visited Bobby's grave on several occasions as well as John Grey's and I still find myself smiling at this story.
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Greyfriars Bobby is a microcosm of life
bsargonauta-11 October 2007
Although the film appears to be rather ordinary to some, it is the essence of the film, loyalty and dedication, that deserves a rating of 10. While observing the film, the severe winter could be felt. The abject poverty under which Bobby's master lived led to thinking that Bobby understood since he too, was subjected to the harshness of such a life of meager meals and shelter. The wonder of it was startling that such sensitivity was ingrained in Bobby's, humble, sublime character. Whether displayed in an expensive production or a low-budget film, Bobby's devotion to his master, is luminescent, radiating beyond the screen. It is "enduring" and that after all, is what makes a film memorable.
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Totally unauthentic - an insult to the REAL Greyfriars Bobby
jeatsax15 October 2006
Greyfriars Bobby was NOT a westie - Bobby was a skye terrier. A highlight of my childhood day trips to Edinburgh was to go to the monument to Bobby. I grew up with the story of the valiant and loyal little dog, as every child in my generation did, and I remember lining up with my mum outside the cinema - with many, many other Dundee children and their mums - to see the wonderful Disney film. How could a movie based on such a wonderful story have been made using a Westie, for heaven's sake. That's like making a movie about the life of Robert Burns, for instance, and portraying him as an Englishman. I say,give Bobby back his breed!
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Someday, they will get the story right...
scgmckman4 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
But like the Disney film of two generations ago, this film fails as well in the accuracy department. But at least Disney used a Skye Terrier.

Is the true story to mundane for movie producers? I don't think so. There is ample documentation to accurately portray they true story instead of the fictionalized accounts we have had to suffer through.

Some day, a movie will correctly portray Bobby's owner, John Gray, as the Edinburgh Policeman that he was, and correctly portray Bobby's license a being paid for by the Lord Provost. When that happens, I'll be at the theaters.
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Disney did it better
eeyore16212 April 2006
They have taken a story dear to the people of Edinburgh's heart, a true story and changed it as Hollywood has done before to many a tale. The end result is a movie however well done for those how do not know the story yet totally different and inaccurate. The original movie of this tale that Walt Disney himself oversaw used the right breed dog that is crucial for this tale and did not make that John Grey was anything special he was a poor Shepard who died in poverty at the inn. If you like the story, watch the Disney original for a better heart- warming story. It's a Shame the cast and the potential was there for a terrific remake of a classic tale. Read the book for an accurate occurrence of the story. And if you really like it, you can visit the real Kirkyard in Edinburgh.
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lovely film
andrew-95827 February 2006
i had no idea what to expect from this movie, i never even new the story and that bad form being form Scotland. This is a beautiful movie and really worth watching but i don't think its really suitable for under 10's as it does deal with some bad issues but they do it in a really good way. Its also a bit of a tear jerker in the end. I have no idea why people have voted this movies so low as it is very good and very entertaining. The dog i thought was the star of the show, very clever and very cute indeed. It makes me want to look more into the story and the history of Edinburgh. All in all go and see this you wont be disappointed, i wasn't!
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Factually incorrect
gmmcqueen16 February 2006
Living in Edinburgh, and have a great thirst for history, I was very put off by the "libertys" taken. Wrong breed of dog for a start!! Bobbys owner Old Jock was an old single man, who came to Edinburgh and died a pauper in lodgings, not like in the film at all. For anyone coming to Edinburgh and hoping to see sights of the film,you will not find the graveyard in Princes St Gardens!! There were a few moments were a tissues would have been great. The actors were fantastic at padding out a rather flimsy script. I don't feel the poor wee Bobby actually got enough screen time, possibly due to being "lost" at one point. All that said, the film was fine and any 8 yr old will enjoy.
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grey friars bobby
susanchristopher199712 February 2006
Took my 2 boys aged 8 and 5 to see it and they loved it.Gerry Cott who trained Bobby did a wonderful job.Bobbys antics were hilarious and he really captured the heart of the audience. Cinema had an audience aged from 1 to approx. 75 and everyone leaving at end only had good things to say. The scenery is amazing and being able to recognise places made the film even more special. Ardal O'Hanlon,Christopher Lee and James Cosmo all played excellent parts. This film pulls at the heart strings and you feel for the characters so much more than you do in most new releases. As for my two,they applauded Bobbys final act to the baddies and we are going back for a second viewing this week.
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A wee gem of a film
info-36229 February 2006
Let me say at the outset that this is a wee gem of a film. Put all the nit picking you may have heard about locations and breeds aside - they fade in the bright shiny faced light of John Henderson's lovely family film. It is a film trivia buff's dream in that there are incongruities in the story but this is not a film for obsessives and grown ups - it' s for kids and their parents. O.K.? And dog lovers. It delivers an hour and a half of perfectly paced entertainment and I really enjoyed it. My four year old daughter did too. A lot.

