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Simply put, the best movie ever made.
Soup Kitchen18 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very informative and disturbing look behind the scenes of the LA porn industry. The men are scum and the women are fed into a grinder and used up until the industry has fresh meat and no more use for them, at which point the women are unceremoniously disposed of and left coping with poverty, mental issues, drug addiction and so forth. The filmmakers seem to have had a great deal of confidence bestowed upon them by the subjects, who open up and are very candid, much more so than in the typical porn documentary. The stories almost all end up in a downbeat fashion, and the moral seems to be that the porn biz is a soul-crushing and horrible endeavor for most involved, especially the woman. Also of note is an early non-porn appearance by Ron Jeremy, here identified simply as Ron, discussing his life in the adult biz. As always, Ron comes off as a perfect mensch, but the sad parts of this flick are really eye- opening.
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Sleazy cover facade, hides a really good quality doco
videorama-759-8593919 December 2014
This is it. This is the reality of this cutthroat industry, and I'm talking porn, where budding actresses hoping to run with the big guns, suffer humiliation, but mostly degradation, as well as the highs and lows, stepping up higher on the ladder. When I hired this movie back in 1998, I was taken aback, as I didn't realize it was a documentary, where the cover featuring a nubile hottie posing in a sexy, kneeling up position, under cheap pink light, caught my eye. But hey, it was too late now to turn back now. We see this insightful side of L.A through three wannabe porn actresses, and their straight down the line agent, Jim South, where we really go into the casting side, which I must say I liked. We see the boyfriend's disfavoring views, who stick by their women. We see a couple of women break down. Reality that hit me quite hard, in bits. One of the photographers, a real sleazy middle aged guy that booked them for a job was taken to court, when not being clear about what was required, for his own kinky pleasure, thinking he could cuddle up to them. Wrong. One girl tells us, "She'd never work for that guy again", the sleazebag defending himself with The Adam and Eve scenario, this guy's face, a small moustache and cocky grin, and a head of thinning hair, I'll never forget. What's great about Fallen Angels, and don't mistake it with that Asian action spectacular of 96, is it's brutal honesty and point of view from all sides. The movie tells it like it is, void of being biased, etc, which makes for quite an engrossing documentary, but don't mistake it for a sex movie. Don't worry, there's your fair share of skin shed here.
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