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  • Valierie's old sitcom was called "I'm It" which ran for four season and her new running sitcom is called "Room and Bored," which started out pretty badly.

  • Aunt Sassy is a completely under-developed character. The writers are making it up as they go along. Valerie knows she's miscast, but is so desperate to keep her job and what she feels is possibly her last shot at success. The writers keep changing things within-the-show as it moves along.

  • This is how most of show business is. Lisa Kudrow deserves a lot of credit here, because she manged her character in a very interesting approach: Ms. Cherish is all about being famous again but she's just so sweet in her own way and as the series goes along you can actually notice she is heartfelt and deep. So, maybe people took Valerie as a big sell out. But the thing is, fame is a fleeting thing and getting it back is very difficult. Valerie has a tremendous ego and she's nice to a fault and doesn't fight back very well. She refuses to give up. Her antagonists know this and most of the time take advantage of her.

  • There is never one clear answer, but the best possible reason is that the Paulie is smart and realizes an even better way to hurt Valerie would be to give the interview, but fake it and be really nice. He would never give her the satisfaction of giving her show what it needed.

  • The finale episode actually closes everything up quite nicely. The show was about Valerie Cherish pursuing success in show business again, and the series finale show how that ends. It makes you feel the series was only meant for one season.

  • When??


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