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Season 16

Nov. 2011
3rd Year High School Student! Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins!
Seventeen months after losing his powers, Ichigo is living a normal high school life without being able to see ghosts anymore.
10 May 2014
A Dispute in School?! Ichigo and Uryu, Fight Together!
Ichigo gets contacted by a man named Kugo Ginjoo who wants information about a certain person close to Ichigo. Uryu pursues a stranger who appears to be interested in Ichigo.
17 May 2014
Uryu Is Attacked! A Threat Draws Near the Friends!
Ichigo and Orihime visit Uryu in the hospital. Ichigo then finds out that the mysterious attacker seems to be after others too.
31 May 2014
The Man with the Fullbring Ability: Kugo Ginjo
Unable to bear seeing his friends get attacked, Ichigo decides to call on Ginjo for some answers. At his hideout, "Xcution," Ginjo tells Ichigo of his goal to restore Ichigo's lost Soul Reaper powers, as well as demonstrating his own unique power, "Fullbring."
7 Jun. 2014
A Crisis Sneaking Up on the Kurosaki Family?! Ichigo's Confusion!
Ginjo gives Ichigo a day to decide whether to regain his lost Soul Reaper powers or not. But Ichigo, who no longer wishes to endanger anyone by being a Soul Reaper, decides to decline the offer.
14 Jun. 2014
Power of the Substitute Badge, Ichigo's 'Pride'!
Ichigo begins training to regain his Soul Reaper powers at the Xcution's hideout. His first training is to fight and win against Mr. Pork, an opponent created by Riruka's Fullbring power "Dollhouse."
21 Jun. 2014
Next Target! The Devil's Hand Aims at Orihime!
On her way home from school, Orihime is suddenly stopped and asked to die by a man named Shishigawara. Confused at first, Orihime quickly realizes that Shishigawara may be related to Uryu's attacker, and prepares to fight.
26 Jun. 2014
The Man Who Killed the Shinigami Substitute?! Tsukishima Makes His Move
Ichigo and Chad rush to find Orihime, who they believe may be in danger. Meanwhile, Orihime attempts to stop Tsukishima from leaving the scene, but is instead stabbed by his Fullbring power, "Book of The End."
12 Jul. 2014
Fullbring! The Detested Power!
Ichigo asks Ginjo to let him fight one of the Xcution members for his training. But Jackie, who detests the power of Fullbring, finds Ichigo's request selfish and refuses. Meanwhile, danger closes in on Chad.
19 Jul. 2014
Tsukishima Attacks! The Training Has Been Thwarted
Ichigo begins his training with Jackie Tristan, who brings out her Fullbring power "Dirty Boots." As he goes up against Jackie's powerful attacks, Ichigo begins to gradually understand the use of his own Fullbring power.
26 Jul. 2014
Ichigo, Mastering the Fullbring!
Tsukishima breaks into the Xcution hideout where Ichigo is training. Learning that he was the one who attacked Uryu and Orihime, a furious Ichigo proceeds to attack Tsukishima. But with his Fullbring power still incomplete, Ichigo finds himself gradually overpowered by his opponent.
2 Aug. 2014
Ichigo vs. Ginjo! To the Game's Space
Uryu asks Orihime to heal his injuries after sensing that his assailant has now made contact with Ichigo. Meanwhile, Ichigo enters his training with Ginjo inside Yukio's Fullbring power "Invaders Must Die."
9 Aug. 2014
Shinigami at War! New Year in Seireitei Special!
On New Year's Day, Izuru hosts a kite-flying contest in the hopes of everyone having a good time. Meanwhile, Rukia is practicing a dance she will perform for the New Year's Celebration Ceremony but cannot seem to get the steps right.
16 Aug. 2014
Friend or Foe?! Ginjo's True Intentions!
Ichigo, with Orihime standing by as his healer, enters his training with Ginjo.
23 Aug. 2014
Tsukishima's Ability, the Danger Is Drawing Near!
Orihime and Chad exchange what information they have about Tsukishima to figure out what he has done to the both of them.
6 Sep. 2014
Clash!? Xcution Attacks Ginjo
Uryu begins his own investigation to track down the enemy who attacked him. As he goes around searching for clues, he notices that people close to Ichigo are acting strangely. Meanwhile, Ichigo's Fullbring training is nearing its completion.
13 Sep. 2014
The Sorrowful Battle! Ichigo vs. Sado & Orihime
Ichigo escapes from his house in confusion after witnessing his friends and family welcoming Tsukishima as if they've known him for years. Regrouping with Ginjo, Ichigo learns that the same change has also happened to Riruka and the other Xcution members.
20 Sep. 2014
Ichigo vs Uryu?! Who is the Traitor?!
Ichigo is shocked to learn that Chad and Orihime have now sided with Tsukishima and are even willing to fight Ichigo to protect their precious "friend." Meanwhile, Ginjo races to help Ichigo, but the remaining members of Xcution halt his attempt.
27 Sep. 2014
A New Appearance! The Gotei 13, Arrives!
Ginjo reveals his true colors by attacking Ichigo and stripping him of his Fullbring powers. Ichigo lies in despair from losing his powers yet again, when his father Isshin and Kisuke Urahara arrive.
4 Oct. 2014
Revival! Substitute Shinigami: Ichigo Kurosaki!
Under the orders of Head Captain Yamamoto, the 13 Court Guard Squad Soul Reapers share their Spirit Energy to restore Ichigo's lost powers. With his Soul Reaper powers fully restored, Ichigo returns to challenge Ginjo.
11 Oct. 2014
Fierce Fight! Shinigami vs. XCUTION!
The Soul Reapers take on the Xcution members in one-on-one battles. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Uryu prepare to take on Ginjo.
18 Oct. 2014
Desperate Struggle!? Byakuya's Troubled Memories
The battle between Byakuya and Tsukishima escalates as they both push their powers to the limit. Meanwhile, Rukia struggles against the cute traps set up by Riruka.
25 Oct. 2014
Ichigo vs. Ginjo! Secret of the Substitute Badge
While facing each other in battle, Uryu notices that Ginjo's attack contains the presence of Ichigo's Spirit Energy. Ignoring Uryu's warning, Ichigo fires his Getsugatensho attack, only to be countered by Ginjo's own Getsugatensho attack.
1 Nov. 2014
Changing History, Unchanging Heart
Ichigo and Ginjo both release their Bankai to settle the score once and for all.

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