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Season 2

9 Nov. 2014
Valerie Makes a Pilot
Valerie discovers that Paulie G has written a new HBO show based on his experiences working with her on 'Room and Bored'. Valerie goes to confront him, only to be cast in the role of Malerie Church herself.
16 Nov. 2014
Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back
HBO suggests Valerie repurpose her pilot as behind the scenes web content for Seeing Red (which requires a union film crew), so Valerie reconnects with Jane, who begrudgingly agrees to produce it. Meanwhile, Valerie attends an HBO-hosted Golden Globe Awards watch party, where she, Mark, and Jane have an awkward confrontation with Paulie G.
23 Nov. 2014
Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees
Valerie arrives on set for the first day of production for Seeing Red and meets her co-star, Seth Rogen. Meanwhile, she is apprehensive about shooting a fantasy sex scene in which Mallory (Valerie, playing a version of herself) is to give Mitch (Rogen, playing the character based on Paulie G) a 'special kiss'.
30 Nov. 2014
Valerie Saves the Show
When budget cuts threaten her screen time, Valerie offers up her home as a free shooting location. Annoyed by the overwhelming presence of the production, Mark and Valerie leave and stay the night at an apartment building they own. While there, one of their tenants commits suicide, worrying Valerie after she sees parallels with his reported behavior and Paulie G's. Valerie takes improv classes at The Groundlings to impress Seth Rogen. Mickey learns that he may have cancer, and begins binge eating.
7 Dec. 2014
Valerie Is Taken Seriously
A new director is hired to allow an over-stressed Paulie G to focus on writing. Seeing Paulie G on the verge of a breakdown, Valerie tries to persuade Tom to join his writing partner, but learns they haven't spoken in six years. HBO grants The New York Times an exclusive interview of Valerie, causing Billy to feel unappreciated and giving Valerie one more thing to worry about. Annoyed by the expanded presence of the crew at their home, Mark rents a house and moves out. Meanwhile, Valerie misinterprets early critical praise of her performance, and HBO considers ...
14 Dec. 2014
Valerie Cooks in the Desert
Valerie and Mark's relationship continues to be strained by the rigorous shooting schedule and their lack of privacy. Fearing their marriage may be in jeopardy, Valerie decides to cook dinner for Mark after being forced to cancel exclusive restaurant reservations. However, following delays on a location shoot in the desert (mainly due to Paulie G's lag in writing), she arrives several hours late to find Mark asleep. The stress of the situation causes Valerie to lose her temper and shout down Ron and Shayna. Paulie G suffers anxiety over mixed critical reviews, which ...
21 Dec. 2014
Valerie Faces the Critics
Two months later, Valerie is nominated for an Emmy Award for her work on Seeing Red. She and Mark are separated, yet they agree to meet over dinner to discuss their relationship. Jane needs more content to complete the documentary, so Valerie agrees to let her film the date in secret. When Mark sees the reality of the situation, he and Valerie have a loud argument in a parking lot before he leaves. Meanwhile, Valerie worries about Mickey's health as she takes part in a press junket for the show's Emmy considerations.
28 Dec. 2014
Valerie Gets What She Really Wants
It's the weekend of the Emmys in the second-season finale, and Valerie is riding high thanks to her success in "Seeing Red," and even gets noticed by a former "Room and Bored" costar at Juna's big bash, but she's still not sure if her husband, Mark, will be by her side on the most important night of her life.

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