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Beautifully made mess of a film thats only for those willing to put up with its intentional strangeness
dbborroughs10 November 2005
I'm not sure what this film is really about. I'm not sure I want to know. I think its got something to do with being an examination of the relation ship between Jackie Kennedy, John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, but set somewhere else. I think it begins with John and Jackie going to Mexico and then it sort of lost me as we get, what seemed like a series of connected, but not entirely clear, yet somehow intriguing scenes of the various characters interacting. I know thats as clear as mud, but I have no idea how to describe this film, other than its weird. The film looks good, often has some wonderful dialog, and is frequently very sexy but the film is trying too hard to be weird and off beat (a guy dances down a Mexican street in a bizarre fashion; there is a transsexual hooker with a unique way of answering the phone; a clown cop keeps appearing; and I won't get in to this films preoccupation with urination).

Frankly this film really annoys the hell out of me since its clear that the people who made this film have enough talent to burn, unfortunately they have fashioned a film that will mean very little to anyone other than those involved in it. There are some great looking and great sounding pieces in this movie unfortunately its so off beat that most people won't be willing to sit through it to the end. Why couldn't they have made something that hung together better? (rating of 5 is do to my annoyance).

For adventurous film goers only.
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