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Tsukishima Attacks! The Training Has Been Thwarted


Season 16

Nov. 2011
3rd Year High School Student! Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins!
A mysterious man who calls himself "Muramasa" appears in the Seireitei to declare war against the Soul Reapers. Using his powers, Muramasa gives physical form to the Zanpakuto and liberates them from the captains and lieutenants of the 13 Court Guard Squads. Without the use of their weapons, the Soul Reapers now find themselves in a tough battle against the Zanpakuto who have turned against their former masters.
10 May 2014
A Dispute in School?! Ichigo and Uryu, Fight Together!
Uryu is rushed to the hospital after being cut down by an unknown attacker. As Ichigo becomes frustrated over not being able to do anything when his friend was attacked, he learns that Keigo and Mizuro have disappeared.
31 May 2014
The Man with the Fullbring Ability: Kugo Ginjo
Unable to bear seeing his friends get attacked, Ichigo decides to call on Ginjo for some answers. At his hideout, "Xcution," Ginjo tells Ichigo of his goal to restore Ichigo's lost Soul Reaper powers, as well as demonstrating his own unique power, "Fullbring."
7 Jun. 2014
A Crisis Sneaking Up on the Kurosaki Family?! Ichigo's Confusion!
Ginjo gives Ichigo a day to decide whether to regain his lost Soul Reaper powers or not. But Ichigo, who no longer wishes to endanger anyone by being a Soul Reaper, decides to decline the offer.
14 Jun. 2014
Power of the Substitute Badge, Ichigo's 'Pride'!
Ichigo begins training to regain his Soul Reaper powers at the Xcution's hideout. His first training is to fight and win against Mr. Pork, an opponent created by Riruka's Fullbring power "Dollhouse."
21 Jun. 2014
Next Target! The Devil's Hand Aims at Orihime!
On her way home from school, Orihime is suddenly stopped and asked to die by a man named Shishigawara. Confused at first, Orihime quickly realizes that Shishigawara may be related to Uryu's attacker, and prepares to fight.
26 Jun. 2014
The Man Who Killed the Shinigami Substitute?! Tsukishima Makes His Move
Ichigo and Chad rush to find Orihime, who they believe may be in danger. Meanwhile, Orihime attempts to stop Tsukishima from leaving the scene, but is instead stabbed by his Fullbring power, "Book of The End."
12 Jul. 2014
Fullbring! The Detested Power!
Ichigo asks Ginjo to let him fight one of the Xcution members for his training. But Jackie, who detests the power of Fullbring, finds Ichigo's request selfish and refuses. Meanwhile, danger closes in on Chad.
26 Jul. 2014
Ichigo, Mastering the Fullbring!
Tsukishima breaks into the Xcution hideout where Ichigo is training. Learning that he was the one who attacked Uryu and Orihime, a furious Ichigo proceeds to attack Tsukishima. But with his Fullbring power still incomplete, Ichigo finds himself gradually overpowered by his opponent.

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