The key to the film is that the dog is the star - humans play big parts but the dog is the centre of the story. There are several excellent human performances, notably James Cosmo as the gravedigger, Ardal O'Hanlon, who has the best lines and the two "baddies". Steady work from Gina McKee and Greg Wise keeps the story plausible. Beautiful cinematography, a good music score, outstanding costumes and location dressing top up the whole and the result is a film which could become a modern classic.

Greyfriars Bobby isn't a clever dick film either - it's simple and understood by kids under 12. However, it holds everyone's attention and deals with some difficult issues really well.

What is the story? You don't know? O.K. Clever wee dog works with his master, a policemen, and is a general boon to his owner. Sadly, owner dies, but dog sits on his Master's grave "guarding" it. Villains try to get rid of said dog, but dog is gutsy and tenacious. Dog wins friends, becomes well known and has many adventures.

It's nice to see a film that's not full of egos and cgi inserts too - the cast are chosen, I guess, for their ability to play the role well enough and not steal the dog's thunder. John Henderson's comment to the audience was to the effect "If you don't like it, stuff you" but John, we do like it. It's nice and doesn't try to be anything else. Take as many kids to this film as you can - they'll love and you'll enjoy seeing that.
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A small picture about a small dog
flechette8 February 2006
Just saw the film tonight in a preview and it's a film for kids only. It does not improve or add to the original Disney film in any way. There is a corny Scottish pastiche style throughout, not helped by weak writing (where motives are lumped in by the spadeful) and acting that is uneven and often unengaging (despite what reads like a decent cast). I have no problem with the wee dog - although there is a certain "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo" (see below) quality about his shots.

* For those that don't know, "Skippy" was an Australian kids' TV series from the 1960s where the kangaroo would be an essential part of all the stories. It is said that to get poor old Skippy to "act" they stuck an elastic band round his muzzle that he then tried to get off with his paws - sort of appearing to be communicating with the human actors!!! Bobby has a similar range and you just don't buy his series of heroic rescues at all.

Advice would be to take kids aged 8-12. Below that, they might be scared. Above that, if they or you love it, good luck to you, but this is strictly cardboard cut-out film-making for the undemanding. It's a missed opportunity since there is real pathos and cuteness in the story of Bobby and this film fails to deliver it.
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blingbry30 January 2006
This film is simply amazing! the cast are wonderful especially Young Oliver Golding and Christie Mitchell! A Must see film! The way that they have been able to step into the characters shoes! The dog in the film is Adorable! I was amazed to see how real the set looked. i was astonished to see that Olivers name was not on the cast list, he was the main part i was assured by the website. I wasn't sure how many dogs were used during this film but they all looked identical! I will be first in the queue to book my tickets for this film it is superb!!! A++++++++++. I think that the cast should be very proud with their film as the trailer showed a wonderful result!!!!
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